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Homeworkhelp.com is a bad option for students like me. I so wish I could know this earlier before availing help from this site. But I was misguided by ajooka.com (a review site) which stated that this is the best place to get in touch with a tutor. I tough thought why not? Let’s give it a try. Moreover, I needed help very badly. So I did not research further and believed in the reviews. But frankly, it was a disappointing experience for me. I share my experience here with you guys, so that you can make your decision rather finding yourself cheated by these assignment help services.

Proficiency of tutors:

This company claims that it has the ‘best and brightest’ tutors. But it does not seem like it. Because the tutor I was assigned not very bright. He tried to explain public and private good to me. But frankly, the subject got more confusing to me. It was clearly not a good idea for me. Generally, as I heard the tutors of Homework.com provide homework solutions. But they also have a feature where students can get connected with the tutor directly. As class notes were not helping me at all, I needed someone to discuss my doubts. But it was not fruitful either. All I have received was a few PDFs and papers. The reason that I am disappointed with these services because I was expecting something different from this company. I thought someone would patiently make me understand the topic, rather just repeating the study notes. All the tutor has done is reading out the study notes, which are easily available on the internet and that’s it. That was the session all about. I did not pay money for hearing class notes. I could have downloaded an app.

Rating – 1.3/5

Quality of homework solutions:

They have provided a few PDFs on the subject and a few old class notes. The topic was explained in those notes, but it did not help me. But if we look at the quality of the solutions, they are not that bad. When I have read them, I least get an idea about the subject. But again, there are a few technicalities that I failed to understand totally. This is why, we need teachers. You can at least ask them questions. With no choice left, I may have to arrange an appointment with my teachers and clear all my doubts. But for students, who have understood the subject and want to expand their knowledge, can use solutions of Homeworkhelp.com. This will be helpful for them. But students, who want to learn the subject, should attend the lecture and clear their doubts from the professors.

Rating – 2.8/5


They have a very confusing and convoluted contact process. It took me a while to understand how should I contact them. So I wasted my time there. After a while, I filled up the contact form. Their contact form is not very short. You have to provide all your details along the reason you want to contact them. They do not have any live chat system that most academic help providers have. This may be the biggest fault of this website. The reason is, students don’t have all day time to fill up the form and wait for the response. They will leave the site as soon as they experience delayed response. But I managed to stay because I was not in hurry. But reply came after almost one hour. I thought it would not come all at. So you can say I was not disappointed.

Rating – 1.5/5

Range of services:

This company is into providing direct access to tutors. They claim that they don’t feed students the answers of the homework assignments, they help them understand it. This is why, they have created a team of tutors, who provide assignment help solutions, essay help solutions and other resources to understand the concepts. This is their main business. But it has several divisions such help with learning the fundamentals of the subjects, mastering the intimidating topic, solving exercises, learning concepts with multimedia, acing the quiz contests, etc. They also have a service called classroom hosting. Under this service, lectures, training, meetings, sales presentations, software demonstration, etc.

Rating – 3/5


Again, Homework.com is not an ideal place if you have a tight budget. I have managed to afford its services because it was beginning of the month. If it was the end of the month, I could have managed to spend that much of money. So a little advice for students, who want to interact with professionals – avoid Homeworkhelp.com if you don’t want to spend much on it. Only one session has cost me big. And as I told you, it was not worth at all. I wish I could have discussed with my friends before it. They would have warned me about this.

Rating – 1.8/5

Proficiency of customer support team:

As I mentioned, there’s no live support system. You need to wait at least an hour to receive a feedback from them. Moreover, if you check their contact info page, you won’t be able to make out anything. I don’t know why have given numbers of publishers, which have made their software titles public. It is definitely confusing for students, who want a helping hand to understand the topic. The only viable option is filling up the contact form. They may send you a mail or call. In my case, they have dropped me a mail after an hour I have filled up the order form.

Rating – 1.5/5


As you can see this company needs some serious make over, I would recommend a few suggestions to this company.  

First, the official website needs a revamp. It is little confusing. And frankly, it does not look good either. They should hire a web developer and have their website pages revised by the professionals.

Second, this company should invest on recruiting some good tutors, who can really help, not just reads out the study notes. They should have someone, who understands the subject as well as possess the skills to make someone understand.

Third, they should add live chat window on their official site. It will help them fasten their process and receive more requests from students.

If you ask me whether I would be interested in visiting this site again. I would say definitely no because my requirements were different and they failed to meet them. But students, who have need pure homework help solutions, can avail its services.

Overall rating – 2.3/5

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Helpline does not work

Reviewed By HollyPlummer on 28 Jul, 2017

Don't know whether it's me or other students have faced this similar issue too. I tired reaching the assignment writing experts via helpline, but it never worked. However, the content quality was pretty decent.

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Decent service

Reviewed By Ava luker on 20 Jul, 2017

I found the writers active, as they managed to complete my essay task on time. However, I personally feel that there's still room for improvement, as far as a thoroughly referenced content is concerned. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the service.

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