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Is a Fraud Site? Here What the Students Say

Assignment writing and submitting academic exercises on time are activities of highest priority in every student’s life. It goes without saying that failing to come up with an in-depth, informative and grammatically flawless assignment can cause students to lose some significant amount of grades in their semester result. With the advancement of educational agendas and an entirely new approach towards academic curriculum, students are often required to submit all sorts of academic assignment following stringent deadlines. This has eventually given rise to a growing demand among students to get their assignments written by experts so that the professional writers can ensure both quality and a timely paper submission in the long run.

However, with an increased demand and availability of online assignment writing companies these days, the risk of fraudulent websites and students being victims of several scams has emerged simultaneously.

For instance, the Australia-based assignment writing company has been tagged by several students as fraud and there are allegations of running a scam business in the name of assignment writing service. There are students who are of the opinion that the firm’s chat option is somewhat complex. Although the customer support executives are kind of helpful and supportive but most of the students complain about a tedious process which they have to undertake in order to get in touch with the experts. It seems that the site must immediately start working on the complexities and shall put effort to make the process easier and helpful for students to get connected with the experts without being subjected to any potential hassle.

According to reports and feedbacks posted by students after availing writing services and solutions from, it has been seen that the writers are not that professional as they are supposed to be. One of the students complained of not receiving a flawless and good quality paper, even after the writers promised to send across error-free and premium quality copies. The formatting was incorrect, there were no proper referencing and citation added in the copy, neither the content was entirely correct in terms of grammar and every other technicality. So, this automatically makes the firm a bit weaker in terms of professionalism and technical knowledge. If there’s no major improvement made in this matter at the earliest, then the reputation of the firm would gradually descend to the lowest level of inappropriateness.

As per further analysis and accumulation of data from other sources and word of mouth, it has been seen that students are mostly complaining about the poor paper quality and assignment writing style offered by the writers. If experts don’t work in accordance with the academic guidelines and brief provided by the students, then that would obviously make the students feel disappointed. This is actually what has happened to most of them. They placed order with essayroo with an expectation of receiving finely crafted papers, and were totally surprised to see below-average writing style implemented in the contents added. This as a result has fetched the company with a poor rating in terms of quality of work produced in a popular assignment writing review website.

The most alarming factor that has been highlighted by the students is qualification of the writers that are associated with Once a student placed order with the company for his dissertation project and was completely shocked to receive a paper which had nothing to offer other than an average essay paper, and that too of a pre-graduation level. This made the student suffer a lot with the paper and he had to literally rework on the contents to make them look at least decent and appropriate for submission. If we are to believe this feedback, then the company claiming have professional writers at work would certainly seem to be something fishy and especially when a writer promoting himself as highly educated scholars turns out to be just another high school graduate. This would naturally cerate trust issues among students in terms of the educational qualification writers to whom they are assigning the task of assignment completion.

However, there’s no such complaint regarding delivery issues. The company has been rated with positive figures in terms of fast delivery of assignments. Students are of the opinion that they didn’t face any major loophole in this matter and have always received the assigned task on time without fail. While this is one of the major plus points of the company, if the aforementioned loopholes are not taken into consideration, then a timely delivery of project is unlikely to fetch the company its desired result and revenue in the long run.

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Talking of the aspect of price policy associated with, it has been seen that the students are complaining mostly about the high price issue. They are of the opinion that essayroo overcharges for assignment writing services, and that too with poor quality paper works. Once a student ordered a deadline-oriented urgent assignment with the company, for which they charged a price which was later on discovered to be higher than most of the assignment writing websites and solution providers available online these days. It might be due to such drawbacks and misleading features present in the company, the students these days are truly bothered whether essayroo is a fraud website with unreliable writing services in store.

In another instance, a student complained about the proofreading and editing aspect. She submitted her coursework and availed specially requested the experts to take care of the proofreading and editing part, because her academic guideline had strictly demanded a flawless paper from every aspect. Despite promising her to come up with helpful proofreading and editing services, the experts associated with failed to ensure a satisfactory result end of the day. Things didn’t go well between the student and experts when she tried to complain and pointing out the flaws that need to be corrected. This as a result gave rise to further complications, thus creating a bad impression on the student who didn’t expect the firm to turn her down with such unfavorable consequences.

The discount scheme offered by the company has been reported as non-functional by many students. More than 44% of the entire client count of essayroo has complained that the company fails to provide the promised discount rate on services when it comes to actual payment. Every single time, the associates would come up with something or the other in defense of their failure and would convince students with their statements, thus avoiding the possibilities of including the advertised discount rates. If this is what the situation is, then students would quite naturally wonder about the authentication issues and how reliable it would be to believe in the promises made by the executives of the firm.

Thus, to conclude, it is to be mentioned that students in search of reliable websites and the ones those who are having a doubt whether they should go ahead with a particular website and place orders should always consider doing a bit of research by accumulating enough knowledge and data regarding the company’s credibility and reputation.

There are two ways to confirm authentic assignment writing websites; either with the help of word of mouth and going through the testimonials posted in the official sites of the service provider or by visiting popular assignment writing review portals and taking a close look at the authentic reviews posted by students about various service providers. The idea is to confirm things prior to the order placement so that nothing goes wrong in the long run.

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If you are currently in a dilemma in terms of choosing the right kind of online assignment writing service provider in town, then visiting our website and taking a close look at the authentic feedbacks posted by students across the globe about various writing service firms will assist you in choosing the best professionals for flawless assignment paper and preparation of every academic exercise which are of highest concern. It is always recommended that one shouldn’t jump to a conclusion easily and place order with a firm without having a clear background research and knowledge of the service provider.

If you end up associating with the wrong assignment writing help provider, then there will always be chances for you to receive papers that are not up to the mark in terms of quality and technical flawlessness. Instead of placing orders in haste, if you consider seeking help from our site and go through each of the reviews carefully, then deciding the right kind of assignment help service provider to get associated with shall no more be a troublesome affair.


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