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How to bring back the studies on track after this pandemic attack?

There is a situation of complete unrest and tension due to this ongoing pandemic around the world. It has not just bought death and destruction but shook the entire system of nations. Academic and educational institutions are no exception to it. The regular studies of students have been mainly affected since 2020. Most of them now face difficulties in putting themselves in terms of their daily studies. 

However, one fact is static; whatever happens, life goes on until alive. So, people figured out ways and strategies to make the most of it. 

Consequences of covid-19 upon students

The ongoing coronavirus has completely disrupted the traditional ways of education. Though students enjoyed the closure of their academic institutions earlier, they are on the verge of breaking down today. No one imagined that the lockdown started from March 2020 will last till today and furthermore. 

A large number of students around the world are juggling the education load and their mental health each moment. It has made people stick to the corner of their houses with a laptop and internet connection. Few more alarming implications of novel coronavirus on students are;

  • Making students unsocial and introverted.
  • Affecting their mental and physical health
  • Creating the atmosphere of loneliness and seclusion
  • Students are also having a hard time understanding the lessons online as compared to the physical conversations.
  • Current situation has also bought a depletion in the study timings and quality of education.

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How do U.S. students cope with the novel coronavirus?

Covid-19 has highly affected the mental and emotional health of students in the U.S. like any other country. However, it wasn’t as detrimental in the U.S. as for the students of other countries worldwide. Instead, the USA was among the top 5 countries to respond to the various education alternatives other than the traditional ways. The reason is simply that they have access to the best of the resources and technical teams to adapt to the ‘new normal. 

The USA also comes under the top three most educated countries globally. However, around a 55million of school children and 1.4 billion non-schooling kids were affected in the wave (as per U.S. Census Bureau 2019). But, their dealing and education strategies are commendable. It has set a benchmark for the rest of the countries to cater to the academic requirements of the country’s future. Below-given is a brief overview of alternative education plans adapted by international students.

  • Attending maximum seminars, tutorials and practical classes.
  • Sending and receiving written communication with the mentors, teachers or the instructors in the college.
  • Telling and devising ways to concentrate maximum through the online learning platform.
  • Plant a 24*7 technical team in case of any glitch or error while teaching
  • Discussing how the classes or exams to be most effectively handled in the current scenario.

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What does the Covid-19 oriented research propose for students?

The officials of the USA uphold various research to understand the take of students in the current pandemic. It is done to mark the performance, threats and opportunities of U.S. students after this coronavirus wave.

Online classes:

Research upon the online courses and education shows that it is only beneficial in selected circumstances, including;

  • If students have proper internet connections in their homes
  • Working laptop or mobile phone
  • Teachers are given appropriate training to work in online platforms.

Learning time:

The necessity to do online classes have naturally decreased the learning time of students. Many of them are not able to grasp or sit in front of computers for a longer duration. So, one has to find a way or manage for all the time loss of students. Children also complain about the lack of quality and personalized education in their online classes

Repeated absenteeism:

No matter how hard students try, it is difficult for them to take their online studies as seriously as offline. Also, there is no timing or schedule of the regular classes of students. So, many children are marked as regular absentees since the evolution of online teaching.

Limited tests and examinations:

The ongoing pandemic has also affected the regularity of tests and examinations of students. Children use to have various planned and surprised tests in their schools and colleges. Moreover, these examinations helped them in their self-assessment and personal growth. Bot, with the evolution of online classes, everything has stopped.

So, there are numerable challenges possesses by the current pandemic wave on the academic performance of students. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to deal with. But, students worldwide have also figured out the plans and strategies to cope with the current scenario. However, one must not lose hope and sail through this togetherness.

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