Expert’s Take On Should Students Go For It Or Abandon It?


Expert’s Take On Should Students Go For It Or Abandon It?

How to Decide Reliability of reviews
  • Freya Wells
  • 21/01/2018
  • essay writing websites reviews

This is an undeniable fact that universities pay more attention to holistic applications of the process rather than extra-curricular, hobbies and passion. Because of this, teachers, parents and even students place too much pressure on themselves to perform well in their academics. Researchers say 70% of the students in Australia feel stressed, harried and overly anxious. And 30% of that percentage tends to have suicidal thoughts once in their lifetime. So, this is no surprise that assignment writing services are getting so popular among students. Students are more believing in professionals than their own skills. A recent study reveals that more than 50% of the pupils studying in Australian universities choose to pay for their assignments written by professionals. But sadly, only 27% of students find satisfaction with these services. This blog is also about finding satisfaction with writing services. We have asked our expert to present a critical analysis of a well known Australian website,

A simple search ‘ reviews’ on the internet can get students to numerous review sites. After evaluating all those review sites and feedback of the students, our experts present their own account.

History of this company:

The official website says they have been serving students since 1997. So as per mathematical calculations, they boast a decade of experience in this industry. They possess a team that is ‘fully committed to customer service and the highest writing standards’.

Our experts’ view:

There’s no proof that this has been operating for 10 years in this industry. It could be few years or a couple of years. But there’s no doubt that this company has grabbed the attention of students.


By looking at the site, one can tell that this website provides an array range of services. They provide needed help with essays, term papers, book reports, research papers, thesis, annual projects among others. If students visit their website they will find different tabs dedicated to various assignment types essays, coursework, case studies, research papers, lab reports, math/economics problems, article critique, research proposal, resume writing services.

Our experts’ view:

Undoubtedly, they have a wide range of services to offer to students. But there’ no certainty that they have dedicated to a group of experts for each task. So the majority of the students, who have taken help from this site, comment that the paper lacked expertise. The completed assignments barely showcase the skills that are require to build a particular assignment. In many reviews, students have written that they need to work on their quality aspect. So this website should change their strategy. They should be more focused on quality than the quantity. They might need to change their team member in order to elevate the quality of the papers.


On the homepage of this official website, one can see there is an assurance of meeting deadlines. They say they guarantee timely delivery of the paper. On the top of it, they claim that they also entertain urgent options that start from 3 hours. However, they affirm that quality will not be compromised.

Our experts’ view:

But students’ feedbacks do not match with their words. In numerous reviews, students shared their accounts saying that this company is not comfortable with urgent delivery. In most case, they have failed short deliveries. On the other hand, they do meet deadlines that are not urgent. Numerous students have received their papers on time. And they are happy about it. But the issue arises when they place an urgent request.


This website brags about its quality. It claims it provides the expected quality, so students can complete their coursework and achieve their desired goals. They also assure that the paper will be customized as per the guidelines.

Our experts’ view:

But it is quite opposite of what they claim on the website. 90% of the students, who have taken help from this website, are not happy with the quality they received. On the contrary, they agree on one fact that the content always require revision. But not all of them are major ones. There are a few customers who need some minor changes in their solutions. But there are some students who want major alterations in their copies. But the saving grace is they do take revision requests. Students can send their assignment for revision.


Thankfully, they have a price calculator on the website. So students, whoever visiting this site, can calculate how much do they have to pay if they decide to take professional help from this site. Later, students can decide whether they need professional help or not. They claim that they provide cheap assignment writing services to students.

Our experts’ view:

Anyone, who is interested in taking professional help, would appreciate the fact that they are open about their prices. Anyone, who is visiting their site, can see how much their paper is going to cost. But students, who have actually taken help from this site, do not find this really cheap. The prices can be heavy in students’ pockets. But one thing that students like about this website is the feasible modes of payments.  Students are happy with the fact that they can choose their mode of payment and transfer the money.

So that was our analysis on Now it is up to you whether you want to take help from this website. We felt it was our responsibility to let students know.

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