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6 Best Websites to Use for Group Studies

Different students have different learning techniques that help them in effective learning. On the one hand, some are used to and comfortable with self-study. Whereas others are more likely to do group studies. But in this generation of digital media, it is better if group studies could be done virtually. Especially after the outbreak of worldwide Covid-19 pandemic everybody understood the importance of such virtual platforms.

Then again students have different questions in mind like – ‘What is the website where you can study with people?’ or ‘Which is the best website for group study?’.

To get answer to these questions keep reading.

But did you know that you can conduct these group studies from your couch? Yes, all thanks to technology, now group studies can be conducted virtually as well. The list of most efficient tools that help with virtual group study are mentioned below – 


This platform allows you to study with your peers and with other students studying the same subject from around the globe. Any site member can create a group related to a particular topic or subject and invite others who are studying the same thing to join it. One can sign-up for OpenStudy using their email ids. You can view and use the contents available on the platform for your reference even without registering


This is a free platform for students to study in groups collaboratively. The working of this platform is very different and interesting. The service works based on flashcards. It allows students to create and share their own flashcards related to a subject or topic. Students can register for this service using their email ids, Facebook or Google profiles. Students visiting StudyBlue can check the flashcards uploaded by other students on the same subject and make notes.


Thestudentsroom is one of those websites that believe that only one student can help another. This is more like a community where thousands of students help each other out. As because a student can only properly understand the problems and challenges faced by another student. Hence this group study community intends to help the students with their studies using the guidance provided by other students. A student with a doubt just needs to place the query. He or she will get the solutions as desired.


In this platform, students can organise and start their own study groups for free of cost. It provides students with a set of tools that helps students in doing their group studies more vividly and more efficiently. After you sign-up, you get to even participate in the group discussions, where you can ask questions and clarify your doubts. In addition, ThinkBinder gives you features like the opportunity of live chat and whiteboard features.


ExamTime provides a learning environment that allows students and teachers to create, construct, share and discover the learning resources. It helps create study groups for sharing, collaborating and discussing ideas with other students studying the same thing. ExamTime also allows you to use their study planner and create your own study plans. If you are interested, you can create your profile using your email id.


Though this is not entirely dedicated to group studies, its services extend to any kind of group work. It gives its users the opportunity of mass messaging, emails, voice mails, text messages, file sharing, scheduling, editing and conference calling. If you are working on a group project, this is one of the best apps you can use for your project communication. With a group name, purpose and password, you can easily create a group at Wiggio. Once the group is created, you can add members by using their email address to send an invitation, by sharing the group's link with your potential members. It has both free and premium features.

Let's give a look at the advantages of group study.

Advantages of Group Study

  1. Group study eliminates any chances of procrastination. It is because, in the case of group studies, you will have a schedule to follow at everyone's convenience. Hence procrastinating your study won't be even an option for you.
  2. Many educators believe that students studying in groups learn better than students studying alone. For example, when you are studying alone and have a doubt, you have to wait until and unless you meet your instructor to clarify. But in the case of group studies, it can be done instantly. Any of your peers studying with and who have a clear answer to your question can help you.
  3. Group studies can be highly beneficial for you if you are not a good note-taker. While studying with your friends and classmates, you will get to compare your notes with theirs. This gives you a chance to fix any errors present in your notes. Also, you can gain some additional information, which you might have missed out on.
  4. While doing group study, you get a chance to observe the different types of study methods that are adopted by your peers. You can further adopt such methods intending to enhance your learning.
  5. Another huge factor about group studies is that it does not make the process of learning monotonous. Basically, when you join a study group, it contributes to your social aspect. You get to interact and involve with many others of your age. It allows the group members to carry out discussions about their hobbies, passions and even their problems.

So now, if you feel you need to conduct a group session but cannot leave your house, due to whatever reason, you can easily do so using the online platforms. Most of the services are free of cost. But of course, there are premium features. It is not compulsory to avail all of it. It depends on your needs and requirements whether you need to avail the premium features or not.

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