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Explore the world of BBB market reviews and complaints

According to the journal by, the advantages of consumer reviews are multi-faceted, for B2B and B2C businesses, as well as the marketplaces. For businesses, it is ubiquitous to get weighed by the enormous number of customers they have and the volume of the data they will receive via the product review process. One thing is clear, though, that if businesses take a proactive approach for collecting customer feedback, it ensures they should never stray too far from their customer community's needs.

Collecting feedback, customer reviews, and complaints has many modes, and BBB (Better Business Bureau) is the oldest. BBB’s objectives are: ‘To post positive, negative or neutral reviews about marketplace experiences with businesses, brands and charities from the customers’ end.’ BBB reviews the customer feedback for a business before posting it online and available for everyone.

While collecting customer feedback, businesses do not apply the right mix of the different customer feedback sources and think that one size fits all. For example, as a B2B company, indirect feedback doesn’t generate the kind of data it would for a B2C company. With BBB, businesses and marketplaces can use the data to help investigate their decisions and provide additional information about organisations to help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions.

BBB reviews also allow businesses to demonstrate how they interact with their customers. Other benefits of BBB that enable businesses to stay ahead are-

1. BBB Processes Customer Reviews In An Ethical, Fair, And Unbiased Manner

BBB has a stringent practice when it comes to receiving customers’ reviews. To share something about a business and marketplace, be it negative or positive, consumers should share their proof of authenticity and marketplace interactions.

This helps businesses from dealing with spam feedbacks that mostly come from fake accounts. They can focus on actual customers and cater to their issues, hence improving products and services. BBB helps cater to reviews that require attention, thus making the business process true to its claims.

2. BBB Provides Opportunity To Challenge The Identity Of The Reviewer Before The Review Is Posted

This is an extension of the former point. BBB reviews are only available for and to genuine customers. As the platform does not allow users to post fake or ill-intended reviews, businesses get a 72-hour vetting period to verify if they come from a legitimate source. The BBB team works directly with businesses and the target customers to help resolve their complaints and grievances as soon as possible. This rigorous process results in zero anonymous reviews.

The reviewer will receive an automated email for purchase validation. Their reviews will not be posted if the reviewer does not respond. If the reviewer responds, BBB notifies the business about the feedback via email. Later, the businesses decide to may respond or challenge the review. BBB also sends the submission to the company, allowing them to provide additional feedback to help address the reviewers’ issues.

3. Complaints In BBB Help Businesses Improve Their Practices

The article emphasises in businesses cater to complaints that have been posted in BBB against them. Often told as ‘the right thing to do,’ BBB is trustworthy as it entertains only genuine reviews from real-time users. The majority of non-accredited businesses amalgamate with BBB for responding to complaints.

Many good and popular businesses are BBB Accredited, while many are not. BBB is committed to dealing with reviews and customer complaints fairly and even-handedly.

4. BBB Takes Up Straight-Forward Goals To Address Grievances And Refrain From The Process

By this time, we all know that BBB takes time to assess and review customer complaints and grievances and help businesses take actionable decisions.  The steps involved in time-taking and designed to bring the best product development and decision making in business.

Once a feedback process and company redressal are complete, BBB adheres to an equally systematic approach to sign out:

Resolved = The customer verified the issue was resolved to their satisfaction by the company.

Answered = The business has addressed the issues, but the consumer either did not accept the response or did not notify BBB about the received answers.

Unresolved = Business responded to the dispute but failed to make good faith in the customer.

Unanswered = Business failed to respond to the complaint.

Unpursuable = BBB failed to locate the business.

However, BBB often cannot guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of a review with all these steps. If businesses believe that a customer review goes against their policies, objectives, or practices, they can always explain BBB their position to get an edge over others. Hope this helps.

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