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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Reviews

Do you remember the last time you tried a service without reading a review? Well, none of us either. With the emergence of the internet and the popularity of Google reviews, the first thing that most of us tend to do is to check online reviews before seeking new service or purchasing a new product.

Quality Google reviews are a vital indicator of trust. Ninety per cent of the customers these days read business reviews to determine if the business is trustworthy.

So if you are yet to leverage its key advantages, it's high time to re-strategise as you are missing out the benefits it can give your business.

What is Google Reviews?

Google Reviews is a rating and review platform of Google that provides valuable information about you and your business to the customers. It appears next to the business listing in Maps and Search and helps a business to stand out.

What’s the value of Google Reviews to your business?

For creating online marketing strategies, reviews play a crucial role, no matter what size and type your business is. We've jotted down a few reasons why Google Reviews are so important for you and your business.

1. Builds Brand Trust:

Brand loyalty is the heart of a successful business. Customers stay loyal to a company when they find it trustworthy. Being the most popular search engine, Google is a trusted source of information for most customers.  In fact,

  • More than 90 per cent of the buyers read Google reviews.
  • More than 80 per cent of the readers make purchasing decisions based on those reviews.
  • Over 70 per cent of customers trust positive reviews.

When most of your potential customers are online, quality Google reviews about your business build trust among the potential customers and increases the chance of turning them into sales.

2. Improves Your Local SEO and Visibility:

Even though Google's search algorithms are difficult to understand, Google reviews do affect Google Local Search. Reports show that 20 per cent of all searches have local intent – and it's only growing.

More than 40 per cent of customers search for local products and services using mobile devices. Google recognises those businesses with a high rating and an increased number of positive reviews which in return boosts search engine ranking and improves your online reputation.

3. Increases click-through rates:

When a potential customer searches for something - be it a product or service, a couple of search results appear on the first page. If your business appears in the search result, it’s on your customers to choose whether or not to visit your business. But if your site has good Google reviews, there’s a high chance of you getting the click.

4. Boosts ROI:

Good Google Reviews increases brand trust, raises click-through rates, and increases organic traffic. When combined, it improves your online marketing ROI.

As we have mentioned earlier, over 70 per cent of the buyers trust a brand based on the positive reviews. Informative and quality Google Reviews can help you convert page visitors to customers, thus increasing sales and ROI.

5. Connects with customers:

Outstanding customer service is one of the significant pillars of a successful business. Sadly, unhappy customers are more likely to leave an online review which can affect the ranking. However, there’s also a positive side to it.

A business can't please every customer. Encouraging customers to share their feedback through Google reviews allows you to address their concern and respond to them. Google recognises companies like My Assignment Help that actively connect with customers and meet their needs and increases their rankings.

6. Protects your reputation:

A business's online reviews reflect its reputation. If a company provides low quality services or products, customers will undoubtedly share negative feedback. Although you cannot control bad reviews, you can, however, swamp bad reviews with positive ones. If a potential customer sees ten bad reviews out of 50 positive reviews, they won't question your business. 

7. No-cost advertising:

Google is a humongous platform, so one of its benefits is the size of the audience. If your business has a strong reputation on Google through reviews, you can attract more traffic without any investment in advertising. As Google Reviews significantly influence purchasing decisions, gathering favourable reviews will dramatically improve your sales and expand your customer base.

Reviews on Google are becoming more and more influential. More than 80 per cent of buyers trust Google reviews as much as they trust a referral from a friend. If your business’s Google Local Listing is not optimised and regularly updated, then you are not taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

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