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This so-called ‘best academic writing help in Australia and New Zealand’ has effectively placed a big question mark on my career.


I had gone to Nigeria for an internship. Upon returning to Sydney, I was subjected to tests at the airport for the deadly Ebola virus. Having lived in the confines of a building throughout my stay, with just one visit to the market in Nairobi, I was confident of passing the test. Unfortunately, that one visit cost me and my body showed all the symptoms of the disease. I was immediately quarantined in a Government hospital and kept there for a month. Fortunately, the doctors managed to cure me before the virus could inflict considerable damage.


I returned to school having been cured completely and met my macroeconomics professor. He reminded me that we were due to submit our assignment on 'The First Oil Shock and its Economic Impacts on Underdeveloped Countries' in one week from then. I requested him to give me one more week because of my situation. He said his hands were tied because external examiners from the Government Board were in-charge of the assignment as it was the most important one in our final year syllabus. I asked him whether I could take help from my friends and use their research. He advised against it due to a high risk of plagiarism that could get me expelled.


I went home a bit dejected and started searching frantically for assignment assistance online. Popular reviews brought me to as their claim of being the ‘best academic writing help in Australia and New Zealand’ caught my eye. I immediately went to the contact us tab and provided details like my name, email address, mobile number (for free SMS updates), the topic of the assignment, the number of words required, the style of referencing required, asked them to provide as many references as possible, and set them a deadline of 4 days. I received the price quote and immediately made the payment. They confirmed the order by both email and SMS. I was a bit disappointed on not having received a discount since I was a first-time user.


Having placed the order, I decided to browse the site and see some samples of their writing. There were no samples uploaded which made me slightly uneasy. Browsing further, I found a section in which they proclaimed that they hired freelance writers who ‘attempted to deliver error-free copies to clients from all major cities of Australia and New Zealand.’ At this point, I started to worry whether my assignment would be well-written. So, I clicked on the live chat option and asked them about the credentials of my assignment’s writer. The reply sounded like an advertisement of how all their writers were competent and highly qualified. Then, I received a slightly reassuring reply that I would receive my assignment within the deadline and it would surely be of high quality.


On the deadline date, I waited for the assignment to arrive. One hour passed and it had not yet arrived. Then, after 2 hours, I finally received the assignment in my email. I immediately sent a copy to my friend for proofreading to check whether the content was correct. Upon checking the assignment myself, I found two distinct styles of writing in different sections of the paper. The language and grammar of the first section was horrible and completely childish. The remainder of the assignment was average but my friend said that it contained many factual errors. He sent me the correct facts and figures for comparison and modification. Additionally, they did not even provide the plagiarism report that they had promised. So, I checked the content on an online plagiarism checking website. I found that the assignment was made up of 30 percent plagiarized content.


Angered and frustrated at the tragic events, I tried to search for a contact number on their site but to no avail. I then wrote down the whole issue in their live chat box. The reply was written in shabby English which showed the level of incompetency of their customer support. They said that they did not provide re-work because their first work was always good. Instead, they asked me to pay extra money for my assignment to be re-written in 2 days.


I was not only angry but also felt sad for myself and wished that I had not gone to Nigeria for just an internship when I knew that a deadly disease was looming large in the country. I began to modify and correct the paper that they had sent using my friend’s suggestions. I also requested him to send his research so that I could save some time and complete the writing process.


It took a great effort to ensure that my assignment was not considered to be a plagiarized version of my friend’s paper. I wrote the paper until the last hour of submission. I submitted the paper to my professor with no real hope of getting a good grade. I received a ‘C’ grade for all of my troubles which saw my overall grade fall drastically. has managed to give my career the worst start possible. This review can be seen by my fellow students as a warning that the site is surely not what it claims to be.


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completely regret

Reviewed By Mia Ryan on 14 Feb, 2018

The completed assignment was not returned to me before the date of submission of the assignment. The references used by them were not proper and did not incorporate more than half of the requirements of the marking rubric provided by my college. I completely regret having taken their services.

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Not satisfied fully!!!!

Reviewed By LauraBee on 02 Aug, 2017

My expectation was very high from them. But I did not get I expected. They delivered me a very averagely written assignment. I am not gonna order my assignments from them anymore.

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Never place your order with them

Reviewed By ChrisBoulware on 29 Jul, 2017

They provide absolutely rubbish dissertations! The quality of their work is very poor, and I failed in both the papers that I had ordered from them.

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Bullshit website with bullshit assignment

Reviewed By MaxBatchelor on 27 Jul, 2017

They came super cheap so I placed my order with them but I regret every bit of it. Not only is their website content bullshit but so is the content of the dissertation I received! It was utter crap!

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They blackmailed me!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 25 Jul, 2017

Yes! They actually blackmailed me and told me that they will tell my college that I got my dissertation done from them if I didn't stop asking for a refund since I failed. I feel so fu**ing cheated!!

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Not good writers

Reviewed By Victoria Martin on 03 Feb, 2017

They claim to have native English writers in its team. But it does seem like it. I noticed numerous language problems in the content. Grammatical and spelling errors were also there. It is shameful!

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Unoriginal content

Reviewed By Olivia Jackson on 23 Jan, 2017

I took help from them last week. I asked them to deliver 100% unique content. But they did not deliver original content.

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