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YouTubers Receive Top Dollars by EduBirdie to Promote Immoral Activity

In a recent investigation, conducted by BBC, it was discovered that YouTube stars are getting paid to promote, an essay writing company from Ukraine. More than 250 different YouTube channels are found to be promoting the services of EduBirdie through either adverts or verbal announcements.

The investigation also revealed that more than 1,400 videos had EduBirdie adverts on them which gained more than 700 million views altogether. YouTube stars, as young as 12-year-old, were allegedly involved in this scam where they reportedly got paid hundreds of dollars to promote the company.

Essay writing companies like EduBirdie are not considered illegal, but if a student is found to be presenting someone else’s work as their own, then they can face some serious consequences. So practically, it is immoral of a student to pay someone to do their assignment.

As per a research conducted by Google, it was revealed that YouTubers are more influential than celebrities when it comes to the promotion of a product. And since YouTube does not have stricter regulations for advertising, as the traditional platforms have, it is challenging to filter the content of YouTube advertisements.

YouTube stars who were allegedly involved in this incident include prankster Adam Saleh and British gamer JMX, who have more than 6.5 million subscribers combined. Although both the stars put down the videos with EduBirdie adverts once the investigation came to light.

As per a report published in The Sun, some YouTubers also mentioned that students could free up time by availing these services and use the free time to play video games or take drugs. Now that's just wrong on so many levels.

According to a report published in Daily Mail (UK), a British YouTube star Drewsif Gilchrist (DrewIsSharing) received £250 from EduBirdie to promote their services. Drew reportedly said that YouTube has made it quite difficult for the vloggers to earn a proper wage, which leaves them with no other choice but endorsing other brands.

Another British vlogger Alpay b, who got half a million views on a similar kind of video reportedly stated that he would be more careful in the future while considering such endorsements. He also added that a company like EduBirdie could go lengths to get words out about their service, but the government should take actions if a company like that is really unacceptable.

The investigation also revealed the fact that EduBirdie hasn’t been a good academic helper for the students either. Students who had availed the service from the company exclaimed that there were grammatical errors everywhere, the citations were wrong, and even when the errors were fixed, he couldn’t get the passing grade, as per the Daily Mail report.

The same report also revealed the fact that the accused company was not fair to its clients. A student reportedly stated that when he requested or a refund as he was not satisfied with the service, the company refused to give his money back.

During the investigation, BBC ordered two separate essays through the website, asking them to write from scratch. One of the essays was on English Literature GCSE coursework, while the other was a first-year degree course assignment. They both the papers were delivered with only the space for student’s name left blank.

However, both the papers performed rather poorly than what was claimed by the website. The GCSE essay secured a “C” (5/6), while the university assignment got only 60%. Practically, the results were far from the A+ grade that was promised by the company.

While EduBirdie has made the headlines for hiring YouTube stars to promote their services, it also came to light that the services of this company weren't as good as they were promised to be, which could be considered as the violation of consumer interest. But what has shocked the media world is how boldly they have promoted the practice that is immoral.

However, the mother company of EduBirdie, Boosta reportedly stated that it never told its clients to submit the essay as it was. Instead, they asked the people to use the essay paper for reference only. Boosta spokesperson also stated that they should not be held responsible for what the social media influencers (YouTube stars) have said on their channels.

In a recent statement, YouTube spokesperson told BBC that YouTube content creators are allowed to include paid endorsements as a part of their content only when the product or service that they are endorsing meet the advertising policies laid by YouTube. The spokesperson also added that they do not allow ads for essay writing and all the promotional content regarding such services are removed as soon as they are discovered.

YouTube spokesperson also told BBC that they would be working with the content creators to go forward so that they can understand it better that they should not promote dishonest activity through videos.

Given a choice, a student will always choose quality essay writing services over the strenuous job of writing the paper all by himself. It becomes the responsibility of the solution provider to safeguard the interest of their clients, not to exploit their weak points to earn easy money.

EduBirdie has not only failed as an academic solution provider but has made a fool of themselves by promoting their sub-standard services on a large scale. It is important to note that essay writing services are not illegal, but offering fake promises to the clients is certainly a crime.

This is one of the reasons why students are always recommended to refer to the student reviews before availing the guidance from an essay writing company and alike. is one such website that publishes hundreds of genuine reviews from the students and gives insight into the service providers, so that students can make a better choice.

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