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Top 5 Student-Friendly Homework Help Websites to Solve Homework Intricacies in the U.S.A.

Not all days in a student’s life are the same. Sometimes things tend to get tougher for them to handle. And homework intricacy is one such factor which has always been a menace for many kids in and around the United States.

From complex topics to strict deadlines, pending assignments to unavailability of appropriate academic tools, there can be a lot of factors that tend to come in between a student’s career path.

But as the famous author Greenville Kleiser said: “To every problem, there is a solution whether you know it or not”. However, I know I have a solution to this problem.  

Here is a list of the top 5 homework help websites that help you with your homework who struggling with academic complexities, unclear concepts and anxiety.

List of top 5 best homework help websites: 4.2 star Visit site Read more ?up 4.8 star Visit site Read more ?up 3.0 star Visit site Read more ?down 4.1 star Visit site Read more ?up 3.7 star Visit site Read more ?up


Probably the best place to get homework help from online tutors

Talking of the top homework help websites in the United States of America, this particular portal certainly gets a special mention. They have 3,000 live online homework tutors available to help students with issues related to complicated homework assignments and the likes.

With a client rating of 4.9/5, this website aims at providing comprehensive solutions to the students looking for one-stop solutions. For instance, has made some changes and has updated its range of services and assistance.

One can now expect to receive homework help, covering all academic standards including K6, K8, K9, K10, K11 and K12, CPM homework along with the additional perks of Instant Homework Assistance and Live Tutoring. In addition to it, the website also has a separate blog section for students.

Key Takeaways: Student-dedicated blog section, newsletter subscription, live chat facilities and homework assistance on more than 100 primary academic subjects.

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Trusted assignment help website since 2007


If we are to discuss the top-notch and helpful homework help websites in and around the United States, is definitely one of them. Till date, the mother company of this U.S.-based homework help portal has successfully retained more than 200k students and is available to each and every student of U.S.A. In addition to this, the firm boasts of a whopping 4,988 experts at work.

The homework assignment help and assistance program conducted by this website covers all academic levels, from K6 to K8, K9 to K10, and K11 to K12. In addition to it, the website has other student-friendly perks available. To name a few, free homework samples and answers, and a dedicated blog section for the students certainly get a special mention.

The blog section contains interactive write-ups by some of the most renowned academic experts in the industry. What I feel about solving intricate homework is that students should consider reading a lot and accumulating enough knowledge on a plethora of topic and subject matter. This is where I believe, MyAssignmenthelp’s blog section might just come into play.

Key Takeaways: Homework assistance from 4,500+ experts, interactive student review and feedback section, homework samples, the scholarship program for students, and live chat facilities.

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For homework hints, answers and e-tools

homework cpm org

Next up is the Students looking for homework solutions, answers, hints and helpful e-tools that can assist them in the matter of solving all homework complexities can find this particular portal to be highly effective. You get to read through a plethora of academic e-books on Core Connections, CC Integrated College Transitions, Algebra, Spanish Core Connections and more.

In addition to it, this particular portal allows its visitors to read through the books and college information based on different lessons. Now, this is something I feel is really important for the students. There are certain homework assignments that require the students to read through a lot of technical insights, digital books and the likes for references and better knowledge.

Now that you have this portal by your side, it is likely that homework assignments on technical topics, algebra-based calculations and other exercises based on the fundamentals of calculus and the likes could be solved in a comparatively easier way.

Key Takeaways: E-Tools, helpful homework answers and hints on several mathematics homework assignments.


Interactive, one-stop homework help portal for learners, teachers, and parents


Talking of the best homework help websites in the United States, it is to be mentioned that is one of the most remarkable ones in this matter. The website says “You can learn anything. For Free. For everyone. Forever.”  The website offers you three spate options, for the teachers, for learners, and for the parents.

From math homework help to computing homework, Economics and Finance to Arts and Humanities, Khanacademy offers a plethora of homework assistance and online solutions for the students in need of the same.

For each of the subject matters, the portal has a separate series of sub-disciplinary areas, with solutions attached to the same. For instance, if you choose to seek homework assistance in Economics and Finance, you will get an extension prompting you to choose a sub-discipline such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, entrepreneurship and more. Now, clicking on each of the available sub-disciplinary areas will allow you to explore all subject matters related to the chosen topics.

Moreover, the portal helps its visitors in the matter of preparing for examinations like SAT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and more.

Key Takeaways: Comprehensive homework assistance, exam preparation aids, the Khanacademy app for kids.


Easy knowledge sharing  platform offering solutions to a plethora of questions


Last but not the least, is one of the most renowned and effective portals that can help students with their homework and almost with any other query that they may have. This interactive portal offers helpful answers to a plethora of questions regarding a wide variety of topics and subject matter.

From Psychology to Technology, History to Health, if you have any query regarding complicated homework topics associated with these sub-categories, posting the question on the portal will help you to receive the needful answers from various experts, other users and community members of the portal, industry personnel and more.

Not only on the aforementioned subject matter, but you can feel free to ask questions on almost any topic on Quora. This particular forum is supposedly one of the most visited and effective portals for students in need of quick answers, suggestions and advice.

Key Takeaways: Top Stories, Bookmarked Answers, links to trending blogs, journals and more.

So, now that you know how helpful these websites are for your homework assignment complications, take some time out to visit these portals, and clarify all doubts and dilemmas that you may have.

However, a bit of background research and self-evaluation of each of the websites mentioned here is still recommended. There’s no doubt that each of the portal mentioned here is effective with unique features and qualities. But a close analysis of every fact and figure might just help you to narrow down the one that suits your homework help requirements best.

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