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Papersowl reviews have rated below 1⭐ out of 5 stars, which clearly shows that Papersowl is not legit & safe. 📌Papersowl major complaints are 'refusing refund', 'high price for last min help', and 'syntax errors'📌. To sum up, Papersowl is not legit and safe for customers. Papersowl is Associated with:  Edubirdie, Edusson, EduZaurus, EssayVikings, SameDayPapers, Paperial.

Our search for Papersowl reviews ended up with searching a lot of websites on the internet. Many of these websites had detailed reviews about Papersowl. Although some tagged them as reliable, most described them as scams and not trustworthy. This called for a detailed investigation.

As we proceeded with our investigation, we found a lot of discrepancies. Some of the student names seemed fake, and their reviews seemed exaggerated. Also, there was no detailed information about the work procedure and background of the writers. So, we failed to find these reviews legit enough to trust.

So if you are planning to buy essay help from them, do that at your own risk. With so many reviews that seem fake, we are unsure whether their reviews are worth your time.

Papersowl Company Overview

Papersowl is an online service provider aiming to offer all kinds of essay writing solutions. Papersowl has a team of writers and artificial intelligence to offer faster and cheaper solutions. But several reviews from students, content writers, advertisers, marketers, or social media influencers give us a different perspective.

Although they claim that they can provide solutions within a day or in a few hours, the reality of their turnaround time is different. Many students complained that they spent a long time understanding and researching the essays. So, their claim is definitely not legit, as the student reviews prove otherwise.

They also claim to have a low rate, which students also debunk. We found a few instances where students moaned about splurging their entire monthly budget on essay writing help.

So we can claim from these student reviews that Papersowl hardly backs up their claims. Although they claim to be reliable and legit, we never found any trace of their reliability.

Papersowl review - Pros and Cons


  • Get experts ready to assist you with essay writing
  • Request to check and correct your grammar and spelling
  • Simple ordering methods


  • No consistency in service
  • Sub-par essay deliveries most of the time
  • Writers do not know how to follow correct citation and referencing methods
  • Multiple complaints about plagiarism
  • Fails to meet deadlines most of the time
  • Lack of anytime assistance

Content Quality

Papersowl claims on its website that its contents are safe and reliable to use. However, as several students complain about plagiarism issues, we refuse to believe their claims. We came across some reviews like –

  • "I don’t know if some actual human being wrote my essay or not. All the lines were too mechanical and difficult to understand.”
  • “I am super disappointed with the quality of their content. It was nowhere near my expectations.”
  • "Although I specifically asked for unique content, Papersowl gave me the same generic content that diluted the reason of my research."
  • "I had to hire an expert from Papersowl for my essay because of short deadlines. However, they have me a plagiarised copy. I thought they were reliable, but I won’t hire them ever.”

Several reviews like these force us to believe that Papersowl is not legit.

Writer's Proficiency

Papersowl claims to have a vast team of writers capable of writing essays. However, when we tried to contact them for enquiry, we had an unfortunate experience. When we contacted them after 10 pm, we could not find anyone to address our queries.

Moreover, several online reviews led us to believe that Papersowl doesn't have adequate writers who are qualified enough to write essays for a university. No legit essay writing companies can have such average writers and call them world-class. Most Papersowl writers lack graduation degrees from reputed colleges or a PhD degree.

The students who have already opted for their service also left bad remarks about it. While some students complained that their writers lacked proficiency, others struggled to grasp the inner meaning of complex topics. They also made repeated mistakes while doing long calculations.

Some students duly pointed out that since they often rely on the A.I. to do their job, it hampers the natural flow of the essays.

Price & Discount - What are the Methods to Pay?

Papersowl offers payment options like Discover, Amex, Visa and Mastercard. Although they cover most of the card payment options, many students complained about the lack of options like Bank transfers and PayPal.

Many students have student accounts, and they do not have access to any plastic money. So they failed to hire them without a suitable payment option. Not to mention, debit and credit cards are often susceptible to online fraud. We found some reviews that reasserted our concern.

H.P wrote, "A scammer robbed me while I was trying to pay for Papersowl. I think they are just a big scam, and I advise everyone not to trust them.”

R.J said, "As a student, I do not have any debit or credit card. Since Papersowl had no other payment options, I had to ask my friend to book it for me. It was so much hassle to buy a simple online help, and I won't be availing of their service again.”

They also do not run any discounts for their service. These reviews were enough to believe that Papersowl is not the ideal option for your content writing solutions.

What Types of Services Does Papersowl Offer?

Papersowl deliver services like –

  • Understanding and researching the content
  • Write essays for any levels
  • Checks spelling and grammar errors
  • Helping with formatting techniques and citations

Although they serve quite some services, they consistently fail to deliver top-notch services. Moreover, their research results did not convince students, as their materials seemed to be copied from other sources. Hence, they immediately branded it as not reliable, a scam and fake.

How Does Papersowl Work?

Students can log in to their website and type the topic or title of the paper. Papersowl will then offer information about the topic. If the students are ok with the content, they will proceed with writing the essay.

However, contacting them over the phone or by email was difficult. Students complained that they had a tough time trying to contact an expert from Papersowl.

Customer Support

Papersowl has a helpline number and an email id, However, many students left scathing reviews that Papersowl because their helpline number was never contactable. They also failed to get a timely revert from their email id. Hence so many reviews resonated, like "Papersowl is anything but legit or reliable.”

Is Papersowl Reliable?

They have a proper website; however, we can't tag them as safe. In addition, their lack of quality and consistency puts their reputation at a major risk.

Is Papersowl a Scam?

The payment system of Papersowl lacks encryption. Moreover, they are accused of not delivering essays even after taking payment. So, we cannot argue when students called Papersowl a scam.

Papersowl Reviews- Final Thoughts

After going through hundreds of reviews, our final thoughts are that Papersowl is not a reliable service provider. Although they have a legit website, their lacklustre attitude and sub-par work quality make them look like a scam. Therefore, our final say will be that this site seemed fake, and you think twice before hiring them.

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Parting thoughts,

Although they cook up stories about helping students eliminate the stress from their lives and buy them brilliant scores, the reviews do not support their claims. 

Also, they affirm to hire writers through a rigorous selection process, yet they cannot show credentials when students ask for the same.Not satisfied with services???

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  • Is Papersowl a legit company? Wanting to know before I spend my money!

    So, according to what students say, Papersowl devalues the quality of content and undermines academic integrity by delivering poor-quality educational services to them. Although they promise to provide A-class content, a brand that cannot show its writer's credentials is unreliable.

    And now the decision is up to you.

  • Is the Papersowl site is fake?

    Papersowl claims to remain honest with its timely submissions and paper content. But they miserably fail for proving their promises. That is what the students have stated in their reviews against the company.

  • Is Papersowl a scam or a legit company?

    Whether Papersowl is legit can be best understood if you skim your eyes through their reviews on and Most reviews highlight their inefficiency in delivering quality content. Also, they are mostly unresponsive when customers have to discuss papers post-submission. Therefore, this is no less than a scam

  • Do Paperowl provide service to customers in Australia?

    Yes, they provide service to clients in Australia. 

  • I have already paid for my assignment to Paperowl. Why do they need some documents?

    Once the payment for an assignment is made, there is no point in asking for additional documents like identity proof. If Papersowl asks students for resubmission, it shows how insincere they are. They use unethical credentials and are well-known for their fraud services.

  • What resources do Paperowl have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources.

    The writers at Papersowl claim to be subject experts, an entirely false claim. Also, the writers do not undergo pre-service and in-service training programs, which limits their ability to deliver quality papers. 

  • Can I cancel an order from Paperowl and book another of the same value?

    Ans- Yes, you can cancel your orders at any point in time. But they do not have provisions to allow you to book another order of the same value. So even if students feel that the finished paper is not as strong as it should be, they won't rewrite it for you. 

  • Will I get a complete money back from Paperowl if I fail in assignments?

    Although the website gives word of mouth on providing 100% refunds, still clients state their dissatisfaction with the claimed policy. Clients dissatisfied with the delivered solutions say that the agency's money-back guarantee policy is vague. Besides having long-drawn acrimonious terms and conditions, they do not pay back poorly delivered assignments. This makes them seem fake with their policies and words.

  • Can I hire an Paperowl for me throughout the semester?

    Yes, the website sanctions hiring experts for students throughout the semester. But the hiring process entirely depends on the money they pay. There are three versions with different payment policies, and students get to choose writers depending on the amount they pay. Also, there is no assurance of sincerity and consistency of the writers assisting you.

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Reviewed By Yangyeo on 03 Apr, 2023

good appp

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Papersowl is a FRAUD

Reviewed By Jenny pham on 13 May, 2020

I don’t think that Papersowl writers are qualified enough as they claim them to be. Also, I don’t think English is their native language. They don’t even know what a compare and contrast essay is. No more hiring this trashy company.

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Worst customer support team

Reviewed By Bill Melissa Layfield on 14 Apr, 2020

Papersowl support team is lazy, and they reply to you after hours, even days. Communication issue and doesn’t pay heed to assignment urgency. The discount coupon they promised me was not added at the time of billing. I had to pay $100 extra to Papersowl. Highly disappointed.

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Lot of grammatical errors

Reviewed By Deborah Wilson on 08 Apr, 2020

I was tied up with a number of tasks. Hence, I decided to hire the papersowl professional for editing my Geography assignment. They didn’t rectify my grammatical errors. Moreover, the sentences that they wrote were inaccurate.

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