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This is a lesson that I learnt and would like to share my experience with other students so that they do not fall into the ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ trap.

I am doing two part-time jobs to support my family and also doing a Bachelor of Education course in Plymouth. We have to do regular assignments, essays and book reviews as part of our course and I had managed to complete all of them with efficiency until I availed the ‘services’ of

We had been asked to submit an insightful book review for the book titled ‘Evolutionary Principles of Human Adolescence' By Glenn E. Weisfeld. It was peak season for one of my jobs and I realized I would not have sufficient time to read the book and write a review on it. I asked my buddy who studies English Literature in the same University to help me out. Unfortunately, she herself was occupied with a lengthy assignment that was due on the same day as my book review. However, she did suggest me to search for online assignment assistance because she had read about them delivering assignments that were original and affordable.

So, I took this advice and searched for affordable book review sites. I wish I could have said otherwise but I found that appeared to be the most affordable one from the reviews that I read. I visited their site and after searching for the price of a book review, found that the site’s claim of being the most affordable one was true.

I entered the paper details in the first part of the order section and gave further instructions that the review should be insightful and be as close to the text as possible. Then, in the price calculation part, I entered the deadline for 14 days since the submission date was due in 20 days. I gave them 14 days so that the writer would get sufficient time to read at least most of the book and get a fairly good idea of its content. I chose the ‘best available’ writer option for standard price. Lastly, in the personal information part, I entered my email ID, created a password for login purposes, and gave them my name and contact number. I paid via my PayPal account and the order was confirmed.

After 14 days, the review arrived in my email on a Saturday at 12:30 pm. I checked it myself for grammar and punctuation while asking my classmate to check it for content. I found these problems in a so-called ‘professionally written’ book review –

    • The language and grammar used in the review was of school level and completely amateurish.

    • Words like ‘some,’ ‘few,’ and ‘many times’ were used repeatedly bringing in a lot of vagueness in the writing.

My classmate also pointed out that the content was nowhere near relevant to the book’s text. The writer gave a lot of general perceptions and had not explained the ‘principles’ in detail. I tried to call them on their number but it did not connect. Then I tried contacting them through their chat facility. A message popped up saying that the chat and call facilities are not available from Saturday 1 pm GMT to Monday 12 am GMT. This made no sense whatsoever. If the site is based in the UK and caters to UK students, how can it suspend its communication lines in the weekend period? Isn’t the weekend supposed to be the time when students do most of their assignments, essays and other homework? I sat there frustrated but knowing that I had no other option, left for work and waited for the next night so that my issue could be addressed as early as possible.

At 12 am the next night, I called them on their number and a customer executive picked up. I told him about the issues that the delivered work had and I needed it to be rewritten by the next day. He said that they will try and send the work within 48 hours. When I said I needed it within 30 hours, he said that the writer will try her best. Then, he gave me another option of paying 25% extra to hire a high rank professional writer who will assure great quality work in less than 48 hours. I was really deprived of choices and time so I decided to pay that extra 25% so that at least the content would be better.

They sent the re-done work in my email account just before the submission was due. The content was relatively better but not nearly up to the level of a professional writer and grammatical errors were still present. Resigned to fate, I submitted the review and received a ‘C’ grade for all the troubles.

My professor gave me a word of caution about the content of the review and said that he expected better work from me. I could not agree with him more. Even after paying that extra amount, I did not receive anything near the level of a professional writer. I can confidently say that I would have written a much better review even if I had not read the book properly.

I would advise others to stay away from the eye-catching terms of ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ that this site uses in plenty.

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nice service

Reviewed By Rose Watson on 15 Feb, 2018

True to their word, the registration process is very easy as well as user-friendly. It was because of the service provided by the expert that I was able to submit my assignment within the stipulated deadline provided by my professor. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a bit.

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Late delivery

Reviewed By AbbyDelany on 02 Aug, 2017

I asked them to write a cause and effect essay for me within 2 days. They promised me to deliver my order on the exact date. But they did not. I am disappointed with them.

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Don’t use this crappy site

Reviewed By CurtisBarker on 29 Jul, 2017

I have been so stressed out because of them! I HAVE GOTTEN MY ESSAY REVISED 15 TIMES AND IT STILL HAS ERRORS! I really wanna bang my head on the wall!

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Is this what they call an assignment?

Reviewed By JettCameron on 27 Jul, 2017

An assignment with no paragraph breaks, with no data and with several mistakes – that's what I got from them. Are they freaking serious! I doubt they even know what an assignment is!!

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Their services sucks

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 25 Jul, 2017

I mean it. They literally suck. They cannot do anything right. They used a mixture of three citation styles in the bibliography section of my assignment, and they did not even admit to their mistakes! Horrible!

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