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Does the Student Reviews Of Reflect It's A Scam Site?

Australia is tagged as one of the best countries to study. The country gained name and fame in becoming a top hub for providing education to students. All major courses are available in the universities across Australia. With this rose an industry, an industry where students can get the assignments done in no time. A lot of assignment service providers have taken birth, and one among them is

The site has been in existence for quite a number of years providing help with assignment writing. The advent of these writing service industries is also because of the inclination of the students to take help with assignment writing. But the major issue is in choosing a perfect assignment service provider. While there are many ways and parameters for judgment, one of them is reading the reviews.

We all know what reviews are and how we voraciously go through them to understand what others feel about a service or a product or anything that we are going to buy. The same is for here are we have seen the traffic from which we could fairly understand that with each passing day, more students are into taking assignment writing help and hence going through the reviews to understand which service provider is the best.

Regarding, there were several questions that have come to the forefront, and it is very obvious that students will have questions. It is also very obvious that there will be doubts and students will try to comprehend all the information that is mentioned. Though this is a good and necessary thing, this also leads to wastage of time and students go extremely indecisive finally falling for some service provider which is not fit at all.

Hence, is now giving facility to the students where they can get concise information of the reviews. We on our part have compiled all the reviews, and all that is said is the words of the students. We have only brought them together. Presenting here is what students have written about

What we got from all the reviews posted at is that the site, i.e. has an overall rating of only 2.1 out of 5. Starting with what the students did not like is that the quality of the papers is low. Regarding this, there were various parameters that different students presented.

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Most of the students who complained about the poor quality of the paper stated that they were very unhappy with the content of the paper. The content of the assignments needed to be richer where they could match the standards of the educational institutes. Since that did not match which was the topmost priority of the students, the grades were jeopardized, and that led to a lot of dissatisfaction.

Students also said that it was very evident from the content that proper research was not done on topic due to which there was a shortage of necessary content. And the reason is very much valid. Redundancy rate is quite high, and this is at all not expected. Along with this, content is repeated just to meet the word count.

Many students among this wrote that the formatting needed to be more accurate. It seemed that the people who formatted the paper were not aware of the mentioned style and they just got a basic idea from somewhere and utilized it. With this, we have found students who complained about the papers having errors in the paper.

Universities always have the norm that only flawless papers must be submitted to them. However, due to this, the students got back the papers even after submission, and that was a matter of prestige. The assignment papers were not properly edited and proofread which is evident that the lied about having professional editors and proofreaders.

Even, some students were promised supporting illustrations which were missing from few of the sections. There were also mismatched illustrations and so the students found it difficult to understand them as there were no explanations accompanying them. Some illustrations were not properly tagged, and it was difficult to understand what it was for.

This also brought in the question of the writers. Many of the students have suggested that good writers are needed immediately especially with skills in writing. The reason for the papers to be of low quality is because not only the paper needed research, but it needed precise representation of the information which needed writing skills. Suggestions like ‘a good writing team needed’, ‘hire few good writers’ came into our notice. 

The only good issue worth mentioning among all these is that there was no plagiarism found in the papers. Though in some content it could be clearly understood that content is just paraphrased, but it was so neatly done that it did not come under the scanner. Referencing must also be mentioned where few of them said that the reference list was well-done only few sources of information were missing from the list.

This gave to the rise in reviews where the students mentioned that proper quality control was missing, and hence professional and trained quality analysts needed to be hired to keep the quality in check else they can withdraw their services. We have found several times in the statements of the students mentioning that if the site cannot keep the promise, they can stop serving the students.

Another of the issue which we found in a huge percentage is that delivery needs to be improved a lot. Quite a number of students have written that they did not get the papers on time and hence had to make excuses where the professor rebuked for not submitting the paper on time. And this is quite a serious issue students do not like to be scolded in their class. Students had to continuously call the customer service and get their papers in their inbox.

This is where it needs concern that the customer service is ok sort but they need to have a lot of knowledge. Students have mentioned that the executives lack knowledge and that they need a lot of training. Upon calling, there was the wait line and then finally on getting connected and placing the queries, the students were transferred from one person to the other because no one had proper knowledge of the process and what they needed to say. There were requests from the students for a proper training. Though some have also said that they got good customer support from the executives, the people seemed to be a little slow. But at least they could answer the queries of the students. 

However, among so many complaints we have managed to find the appreciations as well. We have found that a vast number of students mention that they are very much pleased with the long array of services that the site gives. They have specifically mentioned that the whole system is like everything under a single roof and that it is good to see that someone has thought about the students and how valuable their time is. We would also like to state that the students have mentioned that it was a ‘good surprise’ for them to find writing services for almost all the academic papers.

The second best aspect of is that students appreciate the price of the papers. It was low, but some have raised doubts mentioning that the price is low because the quality of the papers is low. However, people who are satisfied with the price and the quality of the paper have given four stars to the service. We have also found some students who were extremely happy to get discounts on the final price and left remarks that they were ‘absolutely’ satisfied with the price that they were charged.

Most students have appreciated the sample papers that the site is providing. Through them, the students can understand what papers are given to them, what the paper require etc. Sample papers throw light on the services given to the students. Students also thank for the fact that the site has various modes too through which they can get connected to the customer care executives.

It can be concluded on the facts that the site must make a lot of improvement to come up to the mark. This is exactly what the students also recommend. The insights mentioned in this writing are the views that the students have said. We have only put them together to help the students save time and understand how to choose a proper service provider.

Having second and third thoughts about taking that assignment writing help? Visit and take the right decision

With so many service providers coming up in a single search, it becomes very difficult for the students to choose the best ones based on the reviews because different students write different things and it becomes very tough to assimilate all the things and put together to get a concise view.

If you are in the same boat trying to find out the best assignment provider by reading the reviews, is the best place. We stringently go through all the reviews posted on the site, collect information and put them down together. It is only at this place that you get only the original and authentic reviews.

Since students rely on us a lot, we keep a strict check on the fake or false reviews that are posted for we know that how reviews influence the judgment of the students. We too on our side keep clarity in our writings, and we have the best analysts to do the job. Check whenever you are looking for assignment writing help.

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