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Website: Headquarter: NA
Pricing: NA Establish: 2017
Size: 1000 writers Serving Country: 2
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa   Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Assignment writing

We are going to put a complete review on covering the following aspects:

Table of Content 
i. Quality of Assignment iv. Delivery
ii. Price Structure v. Customer Support
iii. Offers vi. Refund Policy


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Considering how high the standards of higher education are these days, most students resort to expert help from academic help sites to submit a quality assignment right on time to and score good grades.

TFTH is such an assignment help site among the influx of such websites on the internet. But is it reliable enough to deliver quality for you? Read on to get a general overview of the website as reflected from the student’s testimonials and reviews.

Here is everything that you need to know about the quality and the other factors of the company before you hire their services.


Quality of Assignments


On the homepage of’s website, you will see that they have a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating. Their rating, however, is unreal and imaginary, as reflected from the reviews about them on multiple reviewing forums.

In the following screenshot of one such review, the client terms them as a fraudulent company. He also accuses the company for making him fail a grade, thus showing that the assignments delivered are not up to the mark at all.



Price Structure


Price is a big factor, especially for students with their limited pocket money.

In this front too, the brand has been called out to for being a scammer site by one of their customers in the review provided below.

As you can see, the student complains about the prices being increased at the last moment.

Most online academic sites should have a transparent pricing system, where they cannot exploit the customers. There are other testimonials too that have voiced similar kinds of disappointments regarding altered and additional charges.

Thus, it is safe to say that the company should not be trusted with your hard-earned and saved money.



Offers And Discount


The site claims to have many offers and discounts that are available throughout the year. While discounts sound good, it turns out to conspicuous in several situations when students have realised that the offers are conditional and misleading.

In the following review, you can see that the student has written how even after applying the discount coupon she had to pay the full amount due to additional charges.



Delivery Track Record


However well-written may the assignment be, there is no point of the quality if it is not submitted before the deadline. Academic sites therefore must be extremely professional about punctuality.

When it comes to this site, their claim about timely delivery is not a clean slate, with many students complaining about their delayed delivery.

In the screenshot provided below, the student says that the delivery was not only delayed but cancelled at last moment. This proves that their business practices are completely unethical when it comes to timeliness.



Customer Chat Support


While the site claims that the website has a 24*7 hotline number, the reality stands in stark contrast. “Worst customer service ever” – Those are the exact words of a customer who has availed their services.

Not only is the customer service is bad but they are also deceiving. As written in this review below, they rarely take your calls. So if you need last moment changes in your files, you might just not get them done within the deadline.



Payment and Transactions


On the website, you will see that they have claimed that they use highly secured and reliable payment gateways. We have gone through many reviews about their payment services and students have complained about fraudulent being happened to them.

In this review also, the student calls them “scammers”. The student writes that they ignore messages and their payment gateway is spurious. Their refund policy is very vague too and it is impossible to get a refund from them.



Revision And Refund Policy


Good revision and refund policy is a must for any assignment help site. We have studied the reviews for this site carefully to see what students write about their revision and refund policies and the aftermath isn’t positive.





According to the TFTH review and feedback, TFTH is misleading and almost everyone who opt for their service has a bad experience. After going through all the reviews and feedbacks, we don’t advise any student to avail their services.

As written in the review below, their primary aim is to “milk you” which means their motives are purely monetary gain. We request everyone to be aware of such services and not to fall in their trap.


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Frequently Asked Questions about TFTH

  1. How can I trust these reviews about TFTH?

The reviews provided for TFTH are all fake because their assignment quality is so poor that I failed in my term paper. This happened for the first time in my entire study. Furthermore, they take money for doing the assignments but do not provide us even the solution and ask for more money as they approach the deadline.

  1. Is TFTH Legit?

TFTH is a scam website. They collected my money for assignment assistance but did not provide me with a solution. Their customer service is likewise ineffective. They didn't answer my emails, and when they did, it was only to say that they couldn't help me with my order.

  1. Is TFTH Safe?

No, this company is not safe and is a complete fraud. My literature review assignment received an F. The writer claimed to have updated it, but I received the same paper. I submitted my completed work to my school's writing lab/tutoring. However, the substance received an F. There are so many difficulties with grammar and sentence construction. The additional money you pay for a good writer is also a ruse. I didn't get one of the best writers.

  1. Is TFTH Fraud?

This company is completely a fraud. Please do not waste your money, time, or effort. This is the worst assignment service I've ever encountered. I gave them 15 days to complete my homework, and they did a terrible job, with nothing matching the assignment criteria. Instead, they copied and pasted theories off the internet to give me an assignment that would only receive an N. 

  1. Is TFTH Reliable?

TFTH service is very unreliable, and the writing is of poor quality. For example, I needed a four-page, double-spaced coursework paper completed in four days. They assigned a writer to my order, and when the deadline approached, they sent me a request for an extension. I gave them another five hours. They then cancelled my order without giving me any notice or sending me an email. I will never order from them again. I strongly advise against utilising these.

  1. How I get a refund from TFTH?

Please do not trust them; I requested a review and have been waiting for the file for more than 6 days; the deadline has passed, and they gave a 100% plagiarised solution. When I asked them for a plagiarism report, they gave me a fake report. Then I asked then for a refund and refused to refund my money.

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Reviewed By Prasad Rajneeta on 01 Jun, 2021


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Great work done by TFTH

Reviewed By Smith on 15 Dec, 2020

Great work done by TFTH

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Awesome Service

Reviewed By Smith on 15 Dec, 2020

I got accounting and economics assignments done by them. They submitted it well within the deadline and also were very helpful when I had some queries. Received very good marks and would definitely recommend it to other students

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Nursing assignment done right

Reviewed By Kanas on 03 Dec, 2020

I have done nursing assignment with them. great pricing and satisfactory work.

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Smith 11 Dec, 2020

I have also got great work from them

Unsatisfactory overall.Before order everybody should beware from them.

Reviewed By Shaun Singh on 23 Nov, 2020

Unsatisfactory overall.Before order everybody should beware from them.

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Never go here

Reviewed By Rajesh Kumar on 21 Nov, 2020

Pathetic people, such an idi** agent on live chat! zero% hospitality

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Reviewed By Kamaljot Singh on 19 Nov, 2020

Asked them for helping a stat exam, none of the answers is correct. Although this is the urgent one still 0% correction rate is unacceptable.

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Unreliable service

Reviewed By Bobby Bhatti on 18 Nov, 2020

I ordered a coursework paper 4 pages long, double spaced to be done in four days. They assigned a writer who was working on my order and on the due date they sent me a request for extension. I gave them 5 more hours. After that they cancelled my order without any notice or email. Very unreliable service, low quality writing. I will not order ever again from them. Definitely do not recommend using them.

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Not responsive

Reviewed By Muhammad Riduan on 17 Nov, 2020

I can't describe how bad this service is. Quoted £300 and then went down £160 for a HTML and CSS assignment. Criteria provided including screenshots. Advised it would be ready by Wednesday. Wednesday came. They didn't follow basic instructions. Friday came. Wasn't responsive. Saturday came still wrong. Finally Sunday and it was clearer they had no idea.

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Terrible quality

Reviewed By Claire Katlego on 13 Nov, 2020

My experience is that their work is rushed and sloppy. Some of the "facts" presented in the writing I bought were blatantly false and the cited text did not exist. The rewrites were worse than the original. Also, I found one of the papers I bought posted on I requested a refund but they never replied. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

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Horrible Experience Frauds

Reviewed By Alan Varghese on 12 Nov, 2020

Please save your money, time and efforts. This is the worst assignment company ever. I gave my assignment 15 days prior, they did horrible work, nothing matches the assignment criteria. They simply copy-pasted theories from the internet to give me an assignment which would get nothing more than N. Please never trust them, asked them for a review still waiting on the file for more than 6 days, already past deadline, not ready to return money. In addition, have stopped replying to my emails and messages. Please never trust them. SAVE YOUR MONEY, SAVE YOUR TIME, DON'T BELIEVE IN THESE CHEATERS

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100% plagiarism

Reviewed By F Rodriguez on 11 Nov, 2020

They are 100% plagiarism, they rewrite my paper what was written by another writer online in the same topic, in my case I found the same article online written by another student without citing the sources and when I requested a source (screenshot), I notice they are using a fake source, it cost me $ 130 for nothing I got F for fake sources and no money back according there policy, stay away.

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F paper

Reviewed By Susan asrani on 10 Nov, 2020

Please don't waste your money with this company, they're a joke. I made an F on my literature review assignment. The writer said he revised it, but I ended up getting the same exact paper. I took my finished paper to my schools writing lab/tutoring and I still got an F for the content. So many grammar and sentence structure issues.The extra money you pay for a top writer is a scam as well. I didn't get a top writer.

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Complete waste of money

Reviewed By Baljeet Vipul Sharma on 09 Nov, 2020

There is no discount for regular assignment orders at tfth. And if you still place an order there, you will still get a below-average solution. I have availed their services and suffered. Don't make the same mistake. Place your order somewhere else.

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Bunch of frauds

Reviewed By Salman Mirza on 07 Nov, 2020

Tfth is a fraud website. They took my money for assignment help but did not deliver my solution. Their customer support is also useless. They did not respond to my mails, and when they did, they did not help me with my order.

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