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5 Tricks to Draft a Persuasive Essay that Appreciates Hamlet’s Tragedy

Writing a persuasive essay on Shakespeare’s Hamlet may require more efforts and a better understanding of the text from the essay writer. The article discusses a few tips and tricks that can help anyone draft a decent persuasive essay to appreciate Hamlet's tragedy.

Hamlet is undoubtedly one of the finest creations of William Shakespeare. However, appreciating a tragedy is not something that people do very often. So, persuading a group of people to appreciate the tragedy depicted in Hamlet can be quite challenging. This is where a persuasive essay comes in.

Persuasive essays are one of the most common forms of academic tasks that are assigned to students very often. Such an essay convinces the reader to accept a certain point of view, or take a specific action. Even though it may sound tricky, a few measures can help a student deliver impressive persuasive essays.

1. Choose your position:

In a persuasive essay, a writer needs to convince the readers into believing that his point of view is more valid than others. For that, the writer needs to define his position on the issue. Coming to the topic of appreciating Hamlet’s tragedy, a writer also needs to find his stance. It's not that the writer always has to write in favour of the topic. It is also possible to contradict the topic as long as there are pieces of evidence to support.

2. Understand the audience:

While writing a persuasive essay, a writer needs to have a complete understanding of his audience. It is important to get answers to some questions in order to understand the readers. Have the readers read Hamlet? Do they appreciate Hamlet as a tragedy? What are their opinions about the tragedy of Hamlet? Having knowledge of these crucial pieces of information can help the writer deliver better arguments.

3. Conduct a significant amount of research:

Research is essential for a persuasive essay. However, it’s more than just reading the play a couple of times. The writer needs to go through all the relevant studies and research papers documented on Hamlet’s tragedy. This can help to develop arguments that are more convincing as well as function as supporting evidence. A student can look into the library or ask the professors for previously drafted research papers on the same topic.

4. Prepare the essay as per the outline:

A persuasive essay follows a particular structure. To ensure all the necessary information is placed properly in the essay, the writer should outline its structure first. It generally starts with an impressive introduction. In this part, the writer needs to provide an overview of the argument and reveal his position on the issue.

The body paragraphs need to be used to establish the arguments of the writer with proper evidence. It is also important to address opposing views as well. It means the writer cannot just talk about the elements that make Hamlet a great tragedy. He also needs to address the opposing arguments that advocate against the argument made by the writer. Lastly, a conclusion needs to be written that restate and reinforce the thesis and supporting evidence.

5. Focus on the arguments:

There are a number of ways to present your argument in a persuasive essay. Besides using research evidence to back the argument, a writer can also use analogy, drawing, comparisons, or illustrations with a hypothetical situation to establish his argument. For instance, the writer can compare Hamlet and Othello – both written by Shakespeare, to establish why Hamlet's tragedy is absolute.

Also, it is important to cite the essay and run several revisions of the paper before submission. This will ensure the essay gets better reception from the readers.


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