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Effects of the COVID-19 on the immigrant students in America

From the start of 2020, the world has come to a sudden standstill due to an unprecedented medical condition. The COV-19 outbreak has shown severe effects on every sector of livelihood. Many American businesses are at the brink of closing their doors as the banks are curtailing their financial relief options to look out their existence. Layoffs have soared, and the household finances look highly uncertain.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact On The American Education System

Another area which is under a significant state of confusion is the higher education system. Like industries and other businesses, the financial stress on colleges and universities is much evident.

  • The financial impact on colleges:

With fewer admissions, most institutions need to survive the financial challenge as the income will be lower than the actual estimation. Some notable institutions across the countries have started taking precautionary measures to make it through the storm while others have confirmed temporary pay cuts and merging with other institutions.

  • Less international students:

There are colleges in the States that primarily rely on overseas students as a significant base for tuition fees. But due to the outbreak, students would be barred from taking admissions. A substantial number of students would reconsider the decision of international studies and be reluctant to pursue their American dream due to the fallen economic condition.

  • Other financial constraints:

COVID-19 will change the fundraising picture in many institutions. The donations will decrease, and the institutions have to pull out money from the emergency fund. Private scholarships are down as the organizations are cutting short their expenses. So, there will be fewer scholarship opportunities which will lead to lesser admissions.

Covid-19 Lockdown: Implication for the Foreign Students

Millions of students come to the States for further studies and fulfilling their career goals. However, with the hit of the pandemic, the career opportunities look grim.

  • Doubtful career options:

All college and university students are facing a severe interruption in their studies and assessments. If we go by the reports of financial analysts, by the time the final year students' graduate, the American economy will be a victim of the global recession. It will lead to no jobs or fewer job opportunities with meager pay which can damage a student's career.

  • Visa challenge for the new college applicants:

However, for international students, there are other concerns like visas, jobs, and post-graduation plans that require serious attention. Due to the lockdown, the embassies are unable to function, which will impact the processing of the international students' I-20 and visa requests.

  • Restriction of travelling:

In the US, the Centre for Disease control has enforced a level 3 travel warning which restricts non-essential traveling. More than thirty states have issued a stay-at-home order. However, some universities have exempted international students with no housing option from remaining on campus and strictly practicing social distancing.

  • Visa exemptions for the existing F1 visa holders:

US citizenship and immigration services provide special exemptions during international emergencies. Immigration and custom's law will be flexible if you are associated with remote learning. However, the US state has suspended all F and M visa application services. So, if you are unsure about your visa status, consult your admissions counselor soon.

  • No exemption on OPT:

If you are studying the US, you are very much aware of the importance of OPT. It allows you to work in the US up to three years after you complete your graduation. However, you need to be in the country for applying for OPT. Many students are forced to stay back in America as their training program and professional career would be in jeopardy if they leave the country.

COVID-19 is a curse in modern civilization. Despite all the technical advancement, it has brought the world to its feet. The future surely looks dark with uncertainties and complexities. Nonetheless, we all must stay safe and hope for the better days ahead.

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