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Let’s get straight to the point. Good quality essay samples in the website made me interested in Yes, it is one of the very few sites (believe me I know quite a few of them) which has a section with plentiful samples. I came to know about this website last year and placed two orders, an essay in the first semester and an assignment in the second semester. Both the times, it delivered according to my expectations. So, this time when I was assigned another essay on such a topic in which I had no idea, became my obvious choice.

But while placing the order, I did not realize that their quality had deteriorated. I understood only when I received my paper. 

I am pursuing Geography major with two minor subjects, anthropology and history. All the practical coursework of geography and anthropology I do myself. But I am not confident about assignment writing service~. My history professor gave me to write a longish essay on the ‘Australian involvement in World War 2’. To be very frank, I had no idea how to prepare this essay. But the good thing was that our professor gave all the students (each one of us had separate topics) seven days time to submit the essay. I tried to do it, but the information that I received was so varied and scattered that it was very tough, at least for me, to formulate an essay out of it. I therefore chose to take assistance from

After almost six months, I visited the website again to place my orders. I found that the website had maintained the same design which I thought was good.  As I had the experience of placing orders at two times before, I thought that I would not have any problem this time. But I was wrong. I had to fill up the whole form again as I could not login through the previous account. God knows why. It took me another 15 minutes where I needed to specify all my personal details again.

They had upgraded their essay writing service and now accepted payment only through PayPal. This is one thing that is really commendable especially at a time when malicious activities on the internet are common. In this regard, however, I would like to mention that this website, which maintains such a professional look, should have a page discussing how to place the order in the website. Anyone who is completely new will not understand how functions. When the students will not have proper guidance, they can leave this website for another.

Another thing I noticed that the online chatting remained offline most of the time quite contrary to the last time where I contacted the customer care through chatting only. But this time, I had to call them every time when I needed to know anything. Even the customer care executive with whom I talked to was not aware of the fact that the online chatting was not functioning. They were not very comfortable to answer all my queries. I must say that the customer service has become very weak and they really need to look into this matter. I could have changed and placed my order in a different site. The only thing which held me was my swift experience with them in the past. I thought they would be giving me the same quality essay for which they are known. Alas! My expectations received a blot.

After placing the orders, I received a confirmation through the mail. I gave them the deadline of three days to complete the essay. Three days to complete a history essay is enough. Within this three days, I received a call from the customer care only once during the second day where they asked about the citation style. Yes, I forgot to mention it in the order. By default they used APA referencing format, but our professor explicitly mentioned that he wanted MLA citations with the history essay. At that time, they also told me that the essay was almost complete and it would be delivered within the deadline. They complied with their promise and it was delivered on the morning of the third day. At that time I was delighted to receive the essay on time. But while proofreading, I noticed not only the whole document was prepared in American English but it also lacked quality and contained factual errors.

The essay told that Australia entered the World War after the Battle of Singapore. However, Australia was a part of the campaign since the invasion of Poland. The essay should have discussed the Pacific War and the European Theatre separately which was not done. The figures and dates in some of the places were also incorrect. Again I had to contact the customer care through the phone and place my concern. They noted my instructions and assured me a free rework over the content within 24 hours. But even after the full revision, they only rectified the incorrect data of the essay. The structure remained the same and they did not edit it.

I was really very disappointed this time with the service of I had developed a sense of faith in them after using their service in the first semester which was shattered this time. Within six odd months, so much deterioration! It’s quite unbelievable! The only thing that remained constant was their prices. Yes, the prices remained the same and did not rise. Here also I received no discount on my order being an old customer.

After I received the rework from them, I decided to take essay editing assistance from another website. If I submit the same essay without proper editing, I will not get more than a C grade. I knew it! Thank God, the professor gave us seven days time for the essay to prepare. If it carried a shorter deadline, I would not have the time to go for a thorough editing of my history essay. Finally, the essay which I submitted gave me ‘B+’ grade. Thanks to the sharp editing done on the poor content! Also the new website (pardon me, I cannot take its name in the review) made the necessary changes in the language to dissolve the lexical difference.

Finally, I would like to state that though from only one essay it will be harsh to come to a conclusion especially when the same website has given me quality papers just a semester before, still their standard has deteriorated significantly. Even the customer care is not very helpful. They need to work really hard and work on their quality if they want to sustain in this very competitive academic world. But I would not end the review with a bad note. My history essay delivered by had accurate referencing and no plagiarism which was a little delight between so many negative traits.

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not delivered complete essay

Reviewed By Harry Watson on 15 Feb, 2018 promised me to provide the best kind of services but what I got was below par assignment. I even had to ask for an extension from my professor as the completed essay was not delivered to me within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my professor. The registration process of theirs is very tedious and takes a lot of time.

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Scoundrels!! I want my money back

Reviewed By LiamDean on 04 Aug, 2017

I simply want my money back. This was not the quality of work that you promised to give me. You took a huge chunk of money for my essay paper and I paid all of that in one shot. And what I got is just few sheets of typed paper in my inbox with only some information and nothing else.

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Reviewed By AmeliaTheodor on 02 Aug, 2017

Initially, I was so satisfied with the essay they delivered. But when I checked the paper with plagiarism checker, it showed that it was 10% plagiarized. I got freaked out. Thankfully, they revised the paper.

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These fraudsters will steal your money!

Reviewed By DonaldGriffith on 29 Jul, 2017

That's all they want to do. Turn into fat fucks with the hard earned money of desperate students! Once you place your order, you will never get your assignment so forget about it

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I’m gonna sue them!

Reviewed By AidanHercus on 27 Jul, 2017

I swear I am gonna take them to court and expose them for what they are! Bloody liars and cheaters! They gave me a totally plagiarized essay and told me it's original! They are gonna pay for this!

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Worst services I have ever experienced

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 25 Jul, 2017

By far the worst experience of my life was taking assignment help from these guys. The referencing was missing, it had no title and there were so many errors!!!!!!

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Overall okayish

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 18 Jul, 2017

See I found their customer staff to be very friendly when I told them to make some changes to my assignment. Although I didn't like the fact that changes were required in the copy but overall it was okay.

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Not delivering content on time

Reviewed By Ava Smith on 24 Jan, 2017

This company does not deliver assignments on time. If you need urgent assignments, do not choose this site. It will fail you. I failed to submit my assignment because of this site. So unprofessional!

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