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Cause and Effect of Stress on College Students

How stress affects the College Students

The stress can affect the college students by the three ways such as physically, mentally and emotionally.


There are many ways by which stress can affect the students physically that is the heart pumps quicker, make heart pound also rise the blood pressure. Some of the people experience palpitations. The muscle tensions increase, causing to headaches, jaw ache, insomnia and dizziness. The mouth goes thirsty. Digestion reduces causing butterflies in stomach. Breathing is quicker also less effective that can prime to over-breathing or hyperventilation also breathlessness. The changes in blood flow to skin can cause blushing, sweating or clammy the hands also feet.


Some amount of the stress can mentally stimulate but can affect the students thinking ability so much. The thoughts may come to be jumbled also confused. The thinking becomes attentive on distressing. The students may become anxious with the problems. It becomes much tougher to create decisions or to find solutions for the problems. Thinking negatively also be frightened the worst upturns worry also stress.


The students respond to the stress in several dissimilar ways. The communal emotional effects are impatience, irritability, frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, panic, feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, despondency, unhappiness, insecurity, hopelessness, depression and emotional withdrawal.

Causes of Stress in College Students

Stress is the reaction of body to any change which needs the adjustment or the response. The body responds to these changes with mental, physical, also emotional responses. It is very normal phase of the college life. The reason behind this is that many students are away from their home for the first time also they are responsible for doing well academically. Little stress is good as it can motivate the students to overcome difficulties. However, so much stress can be negatively impacted the mid also the body of student that can result several issues.

There are many causes of the stress in the students of the college which are financial stress, job outlook stress, academic stress, family stress, everything else stress.

Financial stress

Each and every student has worries about finances. They worry about how they can pay for their classes, how they can repay the loans they are taken also how they can pay for their housing and requirements though living on inadequate income. Even all these students who have parents covering full cost of the college stress over the money. Most of the students do not want to problem their parents with cost of college, but they also know that they need financial help. It can lead to student feeling embarrassed about spending the money of their parent, so they take out much more financial support. Many of them choose to work part time job while in college for helping them pay for the living, classes and books.

Job outlook stress

The students must consider jobs which will help them to pay off the loans as rapidly as possible.  But not all the jobs accessible can deliver this benefit. The stress comes from understanding they will not be able to pay off their loans for many years. Stress becomes greater whenever the students understand they must have the qualities which stand out from all other job candidates. This means getting involved in more work, extracurricular activities or volunteer work.

The job searching also the applications can generate stress. For the huge number of graduate students, they are fighting for the same starting job and for this reason the students begin to give up avoiding the denials and rejection. Students may feel that the academic success is the way to overtake the competitors. So, they academically push themselves to accomplish highest grades also honours, this can lead to academic stress.

Academic stress

The requirements from a class alone can be intimidating. Most of the professors probe students to complete the homework assignments, readings also organise for the exams. Additionally, specific involve students write the journals research papers also contribute in out-of-class activities.

Combining all of these activities also multiply them by four, five or six other classes, then anyone can identify how traumatic it can formerly the college students. In other hand, not all the academic stress come from the professor, sometime it can come from having the poor management of time also from guardians or parents of students.

Family stress

The well-intentioned parents habitually put needless stress on the students. They may think that they are assisting them by retaining high expectations on them but many times, it makes greater stress also. All the imperfections of the student’s family may have lead to the burden of stress. Some of the issues encountered by families, which can generate stress for the students contain poor communication, divorce and family finances.

Everything else stress

Besides from the academics, family also the concerns about finding any job after graduation, there is the whole thing else which goes on in the life of the student which makes stress. These stress are peer pressure, pressure to engage to damage behaviours such as alcohol and drug, homesick, social anxieties, heavy workloads, personal pressure and personal or academic competition.



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