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I was assigned to write an analytical essay on ‘is it time for more gun control in America?’ I selected this topic from the list because I thought it was a safe game: everything was available on the internet, I just had to use them. When I initiated my research, I realized what a mistake I had done. But I had already wasted too much time on thinking; I was left with little time to start fresh with a new topic. So I decided to use essay writing services for the first time. And it was a mixed bag experience for me.


As I belong to a Southeast Asian country, I always confront hurdles while following lectures, taking notes in the class, understanding the assignment requirements. Therefore, it becomes difficult for me to cope with program requirements or keep up with the curriculum. Assignment writing adds burden to it, of course. So I decided to try assignment writing services for the first time. Since I did not use any assignment writing services in the past, I was little skeptical about it at first. But one of my friends suggested me a name:


I went to the internet and appeared as the popular search result ranked at the second of the first page. I scanned the homepage very carefully. The design was not much impressive, but what drew my attention was they had dedicated a section for sample essays. It took me little time to check them out. You will not find it tough to extract basic information from this site. In a minute, I was sure that this site could help me. As I was running out of time and I had only one day left for submission, I started chatting with their customer care desk at once.


While clicking on the ‘24/7 Live Support’ option, a new window appeared where I was asked to enter details like name, department and initial question. After submitting the short form, the chat window opened. And a customer executive named Henry Chaplin attended me for the moment. Frankly, he was not very capable of answering all my queries. Moreover, he was taking too much time to reply. I asked him about the process of getting essay help service. Sadly, it took me some minutes to understand the whole thing. He then forwarded me the link of the online order form which I was supposed to fill up with specific requirements. It was a long form and needed meticulous details. But I thought it would help them to understand my expectations apparently. The executive assured me that the task would be handled by an expert and delivered to me on time.


After finishing filling up the form, I was asked to confirm the order by making the payment. Thank God, they have PayPal that made my transaction secure. But I was not very sure about making the payment before getting the work done. However, they gave me flat 25% discount on my order as I was a first-timer. I was asked to enter a discount code while placing the order and they deduced the final payable amount instantly. Cool, is it not?


I was relieved at first. But as the time passed, I was having negative thoughts all over again. What if they don’t deliver complete assignment and I miss the deadline. But fortunately, that did not happen. I received my essay only three hours before the submission. Fortunately, I got time to review the content. Fortunate because the essay was neither formatted nor edited by the writer. I had to make efforts to place the title on the page, maintain a margin and double-space between sentences. I went through the written content and found a few grammatical errors and syntax mistakes in the copy. I was lucky that I saw it first before submitting it. I will not give marks to for quality. The essay I received was average in quality, and did not reflect any expertise.


One thing I want to add to the list of things that disappoint me is that they promote no medium to contact the experts directly. I personally wanted to talk to the writer to make him/her understand what writing style I usually follow. But the saving grace was they delivered the order on time, and that gave me time to review the essay. I am not good with grammar, but I did what I could while proofreading and editing the copy. To exclude any chances of plagiarism, I ran the copy under a plagiarism detector that came out almost clean. It had 1 percent plagiarism that was modified by me. The overall experience with was much of satisfactory. But I must say they saved the day for me. When I was clueless about my assignment, they gave me confidence that the task would be accomplished without much of an effort from my side. But quality does matter after all. was not a success when it comes to providing quality assignment help.


A few things I think can do to improve their user experience is that have to provide proper training to their customer executives. What I noticed was they lacked promptness and required knowledge. Although I appreciate the fact that they are easy to contact, many students do not feel confident placing an order or talking to someone who lacks knowledge. Besides the customer support system, they also should revise their quality check policies. In my opinion, they should hire more knowledgeable and qualified experts who boast good writing skills. It will be great if they implement these suggestions in their operations. 

I would like to give an average marks (3.0 on 5) for not meeting the quality requirements at times. But facilities like customer-friendly support, on-time delivery and discount deals had me in. I would give them 5 on 5 if the quality was good. I would not recommend it to anyone, but if you are in dire need of urgent assignment help, this company can help you out.


Reviewer: Phurinut Sritabthim

Writer id: #9148

Date: 19-July-2019

Place: Newcastle.


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This is a scam

Reviewed By Jackson Donavan on 03 Feb, 2020

This is a scam. I ordered an urgent essay. I received an email about the my essay is completed. But I cannot get a proper essay from these people. Just a scam. Do not pay money to these guys. You cannot get your money back. I asked for my money and still no refund. Scam

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Completely disappointed

Reviewed By Bella Phillips on 19 Jan, 2018

Completely disappointed by the services that I received from The report was delivered after the deadline provided by me and the report was full as well as grammatical error. I paid premium amount to get the services however the work that was delivered to me was of extremely poor quality. I think that the quality of the work would have been much better had I myself completed the work. Half of the requirements were not even addressed in the assignment. I am never again using the services provided by their experts.

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average rating

Reviewed By Jessica Glover on 18 Jan, 2018

The services provided by are average. True, the speedy services provided by them helped me to submit the assignment within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my professor and the registration process was really very easy as well as user-friendly. However, I felt that the quality of the completed assignment could have been improved a bit. Most of the requirements were addressed in the assignment but some of the references used were outdated and inauthentic.

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I had two parts to my order

Reviewed By Emily parker on 05 Dec, 2017

When i find a service that takes away all your concerns and issues regarding my assignment, it definitely gives me a sense of relief. Unless, that service provider turns out to be a sham, which happened in my case. I had asked their help for a essay paper, which I received two days after the given deadline that too in two parts. I had to compile the whole thing and got them ready just hours before my submission. Please not again

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poor chat window

Reviewed By Bella Phillips on 21 Nov, 2017

The chat window is faulty, and don't have a real executive to answer our queries. The chatbots could answer only pre-registered answers, so basically they are useless. When I wanted to chat with a real executive, it took them hours to arrange that but they done my assignment.

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not a professional way

Reviewed By Siena Williams on 11 Nov, 2017

Thank you, professional way of answering and on time efficient. However, it is not convenient to the increase my research essay price after payment is done by the customer as you let customer in middle of the way with no choice. I did not like it.

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Please revise the content before submitting

Reviewed By HarryMokare on 28 Jul, 2017

I would suggest the writers to revise the content and go through the assignment thoroughly before sending the final copy. Although the referencing was good, too many silly mistakes spoilt the content quality. Do look into the matter from next time.

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Do you guys know what referencing means?

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 26 Jul, 2017

This company is so bad, so bad that at the end of my essay they didn't do the referencing in the APA format. They just put two Wikipedia links. Now they wouldn't revise my paper or return my money!

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Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

I don't know what to say. I just had about 5 hours left to submit my essay when I placed my order with these guys. The content was obviously not great, but the good thing was that I got to submit a decent paper on time.

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Don’t trust them!

Reviewed By RiCky HarDy on 12 Jul, 2017

They are bullshit, they are creepy people, My personal experience, I tried them twice, and everytime they were unable to provide the assignment. They are weird or more than that. They will charge but not deliver the assignment. So, pleaseeeeee donn't ever give them any assignment... pleaseee.... they are totally fraud.. Thanks

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The quality was below average

Reviewed By Dave Leena on 24 Jan, 2017

There were so many errors in the completed copy that it was impossible to count each one of them on the tip of my finger. The quality of the paper they gave to me was awful!

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Conning people- Real Cheaters

Reviewed By Pattrick Smith on 21 Jan, 2017

My god, I received a plagiarized solution and I thought I was the only one. These people are cheaters who are conning people.

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