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A Lucid Guide to Developing and Managing Your Online Reputation

The importance of having a shining online reputation is undeniable. Every aspect of an online business, from website design & UI to digital marketing endeavors, aims to help users realize why and how a company can deliver value. And, the better the value provided, the better the reputation.

So, how does one develop a glowing reputation and manage it effectively? This blog explores some practical tactics to achieve so.

Developing and Managing a Perfect Online Reputation

Quality products and services form the basis of the success and reputation of any business. If your primary USP is not up to the mark, no amount of ORM or aggressive marketing can help.

Having a Responsive Website with Excellent UI is one of the first things necessary to develop a solid reputation.

  1. Launch a professionally designed brand website. Implement an effective SEO strategy to ensure high SERP. Having a well-designed, organized and responsive website with a handy UI is a must.
  2. Optimize your business’s presence on online directories & listings in Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places For Business, Manta, Yahoo Aabaco, etc.
  3. Get active on social media. Create a brand or company page, post frequently and be innovative on your posts. Encourage viewers to engage and interact with them as often as possible. Spice up your feed for better engagement.
  4. Publish quality content and offer perks. Blog posts, videos, images, quizzes, giveaways- anything that offers your audience value, intrigues them and puts a smile on their face can help develop a positive online reputation.
  5. Respond to reviews and comments across every channel. Thank those who leave positive feedback and address the concerns of anyone dissatisfied.

Social media mentions, search engine rankings, and reviews are crucial for developing an excellent online reputation. Sincere effort, dedication, and resources are a must for effective results.

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Managing Online Reputation

Once your products, services and business efforts have established a positive presence on the Web, it is time to keep that reputation shining.

  1. Monitor what’s being said about your business. Find out how well your audience is responding and engaging with your brand across different channels. Google Business & Analytics, Ranker, Ahrefs, Semrush, BuzzSumo, etc., are powerful and popular reputation management and brand monitoring tools central to the ORM tactics of numerous online businesses across different domains. Search across multiple parameters and narrow down into the niche with these tools.
  1. Engage with your audience. Make it a habit to respond to reviews and comments. Be proactive in your approach and routinely respond to user feedback on every urgent channel.
  2. Respond in a positive, professional and courteous manner always. People love and trust businesses that often interact with their consumers. Not only does that boost online reputation, but it improves SERP as well.
  3. Respond politely and professionally to negative reviews. Understand the underlying sentiment and address it with genuine empathy. Let the reviewer know that you are genuinely concerned about their experience and satisfaction.
  4. Respond professionally and then take action. Make it a point to notify the disgruntled consumer that you have looked into the matter or resolved it. Request or encourage them to leave an appropriate response regarding said resolution. Such actions put forth a credible and reassuring image of your business. As a result, your audience understands that you are there for them, and your business's online reputation grows substantially.
  1. Always ascertain the origin and authenticity of review and feedback, however. Be stern with malicious entities and take action against miscreants who spread vitriol & post fake reviews.
  2. Compare yourself to your competitors. Keep tabs upon them and learn how they keep their audience happy. Please pay attention to how they respond to feedback, provide their services and offer value to their consumers. Critical competitor analysis is a great way to keep up with the changing times and trends. Here’s a list of some great competitor analysis tools if you are looking to get started. The best way to build and maintain a stellar brand reputation is by staying proactive and developing flexible strategies that elevate your brand to the max.
  1. Stay ahead of the curve through dedicated online reputation management. Allocate proper resources, define policies & guidelines, delegate people and utilize tools & platforms for the best results. Such a proactive approach is best as it showcases responsiveness and mitigates incidences that may mar a brand's reputation.

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