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Due to immense academic pressure, students struggle to meet their educational requirements and look for professional guidance. However, most students fail to identify a genuine service provider from the fake. One such service provider is Thanksforthehelp.

We assigned some of our experts to dig on the services provided by them to analyse the truth. If you are looking to learn the truth about their services and other offerings, here are a few factors you must know:

1. Quality Of Service:

The website has 1000+ highly skilled and qualified experts who offer extensive educational service across major academic subjects. They also mentioned on the site that they provide mentorship to students for choosing the right career path. But what's the reality? Let’s find out from the real students:

“I have had the worst experience with TFTH. They promised me high-quality, but all I got a mediocre quality paper riddled with errors. It is the worst website on the internet." - Jack Casper, Sydney, Australia

“When I signed up with the finance homework expert at, I was expecting something extraordinary in return. Instead, I got the worst experience of my life. The writing quality was far from that of a professional. I’m extremely disappointed!” - Katie John, Adelaide, Australia

“I am incredibly disappointed with the services of My parents and I are planning to sue them for cheating us with such poor quality content! Their service is just so horrible. I have to repeat the semester for these cheaters!” - Dailey Johnson, Sydney, Australia

2. Pricing Of The Services:

Pricing is a crucial factor for students. Most students have a lot of expenses to look after in a small budget. Although the website promises to offer help at a reasonable rate with added perks, it's not quite so in reality.

“All these hype over TFTH is just so misleading. A team of bluffs runs the company and claims to provide quality service at a student-friendly rate, which isn't true! All their prices are comparatively high, and their quality of work and service is equal to garbage. - Jackie Bing, Melbourne, Australia

“Before placing an order, the expert had promised me that if I get a "B" in the assignments done by them, they will return 50% of my money. Now that I failed the paper, I demanded my money, but they refused. Such scammers!" – Priscella Woods, NSW, Australia

 “As I urgently needed a professional writer for my statistics assignments, I signed up with They are a group of cheats who just loots students for easy money.” - Peter Jackson, Perth, Australia

3. Mode Of Payment:

Safe payment gateways are crucial so that you don’t get scammed of your money. The website promises easy and secure payment gateways, but sadly, many students have fallen prey to unfortunate mishaps. Our experts, too, were victims of some fraudulent activities.

“ is a con artist in disguise. The website highlights easy payments and generating a valid invoice. But no! I made payment for one project twice; still, they refused to generate the correct invoice and asked a repayment!" -  Jack Wilson, Perth, Australia

 “ is like to the wicked witch of the west! They lured me in with their fake promises and cheated me of my money. Despite making payments, they deny to acknowledge it from their end. I am going to report this website for scamming innocent students.” – Greg Big, Melbourne, Australia 

 "They say it's a hassle-free payment process, but trust me, their customer support team has hackled me. I don't think I would ever recommend this website to anyone!" – Jackson Roberts, Sydney, Australia

4. Additional Guarantees:

We all love guaranteed deals. Whether it's an exclusive rebate or free rework help with unique add-ons, we feel we've cracked the best offer in return for our money. Similarly, promises its students plagiarism-free work, direct communication with the writer, and on-time deliveries. However, reality portrays something else altogether.

“, you guys must be put behind bars for playing with the career of innocent students. I got 92% plagiarised work from your end. Thankfully, I got saved due to my paid editing tool. I want my money back!” – Paola Jennings, Queensland, Australia

 “I dread calculus to the core. I signed up with for quick and quality solutions. Before I signed up, they told me that I could directly communicate with the expert for any queries. After one/two days, I stopped getting updates from the writer, and he wasn't available for discussions as well. Such cheaters!” – Will Frawley, Perth, Australia

“The writers at promised to deliver my urgent assignment within the deadline, but soon after I made the payment, their attitude changed. After pestering them, they delivered my assignment after two days of the agreed deadline.” – Dan Wickham, Victoria, Australia

5. Customer Service:

Customer help is crucial for the smooth running of the business. In this case, students must get support whenever they need it. The website promises round the clock service throughout the year to resolve students' queries, but that's not so. Our experts couldn't connect with the support team, nor did they get any revert of the emails.

“The customer support team at was nowhere to be found when I demanded to connect with the writer as he had failed to keep his word. After two days of calling and emailing, they blocked my contact! Don't sign up with them!” – Daniel Cleaver, NSW, Australia

"They are mostly unavailable, but when it comes to mailing promotional updates, they spam your inbox with irrelevant emails. Not worth the name, time, trust, and money! Don’t sign up with this service provider.” – Angie Gomes, Queensland, Australia

“Why do you claim to provide 24x7 customer support when you are not available after working hours? My calculus paper was full of errors, and I wanted an urgent rework. No one was available to assist me with the task!" - Jack Taylor, Perth, Australia 

Conclusion: proves that no one should fall for false promises. Assignments play a crucial role in determining a student's academic career. Putting someone's career in jeopardy for earning some easy bucks is hugely unethical and shameful. For students who are thinking to hire their experts, we advise you to be wise and take the right step. Don't fall for the fake promises; instead, choose websites that genuinely deliver what they promise.


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