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Is PapersOwl Legit? Know the feedback of struggling student

Today I am going to share my experience with PapersOwl. My name is Sarah Jones and I am from Cambridge University. I was lagging behind in my overall GPA grade, so I thought I would hand over my Philosophy paper to a professional.

My other motive was I could use the paper as a sample for my future assignments. Let’s just say I had a lot of hope with PapersOwl, but unfortunately, they turned out to be a total scam.

Here is what I found out about

  1. Poor formatting

I was shocked when I saw the kind of paper I got after spending so much money. The formatting of the paper was incorrect. Referencing was not done accurately. Later I got to learn that the writer actually swapped my order with another one. I understand mistake happens, but why should my grade suffer for their irresponsibility? The reason I call their website to be not reliable is more than just poor formatting.

  1. Failed to use specific instructions

I was supposed to follow a specific guideline for my Philosophy paper and so I shared them with the writers. But to my surprise, they totally overlooked them. I send my work for revision for 3 times, but the paper still had numerous errors. It was definitely disappointing since all I wanted was to improve my GPA grade. But the writers were not good at all and I doubt if they have any experience in academic writing as they claim to be.

  1. High price for low quality

First of all, they have not provided any price structure on their website. They offer writers at $9.99, but things take changes when you are required to bid. Though they seem like they are offering experts at 9.99, no writer gets ready to write your paper at that amount. On top of that, there were no discounts available. And after I saw the quality, I feel like a fool for spending so much money. It was way pricy than the quality of the paper I received from them. If you are looking for a trustworthy writing service, please stay away from Papersowl is not at all safe to spend your money on their website.

The Papersowl services did not seem real to me. I feel they are just looking for easy money by fooling the customers with their fake services.



Reviewer: Sarah Jone

Writer id: #0712

Date: 24-Apr-2020

Place: Cambridge University

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