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Website: Headquarter: USA(Now in Bulgaria)
Pricing: Start at $18 Establish: 2015
Size: 400+ writers Serving Country: 4
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: No Rework: Yes
Refund Policy:  Yes Services: Essay, Dissertation, Term paper


Edubirdie review has a below rating of 2 ⭐stars out of 5 indicating that customers are not satisfied😞 with Edubirdie.  📌Moreover, most complaints about Edubirdie are 'not enough researched content', 'weak argumentation', 'high percentage of plagiarism', 'hidden clause for refund'📌. To sum up, Edubirdie is not legit and safe for your assignment.

Also, Edubirdie is associated with Papersowl, Edusson, EduZaurus, EssayVikings, SameDayPapers, and Paperial.

EduBirdie Review- Is Edubirdie Scam in 2022?

Let's find out.

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ii. Can You Get Caught Using EduBirdie? vi. Why Is EduBirdie Banned In Australia?
iii. Should I trust EduBirdie? vii. How much does Edubirdie essay cost?
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  What is Edubirdie?

Most of you must be familiar with this cute little blue colored bird dressed as a graduate, aren’t you? For those who don’t recognize this tiny creature is the mascot for Edubirdie, that claims to be one of the fastest and most trustworthy essay writing services for the students studying in the USA. Established in 2015, Edubirdie is headquartered in the USA and provides its essay and dissertation writing services to 4 countries around the globe. claims to be backed up by a team of 400+ experts in various disciplines.


  Can You Get Caught Using EduBirdie?

Unfortunately yes. Recently an Australian university caught EduBirdie for cheating students with plagiarised assignments. The entire content was copied from an online database without proper citation of the sources or whatsoever. Such actions can lead to catastrophic outcomes as most Aussie universities cancel the assignment or fail the student for the semester for turning in plagiarised papers. So, it is a legit and reliable site for students' betterment. They make big promises through their posts but end up giving nothing but plagiarised content, dooming students' careers. So to avert ruining your career, avoid the website!


  Should I trust EduBirdie?

Absolutely not! Based on the countless reports, student reviews, and research studies, it's clear that EduBirdie is a big scam and fraud company. Several universities across the globe have caught, and failed students for turning in plagiarised assignments delivered explicitly by this company. Thousands of students have complained of receiving documents riddled with errors for a hefty amount. Many students have also reported using different plagiarism checking software to check the quality and found over 90% plagiarism. What makes it worse is that they play with students' trust and belief. 90% of students, who trusted them for urgent assistance, only got the solution post the deadline with no plagiarism report! The site, in a word, is a disaster!

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  Is EduBirdie Worth It?

Not at all! Assignments play a critical role in determining students’ academic grades. Trusting sites like EduBirdie for urgent assignment help is equivalent to inviting trouble. There's no hope of receiving quality assignments, but the tutors misguide students into getting assistance for multiple subjects to earn some extra bucks. When a website's main aim is to make money in the name of delivering "top-quality" assignment aid to students, it's only wise to avoid such platforms to safeguard your career. Even though they promise the world and leave no stones unturned to promote their services, reports only suggest that students received nothing but disappointment in trusting them. Depending on them with your assignments and study help will only be foolery!

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  Why Is Edubirdie So Expensive?

When you compare other academic websites with EduBirdie, you will notice a stark difference in the price chart. It's because they invest heavily in promotion and advertisements. They are so invested in trying out different gimmicks that they have lost the main idea behind assignment help: to help students excel in their studies. Unlike EduBirdie, websites like,,, and primarily focus on delivering students the best academic aid so they can overcome their subject-related challenges and truly excel in their studies. Therefore, it is advised to EduBirdie to focus more on the students and spend money on offering quality study resources like and other similar top-ranked sites, and not on expensive advertisements to grab eyeballs!


Top Recommended Services by Students in 2022

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$6 Lowest price at $6
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$8.2 20% off + $20 bonus
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$8 20% OFF + $35


  Why Is EduBirdie Banned In Australia?

EduBirdie is banned in Australia for cheating students with misleading advertisements. The website claims to provide written assignments based on in-depth research within any deadline. However, in reality, they have fooled countless students with poor-quality, plagiarised papers. Multiple charges have been made against the website for scamming students to earn quick money. Last year, the US government too banned EduBirdie for putting several students' careers in jeopardy with false promises. While there were claims of delivering sub-standard quality assignment aid, many students complained of getting harassed by the team for making extra payments. Students, be aware!


  How much does Edubirdie essay cost?

If your question is "How much does edubirdie essay price", So as per website the starting price for the edubirdie essay is $18 which goes up by adding services like proofreading, bibliography, outline, formatting and so on. The writing service offered by Edubirdie covers almost all academic writing like Assignments, Essays, Report, Case Study, Coursework, Research paper. Students interested in academic writing help from this website can easily avail it by paying through PayPal, a secure payment gateway. It further claims to provide rework facility in case any of the students are not satisfied with the papers they receive. Moreover, you'll find a refund or money back policy highlight in the best possible manner on the website itself.

Price comparison with other services

It's a fact that every writing service claims to be the best and it does everything possible to make the students believe it. All that the students need to do in order to choose the best out of the slot so as to achieve academic excellence.

Here's a quick round-up of all that Edubirdie says it can provide you with:

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  A choice of 400+ writers

So this self-claimed "top academic writing assistance website" allows you to choose from over 400+ academic writers depending upon your essay, dissertation, assignment or coursework needs. It's surely enticing to have a wide range to choose from but when it's about serving 4 nations including USA with just 400+ writers, the fact doesn't go down well with just about everybody!


  A super easy process to avail writing services:

The students interested in availing academic writing services from Edubirdie have to first list all their requirements. Based on these requirements, the students can then chat with the writing experts and pick the best one. This is followed by a deposit and the student is then supposed to release the money if he/she is satisfied with the essay that has been delivered. However, in many Edubirdie reviews, it has been noticed that the students fall for a free assignment help trap as the website flashes "Free services" to mislead them. It's when they navigate the site further that they find out about the Edubirdie cost scam!


  Additional Benefits

Edubirdie claims to provide a blazing delivery of the required academic papers. It boasts of its team of 200+ experts who are capable of providing the required assignments within 3 hours! Not only this, while the writers work on the essays, assignments or dissertations, the students can come up with their doubts or additional requirements to the customer support team that is said to be available 24*7. Moreover, the team at Edubirdie ensures customer satisfaction with an unbelievable provision for getting the papers double checked! Too good to be real, isn't it?


  Student Tips

Last but not the least, EduBirdie offers what it calls "unmatched guidance" for essay writing and citation. EduBirdie claims that the students looking for essay guides, citation guides or student tips can rely on it for the best advice. Well, it's completely okay to go through the guides but it's the source that should decide whether you should accept or deny the assistance. Highlighting their Online Reputation


According to EduBirdie reviews, the company’s online reputation is quite dismay, despite what the site claims in their website. Several negative reviews from its users highlight the site is unreliablenot legit, and a total scam!

edubirdie review1

In fact, notable review sites like Scam Fighter and Best British Essay Services regard the site as not reliable and fraudulent!

Not Meeting Deadline:

For starters, the company claims to meet deadlines on every order and produce top-quality assignment papers devoid of plagiarism. But, as many of its users found out, all these promises on its website were misleading.

The company has been severely condemned for its inability to meet tight deadlines and produce the work quality they claim. 

edubirdie review 2

A collection of students even used phrases in their respective comments like – “don’t use,” “don’t pay them,” “don’t buy their services,” and “don’t waste money on their experts as they don’t deliver!” 

Plagiarism Issues in Papers:

The disappointment is quite evident in such feedback. And if these weren’t enough, there’s a section of students who refer to their ‘so-called panel of experts as amateurs delivering spun content loaded with plagiarism issues throughout the paper. 

edubirde review3

Poor 24x7 Customer Support:

Furthermore, another service parameter that’s severely dented its online reputation is its customer support. Many have expressed their discontentment, saying – “don’t reply to you” and “they don’t take responsibility for resolving disputes, payment concerns, and refund policies!”

Un-satisfactory Refund Policy:

Customers were also unhappy with the company and stated they don’t refund and don’t care to share the reason too! And on times when they do respond, they either present vague and ridiculous excuses or simply a ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ response!

Unreliable Work Satisfaction:

The company also falls short of its user expectations in terms of service satisfaction guarantee. Their experts get frequent rework and revision requests, and per some users, they still don’t provide flawless work.

edubirdie 4

Incompetent Writing Prowess

Moreover, some users even reveal another big reason why their online reputation is tottering. Per user comments, their experts claim to have Ph.D. qualifications, but their competence and prowess in writing are not seen in their produced work. It’s almost like the website boast of their non-native writers as competent English writers using fake qualifications to dupe service-seeking students into taking up their services.

edubirdie review 5

This has led to many users leaving the website after their first order. And others suggest to other fellow peers in their comments – “don’t sign up,” “don’t trust their team,” and “don’t get trapped by their half-truths and false promises.”

High-Price in Exchange for Low Quality Work

Finally, their service rates are another subject of disappointment among its service-takers. Many have complained about the site’s price being too high despite their inability to produce the expected work quality. As a result, several of their customers left the site and sought help from other notable companies.



Is Edubirdie safe and legit or is it just a scam? straightaway starts by confusing the students visiting this website. Firstly it claims to provide academic writing services like essay, assignment, research paper, argumentative assignment, article review, case study, coursework, term paper and so on. Thereafter, it allows the students to choose the best writer from a pool of 200+ writers. How on earth is it possible for a team of 200+ people to serve 4 nations and that too in so many disciplines? Not to forget the price scam that a number of students have mentioned in Edubirdie reviews and the writer scam where they claim to provide your papers within 3 hours and that too with a provision for double checking the papers for students satisfaction.

The team at poses to be reliable by assuring that you can approach their so-called experts in case of stress due to your academic papers. They have put up a lot of baits to attract the students for the same. However, the students should surely go through the reviews of the students who have already availed writing services from this website. Here's a sneak peek into what the students have to say about Edubirdie!

Not satisfied with services???

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  • How can I trust these reviews about Edubirdie? is a reputed platform among students for 100% genuine and trustworthy reviews. We use the latest software to filter honest, legit reviews from spam. Also, our team verifies every assessment about before publishing them on the website to help students make informed decisions.

  • Is Edubirdie Legit?

    Edubirdie is not Legit. As per hundreds of students’ reviews and service reports on multiple review portals, it’s evident that the services of  Edubirdie are not legit. Their experts are underqualified, and students have complained of receiving substandard quality at a hefty price. Students have also listed late submission, plagiarism, and no assignment updates as other issues.

  • Is Edubirdie Safe?

    Not at all! Hundreds of students have rated Edubirdie one star out of five because of their incapability of maintaining students' safety and security. Some students were hassled by third parties for extra money. When students complained about data breach issues, they received no help of any kind from the team.

  • Is Edubirdie Fraud?

    Edubirdie is fraud. As per the website, has a brilliant team of native English-speaking writers who strive to deliver the best to their students. But according to students, they received poor quality, paraphrased assignments with countless writing and editing errors. Even though the writers guarantee free rework, students received no such assistance from their end.

  • Is Edubirdie Reliable?

    Edubirdie is not reliable. Based on the reports, it’s clear that students experienced nothing but huge disappointment by trusting the writers at Edubirdie with their assignments. Many students also complained of the student support team misbehaving when students demanded refunds for missed deadlines and paraphrased projects.

  • How do I get a refund from Edubirdie?

    According to student reviews and poor service ratings, it's pretty clear that Edubirdie isn’t a trustworthy brand. Although a majority of students received no refunds, some received half the amount after months. The website provides no invoice via email or SMS for safety in case of disputes.

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Stay away from edubirdie

Reviewed By Eva Challender on 17 Aug, 2020

Edubirdie charged me $30 a page for getting a premium writer. In return, I got paper with broken English. I did not even have enough time for trying another website. They completely ruined my grade.

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Reviewed By MARIEJANE on 26 Apr, 2020

I am a working student and at this time of a pandemic I have no time for most of my paper so I went to edubirdie my first time to get some help only to find out now I have actually write my paper last minute

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Worst customer support ever

Reviewed By Amy Harris on 03 Apr, 2020

Edubirdie has the worstest customer support. They don't care about us students. All they know is how to rob our money. They don't know how to write academic papers, but you cannot make a day's late in paying them.

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Don’t go near this company

Reviewed By Cheryl Betts on 15 Feb, 2020

Is it okay for you to pay thousands of dollars for poor quality work? Then edubirdie might just be the right company for you. Otherwise, try to stay away from it. They not only used irrelevant data in my paper but also cited the sources in an incorrect format.

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Late submission due to Edubirdie

Reviewed By Joanna Wright on 19 Dec, 2019

I have recently buy history assignment paper from edubirdie for my sister, who is studying in 9th standard. But unfortunately, they have submitted the paper after the deadline we have mentioned. My daughter has suffered a lot due to the delaying submission. Thus I want to put this into attention for those who are thinking to purchase from here.

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2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

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Sarbjeetsingh 03 Jan, 2020

Same with me.

Delay in delivery!

Reviewed By Martin Harris on 08 Nov, 2019

Yeah, I had booked three assignments at edubiride as my friend had recommended. However, they gave me one assignment way past the deadline and told that the other two tasks would be delayed due to the unavailability of the writers. Now, I'm in a serious fix.

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Zero accuracy, zero sense of responsibility, poor performance, no professionalism

Reviewed By Tufail Khan on 03 Jul, 2019

Zero accuracy, zero sense of responsibility, poor performance, no professionalism

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Plagiarism checker cannot check papers thoroughly

Reviewed By Unavailable on 15 Jun, 2019

The plagiarism checker on the Edubirdie website is faulty guys! Their free online plagiarism detector doesn’t generate a report or show percent of plagiarism. So you should not rely on it. The tool promises editing and proofreading services too but delivers none in reality. When I wanted a revision for my paper, they denied the service.

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False refund policies!

Reviewed By Kyle Murdoch on 17 May, 2019

I hired Edubirdie for a Turabian citation list and was very disappointed, to say the least. The list delivered was cited in anything but the Turabian style format. The site had a policy for a refund. So I asked for the same as I was provided with a wrong reference list. After days of communication, they informed me that I was not eligible to get the refund.

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Will never recommend to anyone!

Reviewed By Ava Robinson on 01 Apr, 2019

I had an urgent assignment submission deadline. I hire the services of Once I placed the assignment order, they delayed the delivery of my assignment until it was a day past the submission deadline. They not only missed the assignment submission deadline, but also delivered a paraphrased assignment. I came to know about this when I checked my friend’s copy (who opted for the same service). All they did was text rewriting using some cheap paraphrasing tool. I am not going to recommend this service to any of my friends.

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Do not buy papers from

Reviewed By Tony Brown on 25 Feb, 2019

I had the worst experience with After visiting their website and reading the testimonials, I was convinced that I will get a high-quality essay for them. But, what I received failed to live up to my expectations. I received a ‘D’ in the task which is the lowest I have ever received. A complete waste of money because they did not give any refund.

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Failed to deliver my order

Reviewed By Samuel Roy on 22 Feb, 2019

I had an important task to submit in two days, so I hired the professional writers of Edu birdie. They assured me that I would get the papers before the deadline. Three hours before the submission, I received a call from the customer support executive, saying that they are unable to deliver the paper. I had to write the assignment in a rush and scored a very low grade.

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Avoid this fraud assignment writing service

Reviewed By Robert Brown on 21 Feb, 2019

I took help from for my business management assignment. But their so called experts were unable to deliver my assignment on time. In addition to that, they even delivered an assignment full of grammatical errors. Before I asked for business assignment help, they guaranteed me that they will check the assignment with an online editor grammar checker, which was a lie. I don’t recommend them at all. They are a fraud assignment writing service.

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Zero satisfaction with the services!

Reviewed By Felix Brown on 20 Feb, 2019

I had come across the Edubirdie ads while scrolling through Facebook and was floored after seeing their attractive discounts. So when my professor set me the task of writing a persuasive essay, I was in a fix. I am not very good at writing essays so that was when Edubirdie came to my mind and I thought of hiring their essay writing service. They claimed that they help you choose a good topic but all the topics that they provided me with were mediocre and boring. So ultimately, I had to come up with one. That was a huge disappointment. When it came to the essay, it was not up to the mark either. I had to make changes to it and put in the right structure. Plus their customer care agents are rude. All over, had a terrible experience.

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Unnecessarily expensive services

Reviewed By Ava Wilson on 19 Feb, 2019

I have availed the service of edubirdie twice and I have been disappointed both the times. Actually, I should’ve learnt my lesson the first time itself, but I was in the middle of an internship and had little time to prepare for the assignments. So there I was shelling out a whopping amount of money for a substandard quality assignment paper. I would recommend anyone who’s looking for assignment assistance that you must not waste your valuable resources by opting for their services. And to the team my only advice would be to start thinking about the convenience of clients instead of extracting money from them, otherwise you will lose on the customers.

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Nothing but scam

Reviewed By David Wiley on 13 Feb, 2019

Used the word counter tool of Edubirdie to check a dissertation and had to pay a heavy price for it. The tool cannot count words accurately! They claim that the tool is designed to check grammar too. But the dissertation I had submitted came out with silly mistakes. It could not even correct the typographical errors. Tried to get in touch with them via their customer care number but that was of no use either.

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Jacob Clark 08 Aug, 2023

Got an assignment full of grammatical errors!

Reviewed By Ella Lewis on 11 Feb, 2019

Don’t believe this flashy website. They charged me hundreds of bucks but delivered an assignment full of grammatical errors. While placing the order, they promised me that the solutions would be delivered after a thorough grammar check. But they didn’t keep their words. The customer support team told me that in case of any discrepancies I would get 100% refund. It was nothing but a false claim. Please stay away from this assignment writing service.

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Disappointed with their service

Reviewed By Charlie McGuire on 11 Feb, 2019

The paraphrase checker of took forever to paraphrase my texts. I had to wait for at least 30 minutes to get 1200 words paraphrased. The time wouldn’t have been a factor if the results were good. I mean, the tool ruined my essay. It changed the meaning of almost every sentence and returned a messy version of my paper. I am so disappointed with the service. I would rather choose to paraphrase the texts myself than use their tool.

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Fake promises; worst IEEE citation

Reviewed By Harry Waugh on 05 Feb, 2019

I was looking for an online academic assistance that can provide me with a fruitful IEEE referencing generator. And eventually I came across The academic experts promised to help me with IEEE referencing in my dissertation and ended up ruining my paper instead of saving it. They came up with an inappropriate referencing format which was nowhere closer to IEEE. What is this guys? I would like to strictly advice my friends to avoid this company. They are nothing but big time scammers.

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frustrated with deadline extensions

Reviewed By Peter Doherty on 04 Feb, 2019

I had seen many people online vouching for their services, but my experience with them hasn't quite been favorable. I had precisely told them how my essay should look like, yet they failed to meet my requirement. Them to modify the paper they kept asking for more time. Not satisfied at all.

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Jacob Clark 08 Aug, 2023

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