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Impact Of Covid-19 On International Students In Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented losses to human society. Governments are following lockdown measures, and every aspect of a country’s infrastructure is struggling to cope with these harrowing conditions.

Canada, a hub of international education and a favourite destination of students around the world, is reeling from the viral outbreak. International students are facing repercussions of the pandemic’s effect on the country’s economy. The detrimental impact of Covid-19 on the lives of Canada’s foreign students is narrated in the few excerpts below.

How Covid-19 is affecting foreign students in Canada?

  • Bleak job prospects & financial uncertainties

Financial and employment struggles are their two biggest worries. Many fear their monetary savings will dry up eventually unless things get back to normal fast. Sophomores and final year seniors are lamenting heavily on losing out on the summer internships and job recruitments.

  If the lockdown continues into the next season, many international students will be in serious financial troubles.

  • Classes deferred indefinitely

Students face severe disruption in their academic activities with mandatory closures of all educational institutions and cancellation of examinations. International students face the dire scenario of study permit expiration unless authorities take some drastic steps.

  • Looming unemployment

A large percentage of international students work part-time to meet several financial needs. Most live on a tight budget and are heavily dependent on their part-time jobs.

Now, with businesses shut down and laying off employees, it’s a nightmare scenario for most. Students are worried to death about meeting their living expenses. Many are asking their families back home for help in these desperate times.

  • Uncertain professional future

There is considerable uncertainty in the employment sector in Canada. Anxiety has spread amongst many students in the international community as they are unsure of what’s next. Companies are unlikely to carry out any recruitment in the immediate future.


  • Debilitating mental distress

The present bleak scenario is taking a heavy toll on many international students. The contagious and deadly nature of the virus has everyone tensed about their families and conditions back home.  Their plans have been thrown in disarray, and all the negativity is affecting them personally.

Many colleges and universities are closing down their residences gradually. Students from other countries are facing displacement fears as they wonder what

  • Undue exemption from emergency measures

The Canadian Government’s Emergency Response and Emergency Student benefits did not extend to international students. The international student contributes billions of dollars to the country's economy, and they are the ones in need the most right now. Many eminent personalities & student associations are petitioning for a change to the government’s response plan

The situation is genuinely bleak as the country's economy faces an impending recession.

Yet, despite the dreary forecasts, the country is striving to help out those in need.

The fight continues as the Canadian government, in hand with the country's educational institutions, offers renewed hope to students from abroad.

The Remedies to the Rescue

  • The government revised its Emergency Response Benefits to international students with valid study permits
  • Students having valid study permits, but currently out of Canada, can complete 50% of their course programs online.
  • Institutions are offering classes via several virtual student services to make sure that international students do not lose their precious time.
  • Every educational institution is conducting its classes & course programs in the online format. Authorities are instructing international students on their official websites to go online and carry on with their courses. Students are adapting to online classes, and distance learning measures and graduates are working with their counsellors to pull through the current employment troubles.
  • Governments, in talks with universities, are extending study permits for the duration of the lockdown to facilitate students from other countries.
  • Government guidelines ensure that online delivery of classes will not hamper an international pupil’s eligibility for Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  • The work hour restrictions of enrolled International students have been lifted, but only for those who work in critical & essential service.
  • The country is intending to recruit thousands of international students in the country’s fight against the contagion. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced that students could begin working full-time immediately while following the preventive measures.

As the battle against the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the international student community is working hand in hand with the Canadian government and progressing towards the light at the end of these dark times.

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