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An Analysis of Students Reviews on - Is it Legit?

With the passing of time, the education sector has seen numerous changes, and they are on a huge scale. Notable among them is the change in syllabus and the addition of new papers in different courses. Also notable is something that is directly connected with this sector but never on the limelight and that is the percentage of students taking help with essay writing.

Today almost 65 to 70% of the students seek for someone who can write their essay as well as look for services that are associated with essay writing. This number speaks globally, and the individual percentage is more from the global education hubs. With the rise in the standards of education, competition is now far more stiff which gave to the rise of these essay help services.                                

The rising demand of the students have given a boom to this industry and hence a single search on the Internet today will lead you to an exhaustive list of the services providers where you will feel lost after some time. One solution to assess how a particular site is to go through the reviews posted on the site.

Reviews are a great way to understand how the services are for the students write their experience when they mention things like which services were good, which were bad, things that need improvement etc. This is quite a hectic task because you have to go through different sites, search their reviews, read them and get confused among so many points.

Would not it be great if you got a place where everything about the reviews is summed up? Yes, is one such place where everything is put together. All you need to do is read and decide. And today we are reviewing one such essay service sites which is

We have found a lot of questions posted on the board asking many questions especially like if the site is an original one, if it is legit, fraud or fake, etc.

Well answering to this, we have seen that the site itself claims that they are legit and they do not cheat the students. As per their words, they are against all illegal activities and have zero tolerance for any action that can harm the students.  Even they claim that students can meet them, interact with the writers, check their legitimacy and how they work etc.

Though the reviews posted in do not say anything about the legitimacy or mention that the is ‘fraud’ or ‘fake’, still there are certain things that the students should know before they decide to take help with essay writing from them. Because we always want that students should know everything before taking a service.

We cannot help but mention at the very first that 98% of the students spoke about extremely poor customer support service. We too have checked the fact that the students can contact the site only through an email. Hence if someone needs any help urgently, it is not possible. Today, time runs fast and hardly does anyone has the time to wait till he/she gets a mail. There are no alternative options to connect with the executives. There is no phone number or the option to chat. Students have repeatedly complained that raising the fact that if a site is based in London, how come it is not possible to have a call number.

Students always seek an immediate response, and this is where they are very dissatisfied.  Some who have managed to find out time and drop an email said that firstly there is a shortage of contact options and secondly the mail service is very poor. It takes a long time for the answer to come when they are expecting something prompt from them. This got the ratings 2 out of five which clearly show the dissatisfaction of the students.

Following this, the rating for the quality of work is 2 out of five. 70% are not satisfied with the paper that they have got from In their words, the quality of the paper was not at all up to the mark at all. Most of the students among this 70% remarked that content quality was very poor. There was not enough content in the pages which clearly showed to them that the topic was not well-researched.

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We found that there were various types of complaints regarding the quality of the papers. Some said that they got papers where the content did not match the topic. It was not entirely different but could have been much better. The papers had repetitive content. Some got papers that did not have proper formatting. There were wrong spacing, wrong page numbers, the table of contents was not properly arranged, etc. Most importantly illustrations were missing where it was mentioned, but the matter was not present.

Few of them complained that even content was plagiarized and they had to face a lot of trouble with it. This is one serious offence, and it clearly showed that the site is extremely unprofessional. This has also raised the question about the quality of the writers where concerns were raised by many stating that they just have no idea who the writers are. They said that the site provides very less information about the writers. They have not mentioned who the writers are, what their qualifications are, in which universities did they study, etc.

There is no comprehensive data answering the questions about the writers. Moreover, the site does not even allow direct interaction with the writers. This is one great negative point due to which there was a rating of only 1.5 regarding the writers. Also due to the low quality papers that the students got, the questions and reviews are even more. There are doubts that have emerged, mentioning if at all the site has proper writers or they are just a start-up business.

The site also does not mention the services that they give, and hence the students do not understand whether they at all give or not. Students have said that they expect different kind of writing services like paper correction service, paper completion service, paraphrasing services etc. Also, they are very disappointed to see that even the site did not mention any information about the academic papers that site does. This leads to sheer wastage of time where the students surf the site but do not understand if their paper can be done or ordered.

We have also gone through few reviews where the students stated about the charges that they had to pay. There were reviews penned down by a good number of students saying that due to the poor quality of the essays that they have got, they lodged complaints claiming for refunds. The site did promise the refunds but did not actually given it. Even after repeated requests and promises, there were no refunds. 

Reviews were seen where students have mentioned that they were charged for the revisions where it was promised that the revision would come for free.

And we have also found few positive remarks as well. Students have appreciated a lot about the timely delivery of the of the essay papers. Though the papers are poor in quality, 80% of the students were satisfied with the delivery performance of the site.  Some of them even mentioned that they got the papers prior the due date which was least expected.

We have seen students complaining about the poor quality of the paper but one aspect they have appreciated, and that is at least the paper had no errors. The papers were free of errors rather. And along with this, they were happy with the pricing as well. The price is affordable and at par with the quality of the paper that is given. And also we must mention that students are satisfied with the facility that payments can be made in installments.

On a concluding note, all we can say is that it is entirely a student’s decision that from whom they will take essay writing service. All that we can do is uphold the facts and figures that will help you to learn about the given services better. This also helps you to choose the services wisely and also raise awareness.

We aim to provide information to the students; information which would come of help to them for we never want any student to take the services and suffer. It is always better to know firsthand all the negative and positive things before you get the essays done rather than get them done first and get to know all the problems later on which cannot be corrected. As it is rightly said that prevention is better than cure, hence it is always recommended to read reviews before the service.

Confused with so many service providers? briefs you all the reviews for the wisest choice

Finding difficulty in choosing the right service provider? Like an essay writing help giver but cannot understand whether the services are authentic? We know that students face a lot of problems while selecting the best service giver. Most of the times, they get confused and land up at the wrong place.

But now that is bringing you all the reviews together, you can be assured that you will get a complete view of how the service provider is. What we do is that we bring together all the reviews that students have written and presented to you in a concise manner. Let us help you out in selecting a perfect service giver for you.

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