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How to Get Full Time Scholarship in Australia

These days many students go outside their country for pursuing their dream course from their dream institutions. But affording international courses along with the tuition and accommodation fees is not a matter of joke. Especially in countries like Australia the expenditure is way more. Like it is impossible to survive there for students without proper scholarship plans. Hence, it is very crucial that whenever you  are planning to go and study in Australia you alongside plan ways of availing full time scholarships that will at least bear the major expenditures for you. In this way the entire process will become convenient and affordable for you.

There are various full time scholarship programs available in Australia for international students. This blog will give you an idea about the same and will give you details about how to avail the same. the scholarships discussed here are the ones most significant in the year 2022.

Different Full-Time Scholarship Programs in Australia in 2022

The scholarship programs mentioned below are not necessarily funded by government. Some of them come under government funds whereas others are funded by the colleges and universities themselves. These scholarship programs will surely ease out your financial burden in the foreign land.

Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)

This scholarship is funded by the Australian Foreign Affairs and the Trade Department. This scholarship is eligible for students who come to Australia from the developing countries to pursue their education at various colleges and universities of Australia.

Endeavor Scholarships for Postgraduate Degrees

This scholarship program is available for students willing to pursue master’s degree of PhD in Australia. this scholarship does not only cover tuition fees but also offers monthly stipends. Moreover, it is enough to cover up insurance policies and allows slight travel allowances as well.

International research scholarship by the university of Sydney

Students willing to pursue research-based courses in Australia at university of Sydney are eligible for this particular scholarship. It covers tuition fees as well as certain living allowance. This scholarship is valid for a period of 3 years at most.

Scholarship by university of Melbourne

This scholarship is awarded to students with excellent academic scores. It covers tuition fees and living allowance. This particular scholarship is for students who are willing to pursue research-based courses from Melbourne university.

International postgraduate research scholarship

Students who want to do postgraduation from Australian universities can avail this scholarship. It provides for tuition fees and funds for health insurance.

There are many other university specific scholarships available in Australia offered by othere renowned universities situated in the country.

Now if you have a question about how you can avail these scholarships, refer to the below mentioned points.

How can you avail scholarships in Australia?

The following tips will help you get through scholarship programs in Australia:

Read the criteria

First and foremost read the criteria of applying for a scholarship programme. Make a list of all the required documents. Note the deadline and make sure to submit the application within the deadline. Additionally keep a note of the word limit. Abide by all of it to not give any chance to the authorities to disqualify your application. In case you have any doubt regarding the procedure, immediately contact the concerned authority. Do not assume anything and take some decision. Be clear with each and every step that you take.

Participate in community life

Australian universities give major priorities to students who have their contribution towards their community. Besides having high academic scores if you can show your participation in community services or in groups, clubs and sporting teams it would work in favour of you. You will automatically be given preference  over other candidates applying.

Too much is never enough

Try and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Australia provides international students with a lot of scholarship opportunities. Make the best use of this opportunity and apply to as many scholarships as you can.

Make your application flawless

Your application for the scholarship plays a major role in you getting the scholarship. Pay extra attention while you prepare your application for the scholarship. Write to the point, do not making it boring. Proofread the application multiple times to eradicate all the errors and flaws from it. The closer to perfection the application is the better are your chances of getting the application.

You can either apply for the scholarships via online portals or via mail. If applying via online portals, visit OASIS or Online Australian Scholarships Information System. Register there and answer a few questions to prove your eligibility for the programme. Remember that once submitted you can not edit your application, so be careful.

You can also apply for a scholarship programme via mail. Please check the proper contact information and if available obtain a hardcopy of the application form or any other templates available. Fill up the hardcopy of the form and add the supporting documents as required and mentioned.

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