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Is Putting Your Faith In The Services Of A Good Idea?

With the rapid transformation in the sphere of education and all things associated with academics, what has also become evident is the abundance of paper writing services to ward off the academic woes that students often encounter. Today a staggering number of students are opting for these services, owing to the time crunch and multiple other engagements that they may have.

In an era when an entire universe is concentrated within 'smart' electronic devices, gaining accessibility to such services has become easier than ever. Make one internet search for a paper writing service; the search engine will show you a million of results, so much that you will be spoilt for choice. Armed with the appropriate technology, these online services are aiming to eliminate all your assignment issues, and thereby saving your academic performance from degrading.

Now let’s talk about one such prominent assignment service provider called the This website is known to provide assignment assistance to students belonging to different academic levels and disciplines. They claim to offer the most impeccably written papers within the specified time as per the student’s requirements and also have accomplished writers at their disposal. However, some grademiners reviews posted by the students have starkly different opinions on the efficiency of the website. Some students who had ordered assignments from the site have pointed out some obvious shortcomings of this academic service provider website. So today, let's take you by the hand and give you a closer look at how this website functions.

Let’s dive in to talk about the positive aspects of the site.

  • Ease of navigating through the website

When you visit the website, the first thing that strikes you is the simplicity with which the website has been designed. The experts working on the website has taken absolute care that the user-experience of the clients is not compromised with. Every aspect of the website has been organized properly, keeping in mind the convenience of these clients. This makes it easy for the students to delegate their tasks effectively, without getting confused. This user-friendliness has attracted many students in the past to opt for their services.

  • Reasonability of the services

In our observations, we have noticed that the website provides their services at quite an inexpensive rates. All their services are designed keeping mind the budget constraints that many students may face while ordering. This feature also makes the website a go-to online assignment service provider for the students. The website also offers discounts from time to time so that they can cater to more and more students at once. So you can be assured that when you select their services, you will not have to shell out a whopping amount.

  • Efficient client support

It is natural for you to have questions and concerns regarding the services offered by the website. Fortunately for you, Grademiners has employed a skilled team of customer support professionals who make the process of communication seamless and hassle-free. Students have often raved about how the customer support executive has been so co-operative and accommodating while addressing their specific concerns and issues. So if you are considering to place an order on the website, let the customer support team guide you into making the right choice.

  • Easy refund policy

At any point, if you feel that your assignment is not shaping up as per your expectations, you can always ask for a refund from the website. The website has a proper refund system in place to ensure that your expenses never go to waste. The experts at the website have the highest of regards for your monetary resources. So you can expect to get your money back after you have placed the return request.

So, these are some of the best features of the website that many students have often talked about in their reviews. But like everything else in the world, this website also comes with a set of drawbacks that puts a serious question mark on their credibility as an online service provider.

Now let’s discuss some of the cons of

  • Serious issues with the quality of the assignments

When you put the future of your overall academic performance into the hands of an assignment writing service, you would naturally want the service providers to treat your papers with utmost sincerity. And, this is where lies the fundamental flaw of the website. Students opting for their essay or dissertation writing services have often complained about the papers being filled with grammatical and formatting errors. Students have even pointed out that some parts of their assignments are filled with plagiarized content. So if the content of your essay or dissertation paper is your primary concern, it’s better not to opt for their services. Students have also stated that submitting the essay papers prepared by the website have done nothing to salvage their academic performance, and at best they had to be content with a B grade on their papers.

  • Not sufficiently qualified writers

The website claims to appoint over a thousand competent writers who are well-versed with the process of crafting brilliant academic papers. That’s far from the truth. Some reviews indicate that the writers lack even the basic knowledge of how different formatting styles are presented. On multiple occasions, the writers of the website have reportedly shown utter disregard for the student’s time constraint and have asked for deadline extensions for too many times. Also, considering the quality issues that students have faced while ordering from the site, makes it obvious that the writers are not efficient enough to carry out any complex tasks.

  • Zero transparency when it comes to payments and additional services

With the way the field of academic writing is buzzing with various service providers vying for a student’s attention, maintaining transparency while providing the services becomes extremely significant. Students delegating their tasks on have often pointed out about the hidden charges that come with ordering assignments from them. Students have complained that the free services have also been charged by the website. Also when ordering an assignment, you will notice an evident lack of security while making transactions, so your credit card and other personal details may become vulnerable to cyber bullies.

  • Failure to meet deadlines

It is extremely essential for every student to produce their assignments within the date determined by their respective universities. This is one primary reason why many students opt for academic writing services, but unfortunately, the website falls short in this criteria as well. The website is known to frequently miss the deadlines specified by the clients, and the reviews also suggest that the writers often extend the deadline without any prior notice, causing the students the unnecessary delay in presenting their assignments in their institutions.

  • Faulty live chat support

As with many academic services, live chat support is one of the main features that students often look forward to using while assigning their academic papers to a website. is no exception. Even though the website has a live chat support integrated with their interface, on many instances, students have found that it's inactive and barely responsive, so they had to resort to making calls to reach out to the customer service team. So if you consider asking for their assistance on your academic tasks, make sure you directly place a call, instead of relying on the live chat support.

So it’s safe to say that when you are thinking about choosing an online assignment help, isn't exactly suitable for academic needs. While in terms of the quality of assignments and the skills of the writers on the website may fall short, but there are certain aspects that do salvage their reputation of being a legitimate academic service provider. So it is always advised to the students, to choose their services of this website wisely.

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Wish to delegate your academic papers to a professional assignment service? Go through the reviews of at first! has gained quite a popularity among the students as the most trusted forum for checking the reliability of the various academic websites. The website is the largest repository of genuine reviews posted by students from all over the world. The website contains the reviews for almost all the prominent academic service providers and has all the details about how these organizations function.

You can also post your queries or reviews on the website according to your convenience. What’s more, you can also discover less popular but efficient academic service providers through this website. This website strives to provide thoroughly unbiased and trustworthy reviews based on the experiences encountered by the students. Thus, making it the most sought-after review site among the students.

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