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It was a little desperation from my side to pursue my post graduation in Economics at Australia. I realized it just within one week of my admission when my professor gave me an essay assignment. But somehow I managed to tackle this with the assistance from Yes, this website helped me to avoid any mishap in the first semester only!


I hail from South Asia and I got the opportunity to study in one of the prestigious universities in Australia through an entrance test. But I missed the first window so I had to opt for the second one. When I got myself enrolled, the first semester had already started and I missed a week’s class. The academic world in Australia was completely new to me and I was struggling to maintain my pace with other classmates. The situation became grimmer when my professor assigned me an essay assignment on the topic - The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08. Such a tough topic for essay writing and that too in the first week! I felt like fainting!


This was my first practical task in my new university and I did not know anything! I was not aware of the format and structure that is followed over here nor do I had strong ideas about that respective financial crisis. It was just four days of my enrollment and I had no acquaintances with the professors. So, I could not approach them for their assistance. The task was given to me on Friday and it was due to be submitted next Monday. I just had two days to develop the 500-word essay. Failure in the first practical exam would create a very negative impression on the examiners which I wanted to avoid desperately. I had never felt such helpless and lonely in my life. But I developed friendship with some of my classmates, especially Ellie. She was really caring. She told me about She told me that the she uses the website which provides essay assistance in Australia.


At that time I was looking for some professional support and this was the only way out to get an essay done in such a short notice. To be very frank, I had no knowledge about these online essay services. Having no alternative, I chose to go with this website. This website has decent looks with not many fancy designs and complications. Though my friend Ellie told me that it provides essay assistance, I found that it equally provides other services with term papers, research papers, book reports etc.


I was running out of time, hence I did not spend too much time looking at the different features of the website. I quickly submitted my query through the live chat services available at the website. Though they claim to be online 24x7, I received a reply from them at least after 15 minutes. But the guy was really helpful. He assisted me on how to place the order. From him, I came to know that they gave three types of assistance services - Standard, Premium and Platinum. As I needed the task to be completed within one day, I chose the Premium service. The platinum service was too costly for me! I completed the order form and paid to confirm my order. The order form was detailed, hence took a little more time to complete. But it is good that they asked every detail from the customers.


My essay on global recession of 2007-08 was to be delivered within 24 hours. I received it within 22 hours. I liked their proficiency. The content was well structured according to the university guidelines. But the writing was not exceptional. I had booked premium service so I expected that I would be given good and strong quality content but I was dissatisfied.


I got to know that my university professor often asks the students some questions about their specific essay topics. I therefore spent the whole night reading different articles about the global recession so that I could answer him. When I was proofreading my content, I found that one data about the US employment rate of 2008-09 was wrong. I had to rectify it myself. Thank god I studied about the topic! But the referencing that they added with the essay was completely accurate. The only thing I found that they need to improve is their writing. It was obvious that the whole essay was completed but it was not proofread and edited which I had to do before I submitted it to my examiner. But what delighted me about the service was that I asked them for a plagiarism report of my essay and they delivered it. The essay was completely authentic and free from plagiarism error. It is really nice that they deliver authentic content to the students till date when there are various channels available that can easily copy-paste articles. But the price of this plagiarism report is a bit too high. They should provide the reports at a lower price.


The results of the essay were declared after one week. I received B+ for the essay. My professor praised the quality of work keeping in mind the minimum time I got to complete it. I also felt the same. Overall, the has done a decent job. There are definitely some shortcomings which they need to work upon but there are some great features as well. The customer service called me up after the essay was delivered to me and asked for my opinion which I think was a nice gesture. Their timely service is something really praiseworthy but at the same time they did not offer any discount to me which was a little disheartening.


Finally, it is a helpful academic assistance portal for the students studying in Australia. It will get three stars from me. The students can avail assistance especially when they are in immediate need. From my side, I can tell you that in the following semester I will be working hard so that I can develop my own competence to complete all the economic essays assigned to me on my own!




Quality of Work: 3/5


Writer Experience: 3/5


Affordability: 2.5/5


Timely Delivery: 5/5


Customer Service: 4.5/5


Add Ons: 4/5

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Reviewed By Jessica Glover on 17 Feb, 2018

I opted for their premium services but the kind of assignment that was delivered to me was below par. need not closely follow half of the requirements mentioned in the marking rubric provided by my professor as a result I had to redo more than half of the assignment myself in order to meet the deadline for submission.

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Was expecting a better job

Reviewed By AlyssaRitchard on 28 Jul, 2017

I heard a lot about the expertise of the writers associated with this firm. But I am sorry to say that the content quality they came up with for my essay was not up to the mark. I was expecting a better job. Hope they would pay more attention on framing superior quality content in the near future.

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My essay was plagiarized!!!!!!!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

I had requested them to provide me with a plagiarism report but they blocked me. Now I know why! My essay was 100% plagiarized!! I want to take them to court for doing this to me!!

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Everything okay but late delivery

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

The quality was fine, the pricing was fine, but the worst part of the essay I got from them was that it was delivered a tad bit too late, and my professor did not accept my paper!

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Worst service, I had ever take

Reviewed By RiCky HarDy on 12 Jul, 2017

They are unprofessional, no coordination with writer. It takes three times revision to get the appropriate assignment. They have bullied me to make payment.

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Davidbruce 04 Oct, 2018

I got from them was that it was delivered a tad bit too late, and my professor did not accept my paper!

Money down the drain

Reviewed By Brooke Brewer on 25 Jan, 2017

Okay, first, they almost ask me for my entire month's pocket money. And then, second, they deliver poor quality work in return. What the hell! Shouldn't have ever taken their services.

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They need to learn punctuality

Reviewed By Alexis Peterson on 23 Jan, 2017

They are running a scam in the name of assignment help. They did not deliver my assignment on time. The support team is worse. They did not answer my calls even.

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