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Is it Safe and Legit to Place Orders with let's Find Out

Ever since the concept of online assignment writing help has entered the realm, students across the globe have started relying on the solutions provided by the individual service providers for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they can get the tasks done on time without any hassle. Secondly, the students can also expect to receive assignment papers containing superior quality content created by the professional writers. But that’s not what the scene is all about. Of late several fake and illegitimate assignment writing websites have emerged and are reportedly misguiding students in the name of providing online assignment help. is one such name when it comes to fraudulent activities in the name of assignment writing and solutions.

According to students who had their experience of working with the website, the executives of the firm aren’t that efficient in writing papers with perfection. As per the students, the writers produce average paper quality. It can’t be tagged as something worse, but it’s not good either. More than 68% of students who have availed the writing services offered by have failed to achieve the desired academic grade in the long run. Now it goes without saying that if an individual is not being able to get what he had expected, then the entire idea of availing online writing help services goes waste. The students are of the opinion that the poor writing quality of the writers and lack of enough knowledge to be implemented in the paper made them experience some horrible moments coping with a weakly crafted paper with poor formatting and contextual errors.

Once a student submitted his dissertation project to be completed by the executives at, and the outcome according to him was horrific. Although the pricing aspect was satisfactory for him as they did not overcharged and offered a pretty safe mode of payment, but the paper quality and efficiency of the writers in submitting the task on time was something really annoying.

First of all, the writers couldn’t come up with the right kind of references and citations which were required to be included in the paper. Secondly, the executives of the firm failed miserably in ensuring a timely deliverance of the project. This allegedly put the student in great trouble as he was required to sit down with the task on his own, go through the pages, and correct each of the flawed portions personally. Consequently, the student failed to turn up on time with his assignment submission and had to face a lot of trouble and disappointments from his professors.

Another instance tells us that the services promised by are not really legit and have authentication issues as well. Reportedly, one of the students who got associated with the company in order to get her assignment done by experts didn’t receive the exact services which were promised by the firm initially. There was huge miscommunication between the student and the executives of the firm. According to her, the experts of the company were absolutely out of touch throughout the entire process of assignment writing ever since she had ordered for the paper. This, as a result, gave rise to confusion and anxiety as it was the matter of her final semester grade. Secondly, the firm came up with incorrect formatting, thus making things difficult for the student, as she was expecting a finely crafted paper with the inclusion of every minute detail which is required to make assignments perfect and impressive in the eyes of professors. On trying to reach the executives with grievances, she found them to be inoperative as they were trying to dodge every questions asked.

There’s also a lot of disappointment with the performance of the customer support team available at According to feedbacks and reports published by students, the customer support executives of the firm are not that efficient when it comes to attending calls, providing round the clock support and other assistance. It has also been reported that the executives couldn’t even differentiate between a dissertation and a coursework.

The student has also added that the company’s 24/7 available customer support service isn’t a legit one. They are said to remain unavailable and inactive even during the evening hours. So, I guess it is always better for you to cross-check these allegations and spend enough time in confirming the credibility of the firm before submitting a project. If the student’s allegation turns out to be true, then that won’t certainly be a favorable thing to happen.

As per other reports, the experts mostly try to make things up and misguide students with nothing but lies. One such incident has happened in the near past. A student on coming across the online advertisement and flowery promises posted by decided to submit his assignment, and asked the writers to do the needful. However, to his surprise and utter disappointment, the writers didn’t turn out to be promising enough; neither did they write the papers with care and precision.

What actually happened is that the firm initially promised him to get the task done on time, with proper referencing, formatting and compilation of every genuine fact and figure. But what appeared end of the day was nothing but an absolutely poor quality paper with none of the aforementioned attributes present in the copy.

Later on it was also found that the writers on not being able to write the paper actually ended up outsourcing the assignment. Hence, with an added third party involvement in this matter, the entire process of assignment submission got delayed in the long run. Even outsourcing the project failed to make a significant difference. The paper quality was, however, poor and that ended up ruining the academic grade of the student who relied on the capability of

Once a student submitted his homework assignment, and was literally in a hurry as he was required to get the task competed at the earliest and submit the paper within a couple of days since there were deadline issues. However, prior to the placing of order, the student decided to take a confirmation from their side whether the writers will be able to get the job done within such a short span of time.

When he approached the writers for a confirmation, they appeared to be pretty confident of the fact they will get the exercise done even before the deadline and asked the student not to worry. So, the student felt safe and secured to place order, and made the payment accordingly. As soon as the payment was made and the money got credited to their account, the response from the team of academic writers at gradually started to fade away.

The student tried to reach them via phone calls and live chat option, but they were totally unavailable; they didn’t pick calls up. Then one fine morning, they sent across the task, which was perfectly written, but then it was of no use to the poor guy. He had already missed the submission deadline, and lost a significant portion of his semester grade unfortunately.

Thus, after so many instances of misleading activities and cases of unsatisfactory performance by, it is certainly up to the students to deduce and decide how far it will be reliable to get in touch with the company.

Why would you settle for an average writing firm, when you can still get the best ones? Assignment writing is certainly important and considered as one of the most vital parts of every academic study. So, it would always be safe if the students choose to submit assignments to the experts who belong to reputed assignment writing sites and offer guaranteed on-time delivery, free revision, samples, tutorial solutions, assistance from PhD qualified writers and likewise features.

Are You Confused About How to Find the Most Reliable Assignment Writing Firm? is here to help you with 100% Authentic Feedbacks

Of late it has been noticed that the potential students across the globe tend to feel confused about how to manage working with a reliable assignment help website so that the time and money being invested don’t get wasted in the long run. While there are lots of ways that can be implemented in order to work with the best assignment service providers in town, visiting our site will help you in the best possible manner.

Our executives in charge only allow genuinely posted reviews after thorough scrutiny and confirmation of facts and figures. We have a varied range of websites; the negatively reviewed ones to below average, average, good, better and the best. This will give you enough options to choose from the varied availability of websites and decide the perfect one to place orders with. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So, consider knowing thoroughly about a particular firm beforehand, and then choose to make payments for assignment writing services. For further queries, you can always get in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter.

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