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Myassignmenthelp review has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 ⭐ stars. It is a reliable and trustworthy service, according to ratings. MyAssignmentHelp is not the cheapest option out there, but students are satisfied with the value for money and time that it offers. is a trusted service in the industry, with positive results for students in recent years. The website has 4.2 ⭐stars on Google Reviews, 4 ⭐stars on Sitejabber, and 4.4 ⭐stars on Trustpilot, and user reviews are generally positive. As shown in the stats below- reviews

A Detailed MyAssignmenthelp Review by Uni Student

Let's, start with the writing quality of Myassignmenthelp.

MyAssignmenthelp Quality Levels 🥇

Study on quality levels based on-

👉Subject knowledge

👉Researched content


👉Syntax skills

👉Citation knowledge

Subject knowledge:

The solution I received was perfect. The answers were detailed, and this clearly shows that the writers of possess good subject-specific knowledge. They know what they are doing and solved my MBA assignment the way I wanted., on their website, claimed to possess PhD writers. I was pretty sceptical, but I am more than sure they are not fake. The writer who wrote my assignment must be from an MBA background because he used some amazing sources to write my answers. Thus, I found the website(MyAssignmentHelp) pretty reliable and the writers seem to have good knowledge. I will definitely consider for buying future academic tasks.

Researched content:

The answers were full of information and properly written. I got an A, so that tells a lot about their writers. The writer or writers assigned to me did my assignment and a lot of research while solving my questions. My assignment was on the various tactics and benefits of e-mail marketing, and these guys had solid ideas of the subject & put a lot of effort while writing the answers. The writers were legit and provide high-quality researched assignments.


I have no complaints about the structure. My professor praised me for submitting a well-structured assignment. The information was delivered logically, and it was a really good read. The solutions taught me quite a bit about how to structure my writing.

I gave them basic instructions about the structure, and they went above & beyond. They wrote a really good introduction, wrote all sections in proper context, maintained a proper flow in all answers, and designed everything the way I wanted. Unlike so many fake academic websites out there, really focuses on the demands of students and gives a personalised solution.

Syntax skills:

The solutions they(MyAssignmentHelp) sent me were completely free of errors. I checked every inch before submission and put everything through a premium grammar checker. The results were A-OK. In short, there were no syntax or grammatical errors.

Citation knowledge:

I asked them to cite in the Chicago citation style, and MyAssignmentHelp did well. In-text citations were accurate, and I was thrilled to find the reference list full of good sources. All this helped me score an A+.

📝In conclusion, good work quality and timeliness are important to students, and Myassignmenthelp offers both at a fair price.

Strengths Weaknesses
Knowledgable expert Shortage of subject matter experts due to many orders
Instant delivery Large order volumes take more delivery time
24x7 online customer support  
100% unique solutions  
Unlimited revisions  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is MyAssignmentHelp Legit?

Yes, MyAssignmentHelp is definitely legit. I've used their services before and they were able to help me out with whatever I needed. The prices are a bit on the higher side, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality and timeliness.

Is MyAssignmentHelp Reliable?

This company(MyAssignmentHelp) is reliable and produces good quality work.

Is MyAssignmentHelp Scam?

This company(MyAssignmentHelp) is not a scam. It is affordable and provides quality service.

Is MyAssignmentHelp Fake?

MyAssignmentHelp is not Fake as they provide help with assignments since 2007. I would recommend their services.


This is one thing that I feel they could bring down a bit. MyAssignmenthelp’s prices are OK but could have been a bit lower. But I have no complaints about the quality of the solutions, which may be, justifies their prices. Spending a bit to get A+ solution is way better than wasting your money over a fake website.

On the website, a 1000 words assignment with a deadline of 9-14 days with standard services would cost you approximately $60. For more pricing information, refer here.

Price Calculator (Prices for 1000 words)

Deadline Premium Standard Limited
0-6 Hours US $136.9 US $106.9 US $97.2
6-12 Hours US $122.9 US $92.9 US $84.5
12-24 Hours US $114.5 US $84.5 US $76.8
1-2 Days US $106.8 US $76.8 US $69.8
2-3 Days US $103.1 US $73.1 US $66.5
3-4 Days US $99.7 US $69.7 US $63.4
4-6 Days US $96.4 US $66.4 US $60.3
6-9 Days US $93.2 US $63.2 US $57.4
9-14 Days US $90.1 US $60.1 US $54.7
14-21 Days US $87.3 US $57.3 US $52.1
21-30 Days US $84.6 US $54.6 US $49.7
30-40 Days US $82 US $52 US $47.3

However, their low prices are not to be confused with a compromise on quality. On the contrary, they provided me with genuine answers to all my homework and even gave me a plagiarism-free certificate, thus proving this is a legit website. Thus, they provide quality work at some of the best market rates.

Offers and Discounts🎁

The agency has multiple seasonal offers and exciting discounts awaiting students at all times. Thus, students can get amazing discounts on their services, resulting in incredibly low prices.

They also have an attractive sign-up bonus offer for new students. Since I was a new student, I signed up with the website and immediately received a discount coupon on my first order.

Thus, has some of the best offers and discounts ongoing for students!

Rate this service. Your feedback is valuable for others

Customer Support Reviews💁

The customer support team guided me through the entire process. The customer support guys answered all my queries and were always available whenever I called. In addition, Myassignmenthelp's customer support teams kept me updated throughout the process and told me everything that needed to be done.

Look through this student feedback on google. One of the customer name David says “Best service I ever experienced.. Very supportive customer service... can recommend”

Trustpilot review:


Google review:

Sitejabber review:

Revision and Refund Policy🧾

I looked at their refund and revision policies before asking them for help. MyAssignmenthelp has clear-cut refund and revision policies in place. I also talked with their customer support staff about the policies, and they told me the same thing as written in their policies.

Although I didn't have a reason to ask for refunds and was completely satisfied with my order, I saw several online reviews about their reliable and genuine refund policy.

Online Reputation🏆

You can find this out by carrying out a simple online search with keywords like “best assignment help” or “top assignment help” and see the list of results that pop up.

They have been in this business for more than 14 years now, and hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from their assignment help services.

The term assignment help is synonymous with MyAssignmenthelp, and they have professors and ex-educators of tier 1 colleges like Harvard and Princeton working for them. So, you should not worry about whether it is reliable or not at all.

The company’s experts constantly endeavour to deliver complete solutions immediately after payment. In addition, they stay by your side and offer worthy counsel and insights to help you finish your work properly and within its tight deadline.

They consistently pay attention to every single instruction and detail about the homework/coursework assignment and ensure they are incorporated tactfully within the papers.

In this way, every paper they work to complete appears credible, flawless and eligible for high scores from their university reviewer.

Their tutoring, proofreading, editing and mentoring are one of a kind and aptly customised to meet all the requirements of students worldwide.

Henceforth, there’s no surprise why’s online reputation as the World’s Number #1 Assignment help company is non-pareil and acknowledged by legions of students from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The website constantly gets bombarded with tons of positive feedback and words of appreciation from their served students.

Here are some noteworthy words of acknowledgement from their service-takers collected from noteworthy websites like Sitejabber, Quora,, and essaycritics.

1. Myassignmenthelp feedback on Quora-

"I have had some good experiences recently with MyAssignmenthelp…."

myassignmenthelp review- online reputation on quora

"I got an A++ score in my paper, especially thanks to MyAassignmenthelp writers…”
myassignmenthelp review on quora

“…. voted as the best assignment help in Australia”

myassignmenthelp review on quora by alley

"Best quality help to score 90% marks in assessment."

myassignmenthelp review in google

“Legit website with fair prices for their work…”

myassignmenthelp review onlinevreputation

These comments reveal all you need to know about’s online reputation. From fair pricing, the ability to meet flexible deadlines, guarantee top scores, and personalised tutor support to flawless quality research papers – the site has proven its adequacy in each of these facets.

In many countries, the company has become the foremost choice for students who consistently face difficulty with their homework and coursework projects. Henceforth, it’s no surprise that they have completed 2,095,734 orders and have an online user rating of 4.9/5.

However, despite its sterling reputation and high–quality customised assignment help services, the company has also been exposed to several false rumours and preposterous claims.

Let’s take a closer look at some negative things said about

Several false reports from various unreliable, third-party review sites show that is a SCAM.

However, the company is 100% legit and runs no scam whatsoever. Their services are reliable and safe to opt for for your time-sensitive assignment tasks. Moreover, some feedback that the company aims to steal money and even resorts to blackmailing is also not genuine dated 2017.

myassignmenthelp review negative review

They only charge you for the service you pick and keep it within industry standard rates. And if an event arises that anyone is unhappy with their work quality, their customer care team looks to resolve it immediately.

Not to forget, the company has a 100% money-back guarantee (as noticeable on the website) if the work quality falls short of a student’s expectations.

myassignmenthelp review negative review online

The company has been delivering top assignment solutions for over a decade. It is why they have so many successful orders under their name and a user rating of 4/9/5.

However, suppose, for some reason, the quality of the assignment hasn’t met the set expectations. In that case, their team makes every effort to correct them with their multiple revision policies and complementary proofreading and editing services.

myassignmenthelp review negative online reviews

There are also claims that the company presents incomplete or error-full work and asks for more money to complete it. All this is anything but true.

The company works closely with every student to ensure their assignments turn out to be flawless and high-scoring. In addition, their experts have years of experience solving challenging assignments within deadlines, so they certainly are not stupid.

myassignmenthelp fake review

If you are looking for quality assignment tutoring and guidance, don’t decide through such preposterous claims and feedback. Instead, check the company's legitimacy and credibility yourself and then make a decision.

Conclusion: Thus, as you can see is no doubt a great place for reliable online assignment help. They have some excellent writers who can write quality answers for you at some of the best market rates. So, if you are looking to invest in an assignment help agency then you should definitely consider investing in this legit service.

[Note: These MyAssignmentHelp reviews are the personal opinion of students, not of]

Reviewed by Ricky

Date: 28-Jul-2023

Place: Adelaide

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  • How can I know that my paper is Original? guarantees every student that they provide 100% original and authentic answers. Thus, they provide a plagiarism-free certificate from Turnitin with every assignment they submit to students. The certificate is a mark of their excellence and assures students that the answers they receive are original and not copied from anywhere.

  • Is Safe?

    You have nothing to worry about in terms of safety when you place an order at First of all, they maintain complete customer anonymity and will not share your personal details with anyone. Second, all their payment gateways are encrypted through SSLs, and they provide you with safe and recognised payment modes like PayPal and even online transfers.

  • Will I get complete refund if I fail? has one of the best refund policies in the market. This is why they can provide you with complete refunds if you fail your assignment. Although that is a rare possibility, students can claim complete refunds that cover their expenses in the first place.

  • Can I cancel an order?

    If you want to cancel an order after placing it, all you need to do is contact their customer care team. However, there is a certain time frame for cancelling your order. If you cancel after an extended period, you will be eligible for partial refunds to compensate the writers who have already started working on your assignment.

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Reviewed By Helen Ferguson on 25 Jul, 2023

It is a great website for assignment

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I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing.

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best coach

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Really informative information.

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amazing services

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great service

Reviewed By Jack Marks on 02 Feb, 2023

Amazing service

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solution was good

Reviewed By John P on 30 Jan, 2023

this was my first time with, and the solution they provided was good, but at the same time, a few changes were required. but unfortunately, i failed to contact them after the solution was delivered. the page was again asking me to place a new order, which was not what i was asking for

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resolved all my doubts even at 3 am

Reviewed By Emma lee on 27 Jan, 2023

they stay true to its promises. the customer support team was extremely responsive. they resolved all my doubts even at 3 am

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rework without charging anything extra

Reviewed By Thomas d on 24 Jan, 2023

i had problems with the solutions and asked for rework. myassignmenthelp acknowledged the request and did the rework without charging anything extra. there is no other website that does rework free of cost.

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highly recommended!

Reviewed By Lin tan on 23 Jan, 2023

Myassignmenthelp had only positive reviews online. though i was sceptical, i asked them to write my management paper. they stood true to their promises. they provided me with a 100% genuine paper within the deadline. will recommend it to all my friends

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Professional PhD research writers

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accurately cited paper

Reviewed By Paul M on 17 Jan, 2023

i ordered an assignment from with a 2-day deadline. the writer was extremely cooperative. he listened to all of my instructions. i received an amazing paper within a day that was accurately cited. hats off to him!

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Online Reputation🏆

Reviewed By Devout Tech Consultants on 17 Jan, 2023

You can find this out by carrying out a simple online search with keywords like “best assignment help” or “top assignment help” and see the list of results that pop up.

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Nice Work

Reviewed By Central Coast Home Buyers on 16 Jan, 2023

Nice Work

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Jack Marks 02 Feb, 2023

Thank you

Amazing service

Reviewed By Anderson on 12 Jan, 2023

Amazing service! This is what I can say about their service. never compromised the quality of the assignment, maintained the deadline, and was well-formatted. Anyone wondering whom to book should definitely avail assignment help

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good assistance

Reviewed By Ansari R on 10 Jan, 2023

the lady who assisted me was proactive and always ready to help me. The best thing was I was able to reach out to her 24/7. I am overwhelmed with her service and will surely refer this to my friends.

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Kanchan 23 Aug, 2023

Very informative blog! I am glad, I read it.
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