It is my second year at the University of New South Wales pursuing a graduate degree in English Literature. Normally I do not take online assistance in writing my assignments but this was an unfortunate exception.

I was sitting at the cafeteria with my friends. We were having a discussion on the new dishes that made their way into the menu. While this was going on, someone slyly stole my bag that contained my laptop. My laptop had most of my college coursework in it, especially my assignment on ‘the analysis of the impact of Rousseau's works in the Romantic Age’ that was due in 3 days! I communicated the theft to the college authorities but the investigation went in vain. I informed my professor and Dean about the loss of the assignment and other work. Although they were empathetic to my situation, they informed me that it was out of their hands because the assignment was going to be evaluated by an external examiner.

My best friend helped me out by allowing me to borrow his laptop for a week so that I can write the assignment using his research. However, it was just not possible with the trauma of the loss. He then recommended me to take help from an online assignment writing service as they were very reliable and delivered the work in a short period. I did not have any option but to follow his advice.

I searched for online assignment writing services and found to be a popular result. Students’ reviews were encouraging and even my friends approved of it. So I visited the website with a clear agenda of using this website’s services and getting my assignment done. The homepage was well designed but it had some grammatical errors that I could point out almost immediately. However, I was not in a state of mind to criticize so I immediately went on to check the pricing scheme. The website repeatedly mentioned how they kept the pricing of their services to the bare minimum, but I found it to be similar to most of the websites that I had checked earlier, which was still expensive. Also, I found no previously written samples to see what their final product looks like. This caused me quite a bit of concern but regardless of these aspects, I decided to stick to my agenda.

I clicked on the ‘order now’ tab. I filled in the details of my assignment along with my name, email ID and contact number. I gave them information regarding the paper title, topic, number of words, academic level, subject area, number of references required and finally the deadline which I set to 24 hours.

The next day, I decided to check on the progress of my assignment and contacted them on their number. The customer care executive was a friendly person and she told me that although I cannot speak directly to the writer, she would call me back in half an hour to inform me about the assignment’s progress. She did call half an hour later and assured me that I will get my assignment on time. I received the work in my email account 15 minutes before the set deadline. I was extremely relieved because this assignment was important for my semester’s overall grade.

I was still not sure of the paper’s authenticity and grammar so I carried out a check on an online plagiarism checker. Astonishingly, I found that the work contained 20 percent of plagiarized content along with grammatical errors and improper references. I was also surprised by the fact that their ‘Quality Control Desk’ could not detect such major errors. Immediately I called their customer support number and ordered for a rework because only a day was left for submission. I even paid extra money for the ‘platinum’ service so that all discrepancies were removed. They assured me delivery of the rework within 20 hours. I even began modifying the corrections myself in case they could not honor this deadline. The reworked paper arrived within 16 hours and this time, I received a plagiarism report that certified the paper’s authenticity. Even then, I found some grammatical errors and three improper references.

I submitted my version of the modified assignment and received a modest ‘B’ grade that just barely saved my overall semester grade. I feel that if service providers are taking extra money from a customer, they are bound to provide accurate and flawless services.

Based on this experience, I would give these ratings (out of 5) to this service –

Content – 3

Quality – 3

Customer Support – 3.5

Add-Ons – 2

Delivery Time – 3

Thus, I would give 3 out of 5 for their assignment assistance services.

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No revision

Reviewed By GeorgeMeudell on Aug 2, 2017

I was not satisfied with the assignment they delivered me. So, I asked them to revise the paper. But they refused. I would recommend you all not to take help from them.

Stay as far away from them as you can!

Reviewed By KathleenWalker on Jul 29, 2017

I wasn’t happy with the assignment I got. So I’ve been trying to get my money back but they keep telling me that my university will call me and then just hang up. Somebody please help!

They should be banned

Reviewed By AlexanderPasco on Jul 27, 2017

These people are like devils!! They are playing with the lives of unsuspecting students like me. I paid more than $150 and never even got my essay! Every time I call, I’m directed to the IVR!

Absolute waste of time

Reviewed By rose jude on Jul 25, 2017

I wasted so much of time and money on them that now I’m broke and do not even have a decent assignment to submit! They bloody delivered it after the deadline!

Rude customer care

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 18, 2017

I needed to speak to the writer as I had given my assignment for revision but the when I called the customer care, they refused and hung up. The good thing was that it was only a minor error so I could fix my paper on my own. Not entirely happy.

Not happy with their Assignment service

Reviewed By Semira Bronze on Jul 11, 2017

The quality of the work was alright but did not follow the instructions given. Word count of my assignment was 2250 but only 1600 words were used. I am sure that i will not receive a good mark now as it does not even meet the criteria. Also the work was due 2 days ago and was completed 2 days later than expected. I am not happy.

Prices are too high!

Reviewed By Pattrick Smith on Jan 25, 2017

They charge too much for a paper. And after that, they don’t even give you your money’s worth. My paper felt like it had been written by someone in high school. Don’t go for them.

Robbed me of my money

Reviewed By Alina Anderson on Jan 23, 2017

They took extra money from me for editing and proofreading but it was all a waste! I had to edit my dissertation again. Never gonna come back here!

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