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Top crisis for International students in Australia, 2022

Since COVID-19 took a long march in early 2020, international students have been facing hardship in Australia. According to recent reports, the struggle of international students in Australia is real. They have been going through mental health issues, economic insecurity and trying to adopt new online learning techniques during this whole pandemic situation. Moreover, they don’t have an option to go home or continue their part-time job in Australia. So, surviving in a foreign land like Australia is quite a daunting affair for all international students.     

The shocking part is that more than 700,000 students from all over the world are completing their studies here. But, according to official data, the number of new international students starting at Australian colleges and universities has nearly halved in 2022. This is one of the most significant losses for Australian academic institutions too. This country has already accounted for a massive loss of economic turmoil in the academic area, and there is no question that the pandemic has decimated the education sector drastically. 

Top crisis for International students in Australia, 2022

2022 has come up with many difficulties where more than 130,000 people rely on the international education sector in Australia. In October 2020, the figure of new arriving students had fallen by almost 99%. It is massive. Now, let’s highlight the reasons here:

Delay admission process

Shocking, but the truth is if the pandemic is over by this year, international enrolments will recover with excellence in 2023 in Australia. Unfortunately, it will take more than five years for the Australian academic sector to heal the whole 2019 enrollment. Likewise, it will take more time to recover the stock market. As you know, Australia is one of the hot destinations for international students, and students wait to come here to finish their academics right after their school education. But, now the scenario has changed 360 degrees, and students are returning because of uncertainty and academic insecurity factor. 

Many marketers even stated that Australia may not recover their share market position in the academic area in the longer run. Africa is the country from where students come to Australia for higher studies. Most of the placement companies in Africa are now advising students enrolled on other universities rather than Australia. So, the delay of admission in Australia is the main obstacle for new international students. 

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The educational agencies are recommending that Australian visas be given to students virtually, and it will be applicable once the borders open later in 2022 or 2023. So, the academic future is uncertain here. Whereas Australian government strongly encourage all students to start their higher education online as they are also waiting for the situation under control. But, there is also a further warning of delays in the admission process. 

At any moment, if the pandemic hit again- the boundary will be close shortly. That is why the COVID vaccination is a critical factor for all international students. But, unfortunately, by the World Data report, less than12% of eligible people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Australia. Indeed, reopening for foreign students vaccination drive will take more time than they assume. 

Accommodation crisis 

Most of the international students are involved with various part-time jobs in Australia. However, due to the lockdown situation, many students had lost their sustainable job last year. So they face a terrible financial crisis in a new land like Australia. Students barely survive with little money there and have to leave their academic careers in the mid of the session. As an international student, you need to know the details by which you meet daily expenses. Even if your family supports you, you have to provide details that you keep Australian accommodation. 

Changing timelines 

Suppose you get your virtual visa and clear the documentation process, but would you be able to do the online classes? Not every student can’t make it happen. New students put some new blame on universities that they are making false promises for enrollment. Online courses in Australian Universities are suitable for theory classes, not for practical courses. Students from engineering, IT or science background can’t make practical approaches online. That’s a challenging consequence to observe. Moreover, Australian universities offer only 5% scholarships for students, which is insufficient for them to survive in Australia.    

Wrapping up! 

The COVID has already disrupted the academic field in Australia, and now the Australian government can’t promise any firm timeline when the situation will be normalized in the educational sector. Everything seems like an uncertain future from visa procedure, documentation, and genuine temporary entrant to student’s financial crisis. But there is still a ray of hope that the Australian government has assured that when their health sector is now paying off and soon after, they will open their academic doors to the international students.

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