Privacy Policy –

We, at, believe in establishing an open and honest relationship with you. Built on the foundations of trust, our commitment towards delivering the very best to at all times to the best of our knowledge is what we endeavour to achieve. That is why we have a robust privacy policy in place to ensure that we have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship in future.

The information that we collect from you

We primarily receive two categories of information from you – one that you choose to disclose to us and another that we obtain from the usage of cookies that help us make your user experience on our website a lot better. Having access to the information that you choose to share with us, it is always our essential endeavour to keep them under wraps following our policies of privacy.

Usage of information that you share

Having customised privacy settings for each of the accounts created with, the usage, and information shared by you is under your control and supervision at all times. We always keep you updated with the latest changes or modifications brought about in our policies promptly. The customised settings let you opt out of these notifications as well.

Information sharing with third parties

We do not provide third parties with your information without prior permission sought from you. The limitations that bound us regarding sharing of such information include the absolute necessity to share so, required by laws and jurisdiction, or with your permission.

URLs on the website may contain links or URLs that lead to other websites or third party portals. Those websites may have spate privacy policies and usage and sharing of the information that they have access to lies in their discretion solely. We are not responsible for their privacy policies and hence encourage you to be aware of the same before sharing private information with them.

Modifying or deleting information

You will be able to log in to our portal and change or delete any information that you share at any time. Available just a few clicks and taps away that saves your effort and valuable time, editing all the information is now a walk in the park.

Information security

We take utmost secure measures to keep all the information that you share absolutely protected. Having secure firewalls in place, all the information that you share with us is thus safe and protected from any harm or cyber abuse. We would also like to request you to not send private information via email or instant messaging platforms as they might not be secure or behind a firewall protection.