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5 Ways To Use Instagram Customer Reviews For Maximum Impact

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the present world with an active user base of millions. Highlighting customer reviews on the app is a vital factor in attracting new audiences and building trust.

Many shops and businesses start small on Instagram. Without any loyal customers, you cannot expect to get any sales and sustain the business. People need to confirm that your services are legitimate before they can trust you with their hard-earned money. This can only be possible when you figure out how to use customer reviews on Instagram.

How To Use Your Customer Reviews Effectively?

Out of all the social media apps available, Instagram has the best potential for you to build your online business. However, credibility is vital for any online store. You must show your potential customer base that you are trustworthy enough not to scam them for their money. You can do this easily by following five simple steps.

1. Take advantage of Instagram Stories

People tend to click on Instagram stories more than checking out the posts because it is available only 24 hours. Therefore, it creates a sense of urgency. Suppose you want to increase your credibility among your potential customers. In that case, you can format the customer reviews in the Stories using a unique format and publish them for all to see. You can also include a few direct quotes from the customer to make these reviews seem more authentic.

2. Create customer review highlights

Some people might not always be on Instagram every single second of the day. Therefore, there is always the chance that you will miss out on thousands of potential customers if you depend only on Instagram stories. To avoid this, you can create a Highlights album on your profile page that can store customer reviews on Instagram for a long time. Therefore, it becomes easier for people to view these later. 

3. Use IGTV for video reviews

Instagram is primarily a visual platform where people can view short reels on IGTV. You'll notice that many people prefer to watch product review videos before buying something. Such kinds of reviews are trendy on YouTube. However, those videos can be several minutes long, and people do not have time to watch long reviews. IGTV allows you to post your customer reviews in video format of about a minute long to hold the attention.

4. Create your unique review hashtag

It is convenient for people if they can find your reviews under one unique hashtag. The app separates all posts under the same hashtag, making it possible for anyone to check out your customer reviews on Instagram without much hassle. You can post this hashtag in your profile description so that anyone can find it easily.

5. Use giveaways as a gateway to get more reviews

Giveaways are the most popular form of garnering a lot of engagement on your account. Everybody likes free things, and you can use this to your advantage. Creating a term like "Anyone who fills up our customer review form gets an extra entry in the giveaway" will ensure you get a good influx of customer reviews

There is no better way to improve the loyalty among customers but by giving them the best service. If you leave your customers with a good impression, then the chances of them filling out your review form or creating a video for IGTV becomes higher. However, you should always ask for permission if you intend to use the customers' review publicly, as many might not be comfortable with it.

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