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How to Write Informative and Persuasive Product Descriptions?

The marketing copy that describes what a product is and why it's worth buying is known as a product description. A product description aims to give consumers enough detail about its features and benefits to make them want to purchase it.

However, both entrepreneurs and advertisers are prone to making a common error when writing product descriptions. And experienced copywriters make this mistake from time to time: writing positive reviews or negative reviews that are nothing more than a rundown of your goods.

Why is it incorrect? Since great product descriptions are essential for selling your goods to real people, they must be added to your product pages. Not only serving as information dispensers for search engines, but again, of course, search engine optimization cannot be optional.

Let's look at nine easy ways to persuade visitors to your online store with compelling product details.

Concentrate on your target customer

When you write a product description with a large number of potential customers in mind, your explanations become ambiguous, and you end up speaking to no one at all.

The great product descriptions speak clearly and personally to the target audience. As if you were talking with them, you ask and answer questions. You get to pick the terms that your ideal buyer will use.

Consider how you would talk to your potential customer in person if you were selling your product in a shop. Now try to integrate the language into your ecommerce site to have a more meaningful conversation online.

Benefits that entice

We get excited about individual product features and requirements when we market our products. Our business, website, and products are all part of our daily lives.

The problem is that our potential customers are not as concerned with minor information. They want to know what is in it for them and how it can help them solve their most challenging problems. That is why you must emphasize the advantages of each function.

Tell the Whole Story

A good product description should provide all pertinent information, persuade the customer of its advantages, and be emotionally engaging. Feelings influence buyer behaviour, so the product summary is the ideal place to evoke them.

How do you go about doing this?

You can do it by addressing any questions or concerns that potential customers might have about the product. Yes, the product description lists attributes, but it also tells the story behind the most important feature: the amethyst. It accomplishes this by emphasizing amethyst's conventional metaphysical benefits. It focuses on the various applications of the ring, making it easy for the consumer to envision himself or herself wearing it.

Use Natural Tone and Language

Does your explanation sound like a real conversation you would have with your friend if you read it aloud? Or does it sound like a string of words created by a computer?

If your product description does not sound like something you would tell a friend about the product, it's time to breathe new life into it. Using a natural tone, such as the one you would use in a real conversation, will help your customer interact with your brand.

Use Persuasive Words

Humans are instinctively drawn to certain words and phrases that evoke an emotional response. This, fortunately for Shopify store owners, also boosts sales.

By being aware of these terms and phrases, you will persuade your clients to take the plunge and buy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can optimize your content for search engines in almost everything you do on your online store. The simplest way to draw new customers to your website is through search engine optimization (SEO), which is the first step in persuading others to purchase your goods.

Keywords are the search terms that shoppers use to find the product they are looking for, and they are the first step in the optimization process.

You can easily determine which keywords are best for your online store with a bit of keyword analysis.

Use High-Quality Images

Even if you are an expert at writing product descriptions, you will need high-quality photographs to accompany them. What is the reason for this?

Since a product picture, according to 63% of customers, is more valuable than the explanation or even the customer reviews. As a result, the picture itself contains a vital feature of the product definition. The consumer will be able to see all your product's main characteristics if you use high-quality images. They will also encourage the customer to envision herself using this product.

Make Your Template for a Product Description and Test

Even if you follow these eight guidelines for writing sellable product descriptions, you might want to use a product description template.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to product copy. Instead, consider creating your template for a definition. Remember the quality requirements that your target audience be searching for, and make sure that you include them in your descriptions.


These eight rules were developed based on market research and have been shown to increase sales. The key takeaway is that your product descriptions should focus on why your product would change your customer's life rather than pushing your product. And if you can persuade your customers to believe that your profits will rise.


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