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EssayTigers Reviews- A Feedback of struggling Student

My name is Lucy Williams and I am from Imperial College London. Recently I was having a problem with my sociology homework. I did not want to waste any more time, so I decided to ask for help from a professional. After browsing through the internet, I made my decision to hire Essaytigers.

But soon, I started regretting my decision as everything started to crumble down:

  1. Unprofessional writers

You can easily tell the writers are unprofessional if you see the quality of the paper. They did not know anything about the topic. They had put zero effort into the research part with my sociology paper. The writers did not follow any specific instructions that I had given. I have known they have native English speakers, but the paper had all sorts of broken English sentences. The structure and layout of the content were very poor. The writers are not reliable at all.

  1. Late delivery

The writers missed my deadline and kept me hanging for 4 days. When I asked them to cancel my paper, they denied me straight. I was frustrated as they kept on delaying the order. I asked them multiple times to cancel my order and every time I asked, they gave me replies like, “ We have a store credit for your next order and a discount of 15%, “In a few minutes” or “Please give us more time to finish”.

  1. Discount manipulation

Initially, I learned they are offering a 10% discount on orders above $1000. But as I placed my order, there was no place for referral codes. I had to pay the total amount. They don’t take seconds to go against their words. I was also supposed to get a discount on my first order, but instead, I got cheated. This is not the way to treat any customers. They are not at all safe with your money.  

  1. Bad customer service

They were quite friendly before I placed my order. Their behavior suddenly changed after I placed my order. I was not getting timely responses and they did not update me about the progress of my work. The promises of 24*7 customer support are certainly not real.

It was not good to keep the customers hanging when they desperately need answers to their queries.

My experience with them led me to believe that Essaytigers.com is a total scam. They do not value customer satisfaction at all.

Reviewer: Lucy Williams
Writer id: #0701
Date: 21-Apr-2020
Place: Imperial College London


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