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4 Ways To Prepare For Semester Examination During COVID19

The Coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Of all the sectors that are being harmed, education happens to be one. Owing to social distancing, schools and colleges have beenshutdown, thus leading to a topsy-turvy situation in the education sector. All examinations have been postponed, and the upcoming ones have been put on hold indefinitely.

As per a report published in www.weforum.org, the class of 2020 is likely to graduate virtually due to the pandemic. Moreover, these fresh graduates will not be able to sign up for and study-abroad programs too. Courses that cover clinical practices, labs experimenting, and performing arts have also been brought to a standstill.

The below chart shows how COVID-19 is continuing to impact the global education system-

Source: https://assets.weforum.org/35ZTVoUUKZ8R135jMCnLB3YirWPKRy49J6fKpf7q2ek.jpeg

Semesters will have to be held online in different formats, while some may be postponed. So, how do you cope with this sudden change?

Read on to find out how you can utilise the lockdown period, strengthen your knowledge of and prepare for the upcoming exam as soon as classes reopen.

  1. Stay focused on your priorities

If semester examinations are shifted to the online format, can fair access be ensured for all students? Whilethe government and universities continue to debate on that, you can use the fair share of time to prioritise your tasks. Examination announcement can happen any day and at anytime. So, complete your syllabus and revise the subjects you are weak at for at least three hours every day. Concentrate in these few hours, and then you can get back to your favourite movies and webseries. Evaluate and re-evaluate your exam goals, as this pandemic hasgiven you a second chance to boost your exam scores.

  1. De-clutter your mind

When the entire world is in a lockdown, it’s normal to experience anxiety and stress. Moreover, many are living alone away from their families.

To ward off anxiety, keep yourself busy. Set goals and prepare a schedule for the subjects you are weak in. Use the internet to study more about the course you are pursuing in. Use this as the golden opportunity to hone all the skills that you have otherwise had no time to focus on.

Above is a breakup of the issues, as stated in the Economic Times.

If you are feeling low, channel your emotions by talking to others, engaging in creative things like drawing, painting, poetry, music, etc. You can also check whether your university has a student stress management program. Stay connected via video call with your family members.

  1. Take mock tests to prepare for examinations

A systematic and focussed approach to your studies can save many hours. With schools and colleges being shut, mock tests are one such way to keep yourself focused on studies.

Moreover, the potential of the eLearning industry has reached new heights during the COVID-19 lockdown. Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, WizIQ, and Educadiumare excellent ways to make the most of the stay-at-home pandemic period. Exercise questions, enrol yourself into crash courses, learn new computer languages, and solve logical reasoning quizzes. In short, get prepared not only foryour semesters but also for long-term goals.

  1. Finally, stay healthy

“Stay safe and stay home.”

Every TV commercial, internet advertisement, and government announcement isemphasising on this phrase. With more than two lacsdeath due to Coronavirus disease around the world, staying healthy is the primary concern.

Doing some lightweight and freehand exercisescan get more oxygen into your system. As we all know that we are in for a tight time ahead, you need to ensure that you have excellent immunity power.

With everything closed during this lockdown, now is the right time to focus only on the task at hand. Dedicate this time to take calculative steps for your studies, and you will reap the benefits at the end.

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