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Students Feedback on Yay or Nay?

Students face many a stumble in academics when they pursue higher studies in the esteemed higher education institutions all over the world. Keeping up with the high expectations of the professors and going by the strict scholastic guidelines for composing all their academic assignments sometimes prove to be a handful for most of the students. Moreover, at such a buoyant time of their lives, it is quite natural of them to neglect their studies for a while when they want to enjoy a weekend with their friends or go for some hiking trips that make looking back on their youth worth their while when they reach the ripe old age of 70. These are just some of the reasons that the students choose to rely on the professional academic writers to do their college and university assignments. Many such online academic help websites thus offer their services to the students in need of assignments for their college or university papers. has long been a trusted name among the students for delivering impeccable assignments well before the deadlines. The website has been providing its wide range of academic writing services for over a decade to the students studying in the reputed colleges and universities. Made popular among the students and their peers mainly through the glowing reviews and recommendations, continues to be the one-stop solution that most students turn to for all their scholastic needs. We bring to you what the students have to say about the services of, including how much they rely on it and how likely they are to recommend it to their friends and classmates.

What makes reviews so important?

Before we see what the students have to say about the services of MyAssignmenthelp, let us understand what the hullabaloos about reviews are. Nowadays, the ruling trend among consumers, according to studies by leading market survey companies, is recommendations and reviews. The consumers follow a trend of opting for the products or services receiving plaudits online from other consumers. Word of mouth has taken a new twist in the era of modern telecommunications technology and reviews are thus in vogue that influence consumer behaviour to a great extent. Let us get a glimpse of what makes reviews so important in the modern advertising realm.

  • A recent market survey by a leading brand management agency reports that over 90% of the smartphone users first search the Internet for a product or service they are interested in, and that affects their consumer attitude
  • BrightLocal surveys reveal that a whopping 88% of the customers rely on online reviews before making a purchase online or offline
  • 72% of the consumers admit that they decide on the positive about purchasing a product or service that they read good reviews about online
  • Online reviews are the best way of knowing about the expectations of your customers so you can improve those aspects of your business or service that they feel have some scope for modifications or improvement
  • Reviews and star ratings form a considerable portion of evaluation and measurement for SEO, giving your brand a stable customer loyalty support and help create credibility for your product or service among them

Students’ take on

On careful perusal, we found that is one of those websites where there is a high amount of traffic all through the day and night. It is thus no surprise that it will have a long list of reviews from their students who availed their services. Reviews posted daily about the services of give us a clear picture of the reliability and credibility of their claims as well as the quality of their services. Here are some of the reviews posted by students about their perspective and its services.

  1. Amazing quality, great precision! Fabulous work, guys. You have been a total saviour. I was deeply troubled and stuck with a difficult topic for my economics assignment due for submission. Your timely delivery rescued my grades. Keep up the good work!

– Luke Traylolr

  1. I got my history essay right on time, but it required a few revisions. The revised essay that you sent was truly wow and managed to impress my professor. Must recommend to my friends too.

– Natalie Wright

  1. Not impressed at all – the content required two revisions and was still not up to the mark. Your value-for-money and timely delivery claims are absolutely trashy. Overpriced and disappointing, I would wish to steer clear of you in the future.

– Greg Simmons

  1. Marvellous job, mates! I thought no one could save me from flunking that financial accounting paper until I heard about you from a classmate. Believe it or not, I got an A on that paper! Heaps of thanks and cheers for having my back, guys. Top-notch services, thumbs up!

– Henry Jones

  1. Good quality of assignments, citations and all were there on point. Although, why is the price list not visible to all at first? Some of the navigation features on your website could do with some improvements here and there too. No complaints about the content though, just make the site tad better, and you'll rock!

– Jessica Flynn

There are reviews galore from the students who have availed the services of, and we have compiled all of them to create an extensive report on each aspect of their services and what the students have to say about them.

Overall expert report on

Compiling all the reviews for, we prepared an expert report that assesses each aspect of their services according to what the students had to say on each of them. Our team of experts went through each review and analysed them to prepare a thorough report highlighting the key aspects of the services that offers. We have also assigned a star rating to the website based on the student reviews at the end of the report. Here is an overview of what the students have to say about and its services.

  • Precision and quality

Over 90% of the students were pleased and content with the assignment they received from in terms of precision and quality. On reviewing the reviews, our experts found that the students remarked about the proper citation and referencing format in each of the assignments that followed all their academic guidelines to the T. The content was also original, according to over 97% of the students, and was relevant and accurate in answering the assignment question properly. Most of the students had thus benefitted as far as their studies are concerned when it came to submitting the assignments that they received from

  • Maintaining deadlines

Sticking to deadlines is usually a problematic issue for most academic writing service websites, but is not one of them. Apart from very few stray cases, is famous among the students for their timely deliveries. Many students recount how they were worried they might not receive their assignment on time, only to be relieved when it arrived hours, and sometimes days before the deadline that they had set. As far as maintaining deadlines are concerned, has been successful in ensuring, if not 100%, but at least 98% customer satisfaction.

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  • Pricing

Pricing is one aspect has received mixed reactions from the students. Most are of the opinion that all the prices are quite affordable and the discounts and cash backs actually let them get a completed assignment at a really low price. But some complained that they felt the assignments were priced too steeply. would also do well if they displayed the price lists separately from the order placement portal, as the full list of prices is not visible until you place an order, according to the reviews. As far as the pricing goes, most students are happy with the rates at which they get their assignments done at

  • Support system

The online support system has been highly lauded by all the students who posted reviews about, and it is one of the stellar features that make the website stand apart from the rest of the academic writing websites. All the students who mentioned the support system in their reviews had only good things to say about it. The reviews revealed that the students were especially pleased with the prompt replies, efficient solutions and the courteous behaviour of the online support staff at

  • Ease of access

While most students were happy with the payment gateway and secure payment methods, most among them complained about the site navigation features. Reviews tend towards saying should have improved navigation features that lets students discover what they need in a jiffy and lets them surf the site with ease. Site navigation and ease of access are seen as recurrent issues with the students as some of them who posted glowing reviews also pointed out this factor that could be improved for the betterment of the website.

Expert star rating to sum it up

Adept at judging the quality, authenticity and nature of the online reviews, our team of experts have thus assigned a certified star rating for the academic writing services offered by As per the reviews received from the students about the various services that this website offers, we have assigned a star rating of 4.3 out of 5 for We have gone through all the reviews and then assigned the star rating keeping in mind both the positive and negative aspects about the website. On reviewing our report, the experts thus recommend the star-rated to all the students in need of express academic solutions for any kind of assignment on any topic.

Are you puzzled about which academic writing service to rely upon for that tricky assignment? Visit and settle your doubts once and for all.

We are the most trusted reviews website for putting an end to all your doubts. We know how odd trusting the claims of academic websites can be, and that is why we bring to you the reviews for each of them – all in one place! You can log on to to learn about all the academic help websites and read hundreds of authentic reviews curated from the students who speak of their first-hand experiences. Going through the reviews on our website, you can learn about the various aspects of the services of each of these websites – such as the promptness of deliveries and quality of content – and make an informed decision about who to entrust your assignments with. We know how dear grades are to you, so we are happy to help you with the initial decision-making process through our reliable and authentic review services for all the academic writing websites on the Internet. The following are some of the best features about our review services that have helped hundreds of students decide which way to go.

  • 100% authentic reviews
  • Thorough assessment of all the services for each website
  • Customised ranking and rating system
  • Recommending the best websites based on the student reviews as we care about your studies
  • Latest software support for filtering reviews
  • Cutting-edge technical expertise for selection and publication of reviews
  • Internal quality control team to manage the reviews
Helping scores of students choose wisely for a long time, is the go-to option when in doubt about academics. With us, you can be assured of doing away with all your doubts and worries through recommendations and reviews featured on our website.

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