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Have you ever been so desperate for essay writing support that you chose the first service provider that you saw on the internet? Well, I have been, there done that. I had a family function to attend last month, and the deadline for my sociology essay was also on the same weekend. So I had no other option than availing essay writing help from the internet. That’s when I got to know about

Even though there was nothing extraordinary about the website, I still chose to place my order at as I did not have enough time to compare and choose among multiple websites. Well, that was my first mistake, and that was the last time I trusted any online service provider without checking its background. Here’s my review of the essay writing services of that may help my fellow students avoid the mistakes I made.

The appearance of the website is quite dull:

The homepage of makes you wonder if the page is designed by amateur people. The colour schemes are off-putting. There's a significant lack of white space. The page is filled with way too much text. And not to forget, the content on the website is also poorly written. I wish I had backed out when I first visited the website, but as I mentioned, I didn't have the time to consider another website. So, even though the appearance of the website was unimpressive, I went with it anyway.

While the homepage was unnecessarily cluttered with texts, it was also difficult to navigate through the website and find the links to other significant pages. I hope they reconsider their website’s layout and make it look less lame next time. However, their website layout is just one of many things that need a massive improvement immediately.

For their unattractive landing page, I cannot spare more than 1 start out of 5.

They claim to offer a wide range of services:

Even though the appearance of the website is quite underwhelming, offers an array of writing and proofreading services that can put any popular essay solution provider envy. Well, I did not get to evaluate the legitimacy of each of those services, but they claim to provide assistance on tasks like an essay, assignment, term paper, research work, reports, review, dissertation, thesis and much more.

You will be surprised to know that they also offer support on a number of subjects, including maths, physics, economics, statistics and programming. However, it was difficult to learn about this wide range of services as they didn’t have any dedicated section to explain those to the visitors. I only got to know about the services when I tried to get the quote for the service I’m availing. Well, I still don’t know how reliable those other services are, except for the essay writing service.

For the variety of services, I would rate 3 out of 5 stars.

The services are quite affordable: has three different set of pricing for its clients. The standard services which are claimed to be equivalent to 2:2 standard of writing costs £13 for a deadline of 10 days or more, while the same service costs £15 and £16 respectively when the client wants it to be delivered in 6 and 4 days. The premium service, which is equivalent to 2:1 standard of writing, costs £15 for the deadline of 10 days or more. For 6 days' and 4 days' deadlines, they cost £16 and £19 respectively.

For the first class services, where the standard of writing is first class, charges £17, £20 and £22 respectively for 10 days’, 6 days’ and 4 days’ deadlines. Compared to the other website in the same field, these services seemed extremely affordable to me. And that was not the end of the story. The website also offered a discount of 15 percent on order, which made the services even more affordable for the students like us.

For the affordability of the services, I would rate 4 out of 5 stars.

They could not meet the deadlines:

I was happy to see that the website was charging a lesser amount of money for the essay, but now I know why they offer all the services at such a low price. They could not deliver the essay within the promised time. I needed the paper on Monday morning, while they delivered it on Tuesday. For that reason, I had to submit the paper directly to the professor without checking the content of the essay.

Some of the reviews posted on the website highlight the fact that had delivered their tasks several hours before the deadline. Now I am beginning to think whether the reviews are genuine or fake. I had to suffer for the inconvenience. So I would suggest my fellow students not to trust the reviews that praise the services way too much.

For their unprofessionalism regarding the delivery, I would rate them 2 out of 5.

The mistakes in the paper were unpardonable:

I did not have the time to check the quality of the essay paper I received. However, I went through the paper once after the submission and found some glaring mistakes on the paper. Firstly, the paper was poorly written. If I had the time, I could have written the paper in a better way, and I am not even a good writer. I doubt if they have any expert on their team. The solution I received, seemed like written by amateur writers.

The essay also had several spelling and grammatical errors in between. Thankfully, there was no trace of plagiarism on it, but they did make numerous errors in the punctuation. They also crossed the word limit I instructed while placing the order. Even though it did not get me into trouble, but it was still a non-compliance with the requirements.

For the sub-standard essay paper, I would rate them 2 out of 5 stars.

Reaching the helpline was a complex task to perform:

Since I wanted to request for a refund for several non-compliances of my instructions, I needed to get in touch with the customer support of But surprisingly, they did not have any helpline number in the first place. Their online chat was active all the time. But it seemed like they were run by chatbots.

I even tried to get in touch with them through the contact us page. This time I got the response, but they denied my request for money back as they claimed all the requirements were met as per their understandings. I could not find the money back policy on the website, and the customer support executive denied to share the details with me.

For such incompetent customer support, I would rate them 1 out of 5 stars.

Final words:

I have very little experience about the online essay writing services. So I did not know what things to look for when placing the order for the first time. This is why I suffered. is not a great essay solution provider. Yes, it has some affordable services, and to some extents, they deliver your paper around the deadline, but the quality of the essay they provided with was way poor than I expected. My overall rating for essay writing service is 2 out of 5 stars.

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Doneessay are cheaters

Reviewed By Kamal Wassan on 08 Feb, 2021

Doneessay is ready to gulp all your money utilizing every single moment. They have hidden charges that you will get known post hiring. That means they will capture you in trap and then boom hidden price. They are cheaters.

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