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Website: Headquarter: UK
Pricing: $9 Establish: 2013
Size: 2000 writers Serving Country: 5
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa   Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Assignment writing
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All Assignment Help review has rated below 2 out of 5 stars, which clearly shows that customers are not satisfied😞 with Allassignmenthelp. Poor quality assignments, false promises, and price misleading advertisements make them unreliable and unsafe service. In the end, Allassignmenthelp is not legit for your assignment. 

We are going to put a complete review on covering the following aspects:

Table of Content 
i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy online academic assignment writing service provider was formed in 2013. The website is known for guiding students when they struggle to write their assignments. Based in Australia, the site claims it is home to 2200+ writing professionals. also functions in the US, in the United Kingdom, and 20 more countries worldwide.

If you want to know more about its services, you should read this now.

  Quality of Assignment has written convincing content on its homepage claiming that they are a trusted page that provides supreme quality papers to students. There claims and promises about providing students with plagiarism-free content. They have also said that students should contact the website if they want to be a topper as they curate nothing less than a perfect paper.

However, the moment you check the reviews available online about this website and try finding what the real-time users had experienced with, the scenario becomes a little different. A lot of students have said in different reviewing websites that it’s mostly contrary to what the site has claimed.

The screenshot proves that though not fake, the quality of assignments and professionalism of is undoubtedly a matter of question.

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  Price Structure

The website of does not provide any clear price structure. However, a lot of information about offers, discounts and refund policy is there.

Here is an example- “I wanted my dissertation paper assignment to be written by the experts of My solution has the wrong spellings and wrong information in it. I don’t know who wrote it, surely not someone who has minimum education. Last but not least, they never cared to refund me, or any clarification about my payment made,' says Mark

So now you know the claims are not reliable at all. Reviews and testimonials from the existing clients in reviewing websites tell us an opposite story of what the site has claimed.



If you have a paper that you need to submit within a limited timeframe, claims they are there for the students to provide them with a timely solution.

Here is a screenshot we found online from a genuine user. If you are someone who is not being able to decide if you hire, the screenshot is here for your disposal.

Deadlines are essential, and submission post-delivery dates can cause year loss or suspension.  Trustworthy academic help websites, working online to guide the students are always careful with the aspect of timely delivery of complete assignments. is undoubtedly is not the choice to make as it seems.

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  Support and Refund Policy

There is a lot of promotional content about customer support and refund policies all-through the website. Being an online assignment help service provider, has stated that order cancellation initiates money refund through a hassle-free process.

The screenshot posted above is just an example of what we have found across the internet about the support and refund policy of The claims are mostly false, making it a scam website to go for.

  Online Reputation

When we talk about's online reputation, many students expressed their dissatisfaction towards the website with comments such as – 'don't trust them, don't pay or 'don't use their offerings.' 

Others have pointed out that the company is known to speak half-truths and lay down empty promises and advises other online assignment help service-seekers don't get trapped or duped by their empty claims.

Moreover, rummaging through the website thoroughly, one would find that there's not a lot of information shared and that it doesn't get half as many orders as some of its more favoured market competitors. However, the real eye-opener comes from the litany of negative reviews found on several revered sites such as Trust Pilot, essay, reviewer, Scam fighter and many more.

The number of 1-star reviews for this website was staggering. However, some students have accused the company of extorting money and stated they were made to pay more later on for revisions and corrections due to their pitiful work quality. Due to this, some students have labelled it as a SCAM website that's utterly unreliable for homework/assignments needing extensive research and urgent completion due to tight deadlines.

In fact, the website 'Scam fighter' overall feedback on itself clarifies its online reputation.

All assignment help review and student feedback

Moreover, another surprising aspect of the website is they don't refund. That's right; they don't provide a money-back guarantee if the work doesn't meet the standards or gets hindered for other reasons!

If you visit their 'Terms of Use page, you will learn that all words done by then are 'Non-Refundable.' The vexing thing about it is if they don't deliver the work on time or if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can, at best, get some discounts or free revisions for your other future requests.

However, such promises seem not reliable and do very little to inspire confidence among other assignment help service-seekers. Many previous service-seekers have clearly stated the company is a fraud and not legit in any way.

(Review from Trust Pilot)

All assignment help review and student feedback2  

Another parameter that's deteriorated their online reputation is their ordering process. Many such angry students across various review sites recommend - don't waste money on them as they don't take responsibility and often fail to meet assignment orders quickly.

(Review from Trust Pilot)

All assignment help review and student feedback3

Another stated that they take a lot of time, sometimes even days, to process an order. At times the order placement itself can take almost 24 hours as their steps are unappreciatively long and complicated.

Of course, the most significant dent in their online reputation is due to their poor and plagiarised content quality. Many disappointed students have shared their annoyance towards the brand, saying – they don't care and if you place a query, they don't reply to you immediately!

A handful of them stated their so-called experts don't deserve their title. They produce awful papers filled with spelling mistakes, typos, incoherent sentence constructions and even duplicate content.

(Trust Pilot)

All assignment help review and student feedback4

At times it appears that they don't do the actual research work but callously mix and match information from various blogs and textbooks in a substandard way. Moreover, most times, their final work contains plagiarism traces, thus making it not eligible for submission. So the best course of action is - don't buy their SCAM and unreliable services, or better yet, don't sign up with them!

(Essay Reviewer)

All assignment help review and student feedback

So, all in all, has proven to be unreliable in several of its service parameters. Due to this, the company enjoys below-par ratings on almost every notable review site. Time after time, they have raised their students' hopes and disappointed them in their hour of need!

(Scam Fighter)

All assignment help review and student feedback

So, it would be fitting to establish that the company is not the right choice for struggling students needing reliable assignment help immediately. And rather than associating with this company, they should try their luck elsewhere.

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  • Is AllAssignmenthelp legit?

    To put it shortly-NO. The website has no desire to help you score high. They post fake positive reviews, fail to deliver solutions on deadline, have unresponsive customer care executives and offer mediocre solutions. Despite their presentable website and countless tall promises, this company is nothing but a waste of your time and money.

  • Is AllAssignmenthelp scam or safe? has received 2 out of 5 client satisfaction ratings, clearly showing that customers are unsatisfied with its services. They deliver below-average quality solutions and much after the deadline. They do not have any clear pricing structure or transparent Terms and Conditions policy. Furthermore, their customer support executives are rude and can never solve any queries. Thus, it can be said; it is a complete scam website.

  • How do I get a refund from

    You can give up all hopes of getting a refund from as all its 'works' are non-refundable. Even if you get the paper after the deadline or it doesn't meet your requirements, the best you can get is a free revision or discount for future orders.

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Reviewed By Maldev Technologies on 06 Feb, 2024

To get the best assignment help, essay writing or dissertation help and so more. So you don't have to worry because our team is specialists in all of ...

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Very good at there work

Reviewed By Numen Eduservices on 24 Mar, 2023

Allassignmenthelp help me a lot to complete my assignment when I was studying in abroad as newbie.

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James 27 Mar, 2023

I agree. As a student from Ulster University, [url=[/url has helped me a lot in completing all my assignments in just a few days

love it

Reviewed By Darkscript on 17 Mar, 2023

love it

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Hayley 03 Nov, 2023

ecause they promised me on-time delivery of solutions without fail. But sadly, they scammed me for some easy money.

Do My Assignment For Me in Ireland

Reviewed By Owen Murphy on 13 Dec, 2022

Our company offers the best quality services when it comes to “paying someone to do my assignment” in Ireland. We have a team of experienced professionals who will work on your behalf to deliver top-notch quality work that meets your expectations. We'll finish any project on schedule and guarantee a great outcome. Contact us today to get started!

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Alexander Oliver 14 Feb, 2024

best service

Late delivery

Reviewed By Anishmalik on 18 Aug, 2022

Allassignmenthelp promised to deliver the solutions on time. Yet, they failed to deliver them on time, and I had to suffer. They make fake promises and do not have the bandwidth to handle last-minute queries. I would suggest others not to sign up with them for assignment writing help.

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Missed the Deadline

Reviewed By Shabangujjar on 08 Aug, 2022

I am an MBA student. I signed up with Allassignmenthelp because they promised me on-time delivery of solutions without fail. But sadly, they scammed me for some easy money. Not only were they unable to deliver the completed work within the necessary deadline

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High Hidden Costs

Reviewed By Kalpnachauhan on 04 Aug, 2022

As a student, there’s no denying that I have a tight budget. Spending extra on tutoring services is sometimes a luxury for me. However, the love of high grades got me to sign up with Allassignmenthelp. Even though they claimed to offer several deals and discounts, the final amount was far from cheap. The site is not at all reliable or genuine.

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WilliamRichard 04 Aug, 2022

Are you struggling with your school assignments? Do you need some custom help for your assignments? Are you tired of paying too much for your assignments? Are you looking for a reliable and professional assignment help writing service? Then, you have come to the right place. Assignment Incubator is one of the best student assignment writing service providers in Australia. We are ready to help you with any type of student assignment. Our writers are highly qualified and experienced. We have a large pool of talented, expert and professional writers. We can write any kind of assignment regardless of the academic level. Whether it is a high school or college assignment, you can always rely on us. We are available 24/7 to help you with your assignments.
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Suite 3a/29, Level 14, 275 Alfred Street
North Sydney, NSW-2060, Australia

9.Overpriced & Overhyped

Reviewed By Kumaripriya on 01 Aug, 2022

I heard a lot about Allassignmenthelp and decided to sign up for assistance with my chemistry assignment. Only after I signed up did I realise that the site runs on bluffs. Their claims are fake, and the tutors are not adequately qualified to deliver quality undergraduate chemistry assignments. I don't recommend Allassignmenthelp

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Inaccurate Citations

Reviewed By Sukeshsingh on 28 Jul, 2022

My friend recommended Allassignmenthelp to me for complete assignment writing aid. However, I was shocked to see the quality. The writer absolutely lacks MLA citation skills. The entire paper was riddled with errors, and I had to hire another expert for the necessary corrections, which cost me double! Such cheaters!

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Zero Data Safety

Reviewed By Shekharray on 25 Jul, 2022

Allassignmenthelp is the worst assignment help provider online. They make big promises to deliver the best quality services only to disappoint you and harass you. To top that, they misuse student details and offer no safety. My contact details were misused, and since they offered no anonymity, I got into trouble at school. The page is run by a team of liars looking to earn quick money.

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Doesn’t do quality checks at all

Reviewed By Mairajavaid on 18 Jul, 2022

The lack of quality checks at Allassignmenthelp is apparent in the numerous spelling mistakes and referencing problems I noticed in my paper. It's very discouraging to receive such papers after spending so much on hiring professional experts

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Very slow responses

Reviewed By Ayeshaiqbal on 11 Jul, 2022

It takes more than 48 hours to receive a reply to your query on Allassignmenthelp. It was very frustrating waiting for a reply despite telling them I had an urgent paper to submit. By the time customer care responded, I had already found another service and received my order from them

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Worthless Team of Writers

Reviewed By Rubikakhatun on 07 Jul, 2022

I ordered an assignment from Allassignmenthelp with a 10-day deadline approaching. The writer called me 5 times to clarify my clear instructions. He was inconsiderate and rude. After fourteen days, I received a wrongly cited paper, and I am certain I will fail this semester. Thank you, guys, for wasting this semester. A completely fake website

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Reviewed By Dana M Dantuma on 06 Jul, 2022

If could give negative stars I would! Horrible, Horrible Service. Tudor performed a couple of services, but once I sent in payment contact stopped and assignments quit being done. Therefore, I stopped payment on my card since no one would contact me back. Then I received a threat to report me to my University for cheating. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

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Pretty average

Reviewed By Suryasingh on 04 Jul, 2022

I don’t have any particular complaints regarding Allassignmenthelp. The writer assigned to my task was very polite. However, I wish the quality of writing had been better. There were a few spelling and grammatical mistakes that the expert could have avoided

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The biggest fraud company online

Reviewed By Kumarrajnish on 30 Jun, 2022

I placed an order and paid $76 for an essay. The expert promised a plagiarism-free paper, but the paper I received had a plagiarism score of 68%!! Later, I figured out the writer copied the content from an article. But the worst part was being refused a refund despite pointing this out.

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James 27 Mar, 2023

[url=]dissertation writing services[/url

Not safe for payments

Reviewed By Taranisingh on 29 Jun, 2022

When I tried to pay for my order, Allassignmenthelp redirected me to a payment gateway where I kept getting messages that third parties were trying to steal my information. I immediately backed out and cancelled my order. Please be safe and don’t trust these unreliable people

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Quality not up to the mark

Reviewed By Almasshaukat on 22 Jun, 2022

Since Allassignmenthelp claims to have PhD scholars work on academic papers, I had high hopes for my physics paper. However, the quality was below average at best. There were inconsistencies throughout the writing, and it was pretty apparent the writer had no clue about the topic

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Stay away from these liars

Reviewed By Rahulshukla on 08 Jun, 2022

Allassignmenthelp is filled with nothing but liars. Even though they claimed the paper I received was plagiarism-free, I ran it through a plagiarism detector, and the result showed there was 80% plagiarised content from an online blog!” – Samuel Kouma, the USA

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Fake and Fraud

Reviewed By Basilthampi on 06 Jun, 2022 is fake and fraud… I paid $120 for a 12 page history project and all they sent me was an essay… I sent them all instructions but they failed and refused to refund… a complete scam

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