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4 Reasons Why Germany Offers Free Education to International Students?

Free education in Germany? Yes, you read that correctly. In 2014, all tuition fees were abolished at the public universities in Germany. Thus, both the domestic and international students are exempted from paying any fees while studying at a public university in Germany.

For obvious reasons, the population of international students rose by 7% in 2016. The country witnessed a 30% increase in the total number of students from abroad since 2012. Who would miss the opportunity of studying at the most reputed institutions in Germany?

But how does providing free education to international students benefit Germany? Besides, if you were to study at a German university, what benefits will you receive? Let's have a look at the aspects below.

  1. Future Prospect

It's a well-known fact that the quality of education in Germany is top-notch. If you are planning on studying in Germany, the prospect is extremely promising. If you are a student belonging to the science background, you are going to enjoy the research opportunities in the country. More importantly, the department of arts, economics etc. are not too far behind.

 If you are thinking about the future prospects, then you are going to enjoy the educational standard.

  • The course structure is well organized and up to date
  • The syllabus includes the latest modules that are in demand today
  • The college programs are conducive to excellent job opportunities

As mentioned earlier, there are opportunities for everyone irrespective of the educational background. If you belong to the arts background, there are institutes where you can learn and enhance your skills. Moreover, if you belong from the economics background, you will also find ample opportunities.

Are you excited? Your presence in Germany makes a huge difference. On the one hand, you get free education in public universities; on the other hand, you return the favour through service to the nation. The latter aspect has been discussed below in details.

  1. Demographic Void

Now you must be impatient to know the motive behind Germany’s free education opportunities.

Well, Germany has a bigger demographic gap to fill up after the UK and the USA. The population is less in Germany, and thus, the nation lacks skilled workforce. Thus, universities are the only way to attract people from other countries. Almost 374,951 foreign students were enrolled in German institutions for higher education during 2017-18.

According to a survey, more than half of the international students stay back for job opportunities. The study was conducted by the German Academic Exchange Service. Germany is well aware of the brain drain happening around the globe, and wants to provide the perfect platform to the International students for higher studies and job opportunities.

Students, on completion of their courses, join top companies in Germany, and help the organisations progress. As the domestic students account for an insignificant number, it is the International students who fill the void.

Thus, you can imagine you have an amazing opportunity at your disposal. You can either join universities for exploring different research opportunities or get into the top MNCs (Multi-National Companies).

  1. Carrying the Goodwill

Your presence is of the utmost essence to Germany. The nation banks on you to represent them on the global level. The overseas students from the USA and Asian countries are viewed as the ambassadors for generating the goodwill globally. Thus, the free education that the country provides is returned in favour by the students.

There is also another aspect involved in the matter. However, it is associated with political reasons. Following 2006, seven federal states in Germany introduced a modest fee structure. This was done swiftly to remove themselves from the pressure of the public. Finally, in 2014, all the students were freed from paying fees.

Here you have a chance to:

  • Represent the nation globally
  • Share your values with the country
  • Provide valuable input to the companies once you complete education

To all who are reading this, you get a lifetime opportunity to get the best education and carry forward the goodwill to the whole world at the same time.

  1. GDP Growth

Germany provides free education and accepts international students for one more reason. The students from abroad contribute significantly to the growth of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Germany. According to the expert analysts, most of the students get into the electrical, electronic companies or apply for the research position in the universities.

The GDP of Germany was estimated to be 3,386 billion euros in 2018, and the International students have a significant role to play in the growth. The GDP grew by 1.45% compared to the previous year.

While the nation gets to enjoy your service in the growth of GDP, you also take advantage of free education. Eventually, you also get benefitted from working in the MNCs. Some of the salient features have been highlighted below.

  • The high ranking companies are instrumental in shaping your career
  • The companies are a huge platform for gathering information on the latest technologies

As you can see, it's a win-win situation for both Germany and you.

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