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Why Negative Reviews Can Be Good For Your Business In 2022

Let’s Face The Truth; Getting A Negative Customer Review Always Feels Like A Punch To The Gut. After All, Your Brand Is Intensely Focused On Only Developing Products And Experiences That Your Customers Simply Adore. Thus, It’s Never Fun To Receive Negative Feedback About Something You Have Worked So Hard For Countless Days To Create.

A 2017 Study By Power Reviews Confirmed The Growing Consumer Dependence On Ratings And Reviews. 97% Of Consumers Go Through Product Reviews Diligently Before Making A Purchase Decision. 89% Of Them Consider Online Reviews To Be A Significant Resource In The Process.

However, Negative Reviews Are Inevitable. Even The Most Reputed Businesses Of The World Get Them From Time To Time. This Is Mainly As It Is Simply Impossible To Create A Product That Fulfills The Need Of Every Single Customer Who Comes Your Way.

Undeniably, Negative Reviews Are Never The End Goal. But, The Good News Is, There Prevails A Positive Side To The Negative Reviews. Yes, You Heard It Right. Negative Reviews Can Be Just As Useful As Positive Ones To Sway Potential Customers. If You Find It Truly Hard To Believe, Read On Today’s Comprehensive Blog Post To Unravel Certain Exemplary Ways Negative Reviews Can Truly Prove To Be Good For Your Business.

1. Negative Reviews Assist In Making Purchasing Decisions

Know That When Consumers Or Even Businesses Go To Look At The Reviews, They Not Only Look At The Positive But Also The Negatives Ones. Negative Reviews Offer A More Realistic And In-Depth Look Into Your Business. It Truly Provides More Trust Than Having All The 5-Star Positive Reviews.

The Primary Reason Why People Look More At The Negative Reviews In The First Place Is To Find Out Why Other People Were Dissatisfied With The Product. This May Be Shocking, But Most People Often Write ‘Bad Reviews’ Not As The Product Was Bad, But It Did Not Meet Expectations. The Problem Could Be Something As Simple As Sizing Issues Or Even Blurry Images. This Can Help Companies To Make Amends For Future Potential Buyers.

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2. Fosters A Strong Relationship

Consumers Are Incredibly Smart These Days. 90% Of These Consumers Require At Least Ten Testimonials To Make An Informed Decision Before Purchasing. Businesses Are Bound To Receive Some Criticism. However, It Doesn’t Imply That People Will Stop Purchasing Due To Those Negative Reviews. Consumers Tend To Prefer Those Brands That Are Transparent And Straightforward. Bad Reviews Demonstrate More Authenticity To The Visitors.

Furthermore, Quick Response And A Prompt Solution For The Disappointed Customers Don’t Take Much. When Businesses Tend To Communicate With Their Customers, They Establish Trustworthy Relationships. Once They Are Able To Convince Their Customers That They Are The Top Priority, A Solid Form Of Bond Will Be Built.

3. Offers Opportunities To Engage Customers

Negative Reviews Are An Underrated Traffic Source That Companies Never Knew They Had. 82% Of All Shoppers, With The Inclusion Of 86% Under Age 45, Only Seek Out Negative Reviews. Buyers Who Are Going Through Bad Reviews Spend Over 500 Percent More Time On Your Site. It’s Completely Up To The Companies To Capitalize On The Attention They Are Attracting.

Negative Reviews Offer Companies An Organic Opportunity To Demonstrate Their Customer Service. Since These Bad Reviews Are Getting Eyeballs, The Demonstrations Will Have A Diverse Group Of Audience. Thus, It Is Vital To Respond To Your Negative Reviews. It Demonstrates That You Are Involved, Active, And Laboring Hard Towards Achieving Customer Satisfaction.

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4. Receives  Increased Conversion Rates

Negative Reviews Tend To Bring More Conversion Rates Than Positive Reviews. According To Quality Research, Companies With 10-30% Of Negative Customer Reviews Tend To Receive 10 Times More Leads Than Brands With Nearly All Five-Star Reviews. It Is Also True That Numerous People Make Their Purchasing Decisions After Seeing Both Positive And Negative Customer Reviews.

It Is Simply As People Want To Develop A Profound Knowledge Of The Worst-Case Scenarios Of Your Products And Business As Well. If They Feel They Can Deal With The Worst-Scenario, Then They Are Surely Likely To Work With You And Purchase Your Products.

5. Brilliant Opportunity To Improve Your Business

Keeping Your Customers Happy And Satisfied Has Never Been More Significant Than It Is In The Present Era. With More And More Businesses Paying Attention To NPS Scores And Remarkable Reviews, Companies Are Not Only Looking To Grow But Sustain Their Business. It’s Crucial To Comprehend Why Customers Are Writing Negative Reviews Seeing Numerous Startups Failing Every Day.

Thus, Rather Than Puffing Your Chest Out And Being Annoyed When You Receive A Negative Review, Always See It As A Blessing. Take A Lesson From The Negatives To Create A Positive For Your Business.

6. Negative Reviews Help With SEO

Regardless Of Whether Your Reviews Are Positive, Negative, Or Ranging Somewhere In Between, They Can Still Positively Impact Your SEO. As A Matter Of Fact, Reviews Account For More Than 15% Of Google Ranking Factors.

Even Negative Reviews Tend To Often Include Keywords That Are Incredibly Relevant For Your Brand. It Helps Consumers When They Are Searching For Products. If You Fail To Publish Negative Reviews On Your Website, You Are Probably Missing Out On All The Potential Traffic To Your Website Or Products.

Final Words

No Company Around The World Sets Out To Get Negative Reviews. However, If You Are Faced With Such A Scenario Where You Do Receive Them, Remember They Are Genuine And Honest Feedback From Real Customers. Thus, The Last Thing You Must Do Is Brush Them Under A Metaphorical Rug.

Instead Of Being Fearful Of The Negative Reviews, Start Embracing Them Today. Not Only Do They Act As A Powerful Tool That Shoppers Can Completely Rely On To Make Confident And Informed Purchasing Decisions, But They Are Also Full Of Insights That Can Help You Improve Your Business And Products. 

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