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Decoding Whether is Reliable or Not!

There’s really no point in reiterating the fact that essays occupy a significant place in the academic programs offered by the UK universities and colleges. And students’ performances on drafting those essays decide their grades. One can win half the battle of acquiring the coveted grades by just showing their proficiency in writing even the trickiest essay topic with adeptness and accuracy.

But things are not as easy as it is said. Spending sluggish hours, day in and day out, researching and working on the allotted topic, is, no doubt, tiring. And this is that phase of the student life when sleepless nights become the truth and coffee the best friend. But there are hundreds of essay help services available on the internet that are ready to alleviate the pressure at once.

A shortcut has never been an option to be successful in life. But taking help from the essay help services is not considered as a shortcut. So if you are running out of time and feel that it would be impractical for you to start writing an essay and research for it when the deadline is short or the topic is complicated, spend a few minutes instead on the internet looking for the right online academic essay help service, suitable for your requirements. 

Among the many websites that are catering to the needs of the UK university students’ requirements, occupies the place of being one in first five search results. However, with multiple SEO methods available for websites to showcase themselves as the popular ones, even if it is fake, students are unable to find out the difference.

In this frenzied state, students make uninformed choices. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), hails from the UK, whose principal purpose is to operate the application process for British universities. According to them, admission essays, or assignments that students get to work on during the programs are not easy to manage. As many as 70% and 50% students in the post-graduate and graduate level fail to turn up - all thanks to the tricky essays.

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Resultantly, contacting the online essay help services are considered the best available options to try out by the desperate students. Now that students are in genuine need and are ready to pay, they become soft targets for many spam services preying on the internet to rob off the students in need. 

As this piece here is totally focusing on, take it as a handy guide to know if the site is worth it. It’s a review of reviews, an observation that has made after going through hundreds of published opinions in authentic cites written by real-time users and students.

So in one word if someone asks that is a trusted place to seek help or reliable enough to contact in a moment of hurry, our answer will be a ‘NO.’ Peeps! Please go through the following section to know why I am strict with my opinion. Because what I will write here is not my opinion, I am not the student. Those who have experiences - good or bad - have said it all:

Assignment rate stays always stay in focus of the students who look for essay help from While promotes that they ‘believe in getting you the grade you order, we guarantee if we don't, we will give you your money back,' but that's not the case at all. Students from 5 different universities have reviewed the same about, and it does not adhere to a pricing policy to rely on. Money back guarantee is a vague process. Most of the reviewers have also complained about the customer support executives, who, when asked to refund the money, has ill-treated the customers. Some has also experienced blocked account so that they could not contact any further. In plain words, it is not price-worthy.

Apart from this, as I came to check if the quality is okay and will help the students to get their desired grades, I had to disappoint. In most reviews, as I have seen, students are ready to pay extra amounts if they are handed with quality assignments. Are you ready to pay someone if he/she writes your essay? Well, never consider in that list. 6 out of every ten students have complained about the quality of the essay they have been handed over to. Not that the remaining four students in the ratio is pleased with the assignment that has offered, but they have accepted the quality for some unavoidable reason. It can be the deadline or any other possible things, so they gave average ratings. Not to forget that formatting mistakes, referencing mistakes, grammatical errors were mentioned as part of poor quality assignment submission by as well.

Keeping that in mind, this piece focuses on to check the authenticity of the content used in the assignments by the experts of While the website promotes itself that uses Viper, and other bespoken plagiarism checkers to always deliver authentic assignments to its clients, it’s just a business trick to attract the poor students. One may ask, with so many poor quality features how are they surviving in the industry? Well, there are many SEO tricks available to deceive students.

Now you may think that at least the experts would be of some quality. I am sorry to say it here, what on earth has made you think that experienced and learned experts will write such shoddy papers for students? Won’t it be ridiculous? The site has lied about their experts also.

By going through the website of, what we have found out is there is a lot of exaggeration with the qualification of the writers. The website claims to have formed a team of subject matter experts, native experts, brilliant academic writers, industry practitioners and professionals to support the students with best essay papers. However, you will get to know how much true it is by going through the reviews published in and other such websites that circulate only genuine reviews by genuine clients.

Students make mistakes in selecting a right essay help service by ignoring to check the must-haves on a website. It's not their fault, a guide to essay help website like has always been oft-ignored part of preparing academic essay papers.

While academic troubles can be resolved by these types of websites, it often becomes difficult for the pupils in the UK to spend long hours researching for a reliable site. Checking the reviews has always suggested by eminent experts as a method to examine reliability, and to verify if it’s worth your money and time. has so far, failed to meet the parameter.

Students have to qualify the SAT and ACT tests to get admitted to the universities in the UK.  The grades acquired in the ILETS and TOEFL are also scanned by some of the popular universities and colleges in the country. But no matter what is accepted in which university, one cannot startle the university admission commissioners with the result of a single examination, rather grades acquired throughout the school and college get considered in this process. A common information- if you are planning to go for higher studies for the subject English, the requirements are minimum score of 7.0 for Postgraduate and 6.5 for undergraduate studies in ILETS and a minimum score of 90 for Postgraduate and 80 for undergraduate studies in TOEFL to sit for the admission tests conducted by the UK universities.

So a single essay paper with an excellent write-up, bought readymade from the online essay help services will do no good, and to choose for that is never a good option. The reasons are many, and some of those are mentioned in the previous sections of this blog. Need some more reasons to make your decision? So this blog today has some more subtle observations for

It was and always will be a difficult deed for the pupils in the UK to spend long hours researching for the allotted topic after attending lengthy classes and long hours of lectures in the college.  And with one essay every day on average, students are forced to spend sleepless nights. Plus there are the terrible writing capacity and limited knowledge on the assigned topic which just multiplies the dilemma.

Don’t ever consider to resolve all these for you. The website is not good at structuring even the simplest of the academic paper - the essays. Loads of student reviews stand as a proof for that! Neither it has the workforce to manage stringent deadline assignments, and the experts are not qualified enough. In fact, after going through the reviews, I have doubts if the writers hail from the UK at all, or they have just hired some freelancers.

You ask what about the facilities like dissertation writing and report writing services the promotes on their homepage? I won’t say that its false, but I will never recommend someone to use those, at least after reading the opinions students have shared in and few other trusted websites. 

What marks a difference in an essay while written by a professional and by a student are the language, diction, grammar and syntax, structuring, citation, and topic sentence. In each of the review, I went through there was some or the other complaints regarding any of these aspects. I mean who will come to you like this? Let’s suppose that some student has come for help and has experienced such poor facility, do you think there will be any repeat orders from that student again?

So here go some basic tips for the students who are aspiring to get admitted to higher studies in the UK. Put your fingers crossed because you are going to face some or the other issues very soon. Here go some effective pointers based on the 5 W’s that will help you in seeking an accurate, fast, reliable and quality online essay help service provider-

  • Who will write your essay?
  • What do the previous records say about their reputation?
  • Where are the details about pricing and assignment rates?
  • When is the best time to place an order and get essays solved?
  • Why do you think that the crucial problem will be solved by this site only?

Now, these may seem like very irrelevant questions to you, but these answers will surely lead you to reliable answers. You need to reserve your actions based on these answers and seek help from

Distressed over essay assignments? Want to hire an online essay help service? Look no further and check the reviews of to make an informed decision is an authentic portal if you are seeking the reliability of any academic help website available online. works with the objective to provide the students with information which in turn will refrain from getting cheated. There are multiple online academic help services available online claiming that they will guide the students with the finest quality of assignments and within their budget. These words are easy to believe by students in need, but they should make a choice, choice that will be advantageous in the long run. So has accumulated multiple reviews, written by real time users. Go through these reviews, and you can now get the best help available in the industry.

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