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Understanding Review Management- Precise Analysis & Potent Tactics

Reputation management is a vital practice for every business. Irrespective of the sector or the industry, managing and maintaining a perfect reputation is essential for continued sustainment. A good reputation boosts brand value, enhances brand image, spread positive brand awareness and attracts potential leads by the droves.

In today’s digital age, when almost every business needs a prominent online presence and a positive image, online review management becomes a critical aspect of a business’s reputation management.

Let’s dwell a bit deeper into the idea.

What is Review Management? And, what makes it essential?

Despite having decisive product ideas, effective marketing strategies and a formidable reputation, every business must maintain a robust and influential online presence in today's digital world. 

As more and more people worldwide opt for online services for their needs, market competition is shooting up exponentially. According to WPForum.com, there are around 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites across the globe. Setting up your eCommerce website has become easy with the advent of website building tools, apps and As-A-Service platforms. Every website is vying to make itself known as one of the best in its business, and customers are not just spoilt for choice but often end up at a crossroad of decision making.

Certain vital factors nudge them towards making a particular choice. Online reviews are one of the most important influencing factors amongst them all.

  • More than 91% of online buyers go through online reviews and trust them as personal recommendations. This should come as no surprise for businesses as everyone intends to get the best return on any investment and take every step to ensure that.
  • Online reviews are akin to word-of-mouth in the digital world. Potential customers look forward to knowing more about a product or service from an authentic source. And it's the same for any business, B2C and B2B.
  • Tweets, social media posts, on-page ratings, review site comments and comments- anything can become an online review. Businesses cannot exert direct control on several such third-party & independent information sources.

Review management comes into play in such cases. Effective review management won’t just be able to influence customer decision but also impact a business's financial success.

Online review management is all about improving and maintaining the public perception of a company across every potential marketing channel. Google Business Reviews, Facebook posts, Trustpilot ratings- consumers of today use various sources to learn more about a brand. Substantial third-party information influences buyer behavior, making online review management a crucial managerial practice.

The importance of review management can be summed up by the four points below:

  • Review management allows businesses to promote the good and fix the bad. Review management is an essential aspect of boosting brand value, image and overall reputation.
  • Monitoring customer feedback is an excellent way to find out their likes & dislikes and current market trends.
  • Managing and responding to reviews shows customers that you care. According to Sprout Social, no or poor response has a detrimental impact on customer retention, while a great one can win over their hearts with ease.
  • Proper review management can turn every comment, review, rating, social media post, impressions, etc., into a free advertisement, amplifying brand reach and awareness.

Potent Review Management Tips To Boost Brand Value

Review management is crucial to maintaining and promulgating a solid online reputation. So, what encompasses effective online review management?

  1. A simple way to enhance one’s online brand reputation (and reviews) is to offer your customers the best quality of service. Offer them value and make sure of a flawless customer experience. Avoid overselling and build a genuine online perception that matches reality.
  2. Dissect existing reviews, understand customer expectations and strive to exceed them. Find out what your customers are raving about your business and what shortcomings they are pointing.
  3. Respond to review as much as possible and do so in a calm, collected & professional manner. Treat all feedback with respect and consider them vital inputs from the most critical aspect of your business, the customers.
  4. Analyze negative reviews closely to discern their authenticity. Respond with decent, well-structured comments if the review is genuine and assure the client that you will look into the matter.

In case of a fake review, respond with authority and warn them of further investigation & stern disciplinary action.

  1. It is important to remember that review management is not just about responding to each & every review. Assisting customers with accurate information about your services, providing proper customer support, attending to their demands, meeting their expectations and providing quality services will automatically boost customer experience.

That's straight-up perfect review management right there!

  1. Know your business in and out, from its customer base to the public perception. Take an honest look at your brand and business. Focus on your most loyal customer base and find out why they swear by you.
  2. Take a look at what the new lot are saying about you and work on their feedback. Showcase your best features to the new crowd. Brainstorm on new features, services or products to meet the expectations of the new customers. Ask your loyal client base for feedback on the new features to determine their effectiveness.
  3. Treat reviews like treasure. A genuine review can deliver insightful information about the market performance of your business.
  4. Use negative feedback to find & mend your faults. Never fear the feedback but use it to make yourself stronger.
  5. Use genuine positive reviews to promote your business by syndicating it across multiple marketing channels such as review sites, social media platforms, search engines and the like.

 Your reviews should reflect the reality of your business. Always be honest in your review management strategies, even while tackling a barrage of fake ratings & comments. Never resort to dishonest practices but use your skills & dedication to take your business sky high!

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