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Comparative Analysis of MyAssignment Help and SameDay Essay

E-learning has contributed to the domain of learning in too many ways. From an online tutorial to digitised assignment writing platform; there are ample benefits available to the students these days. Talking of online assignment writing forums, and get a special mention. Each of the platforms has acquired a reputation based on unique attributes and student-friendly perks. However, there are some critical aspects that need to be reviewed prior to placing an order with either of the sites. This, as a result, will help you out of the clutches of spamming or any other mishap for making a wrong choice.

Now that you are wondering about the credibility of and, here’s a comparative analysis for you to dig. Read through it and make a smart choice.

Visibility on Web

Talking of website visibility, I tried looking for the site by using the keyword “Assignment Help”, and the result is right in front of you.

Source: ranks second in the search engine result page. This is impressive as it indicates the fact that the site has been identified as a popular one by Google.

I tried the same thing while looking for on the web. I used the keyword “essay help” to look for the site, and here’s what I found.



The site is nowhere to be found on the search engine results page. It is either due to the fact the SEO guys need to improve their technicalities, or probably the site hasn’t made a mark of excellence among the netizens till date.

Verdict: appears to be the winner here.

Pricing claims to have a fair price policy. The site offers discounts and other rebates from time to time. Students are also entitled to enjoy referral bonus for roping in their friends and acquaintances to place order and avail services. Most importantly, the company is said to focus on ensuring safe and secure transaction. The executives associated with the company use PayPal, debit/credit cards and online banking to accept payments.

The site displays a separate page for pricing that includes fair categorisation of various plans based on “Premium”, “Standard” and “Limited” schemes.

Deadline Premium prices Standard prices Limited prices
0-6 Hours US $136.9 US $106.9 US $97.2
6-12 Hours US $122.9 US $92.9 US $84.5
12-24 Hours US $114.5 US $92.9 US $76.8
1-2 Days US $106.8 US $76.8 US $69.8
2-3 Days US $103.1 US $73.1 US $66.5
3-4 Days US $99.7 US $69.7 US $66.5
4-6 Days US $96.4 US $69.7 US $60.3
6-9 Days US $93.2 US $63.2 US $57.4
9-14 Days US $90.1 US $60.1 US $54.7
14-21 Days US $87.3 US $57.3 US $52.1
21-30 Days US $84.6 US $54.6 US $49.7
30-40 Days US $82 US $54.6 US $47.3


You can:

  • Book any 6 assignments within 7 days get the 7th assignment for free.
  • Book 4 similar assignments within 3 days get 1 more copy for free.
  • Book three assignments within 72 hours and receive 10% off on 2nd and 15% off on 3rd assignment.
  • Book 2 Assignment within 48 hours; get 10% off on second assignment.

On the other hand, claims to have a promising price scheme as well. The students are entitled to save $40.80 on each order. In addition to it, one can include freebies to their orders. Quite similar to that of, has a well-organised and detailed price page.

You can look through the page and prioritise your order on the basis of “urgency”, “academic backgrounds” and more.

1 hour $37.86 $39.83 $42.12 $46.38 $48.51
2 hours $34.26 $36.22 $38.52 $42.78 $44.91
20 days $8.77 $10.87 $13.33 $17.89 $20.17
14 days $9.82 $11.93 $14.38 $18.94 $21.22
10 days $10.52 $12.63 $15.09 $19.65 $21.92
7 days $11.31 $13.28 $15.57 $19.83 $21.96
5 days $12.46 $14.42 $16.72 $20.98 $23.11
4 days $13.44 $15.41 $17.70 $21.96 $24.09
3 days $14.75 $16.72 $19.01 $23.27 $25.40
48 hours $16.55 $18.52 $20.82 $25.08 $27.21
24 hours $21.47 $23.44 $25.73 $29.99 $32.12
12 hours $25.24 $27.21 $29.50 $33.76 $35.89
6 hours $28.68 $30.65 $32.94 $37.21 $39.34
6 hours $30.65 $32.62 $34.91 $39.17 $41.30


Apart from that, the website facilitates a personal bonus. As soon as an individual sign up with the platform as a new customer, he/she will be given access to a virtual money account. They can use the portal to utilise personal bonus after placing the first order.

Verdict: It seems that and are both on the same page as far as pricing schemes are concerned.


The digital academic assignment writing platform comprises more than 5,000 writers. The team includes academicians and subject matter experts holding scholarly degrees in subjects such as Management, Law, History, English, Humanities, Engineering and more. If you visit the “Experts” page on the website, then you will be able to find a complete list of the writers’ bio. You can sort out, categorise and hire writers on the basis of “locations/countries”, “number of completed orders” and “client ratings”.


The brand claims its writers work dedicatedly and focus on writing each paper from scratch. Producing quality essays on time is the utmost priority of the writers associated with You can make payment and start communicating with the assigned writer anonymously without paying anything extra.

Moreover, the site claims to have a team of writers holding verified degrees in more than 35 academic sub-disciplines. The forum does not entertain the presence of any undergraduate writer or college dropouts in its team.

Verdict: seems to have a better range or diversity of writers belonging to different academic institutes and reputable universities across the world.


Both and has acquired the reputation of being advantageous for students due to a lot of factors.

The brand proves to be advantageous and extremely helpful for the students due to the following features.

  • You will get to avail digital assistance from a team of more than 5,000 academic experts.
  • The assignment writing site is said to offer 100% plagiarism-free solutions, verified via advanced tool and apps.
  • You can enjoy the option to request a callback without paying anything extra.
  • You can enjoy access to various assignment samples for free.
  • The assignment samples come in downloadable formats for all prospective users.
  • You can also enjoy reading through academic blogs without paying anything extra.
  • The brand is widely known across all major countries such as Australia, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia, UAE, Sri Lanka and more.
  • The company offer academic tools such as plagiarism checker, referencing generator and word counter for the users to utilise their potential for free.
  • com is available across all major social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and more.

Even has its fair share of key advantages and student-friendly features in store. Let’s take a look at the same.

  • You can call toll-free support hotline and get in touch with the executives live, directly on chat or Facebook messenger.
  • The site claims to keep your data safe. All potential clients are entitled to be a part of the user integrity and privacy policy, powered by Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • You can use the promo code first15 to avail 15% off on our first order.
  • APA, MLA, Chicago, APSA, AMA, ACS and IEEE formatting in the essay papers come from free.
  • The writers offer a 14-day revision period without charging anything extra.
  • You are also entitled to receive title page and bibliography in the essay for free.

Verdict: Even though each of the sites has its unique range of features available, stays ahead of the race. It has unique features, such as free blogs and assignment samples.



The aspect of solution deliverance seems promising for both and

Verdict: It’s a win-win situation for both and

Final Words

We would like to mention that both of the websites hold great potential as academic writing help platforms. But, seems to stay slightly ahead of the race with better web visibility, exclusive features, 5000+ academic writers and a wider diversity of services.


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