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5 Ways To Deal With An Angry Customer On Social Media

There is always the chance that you’ll have to deal with an angry customer on social media in any business. The rise in the use of social media worldwide has made it possible for companies to connect directly with their customers. As a result, there will always be some dissatisfied customers who will voice their complaints online.

Negative customer reviews spread like wildfire, and unless you manage this smoothly, you’ll find yourself in deep waters in the blink of an eye. Whether you can redeem your image depends on how well you handle the situation.

How Do You Placate An Angry Customer Online?

A customer who is dissatisfied with the service is bound to lash out. The best place to do so is on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to reach more people. Now, with multiple people’s eyes on your every step, you have to proceed with the situation very carefully.

1. Issue a statement

Your first step is to prevent an escalation of the situation. The only way you can do this by issuing a statement saying that you’ll be looking into the concerned matter promptly. This reassures the people that you are taking your customer reviews seriously. Do not try to avoid the situation and hope for it to die down within a few days. Your customers will lose their trust in your services.

2. Listen to what the customer has to say

Your first instinct in dealing with a negative review should be to listen carefully to what the customer has to say. Avoid responding first or being on the defensive until you have a clear idea of the situation. It is best to address the customer by their name and pay extra attention to what they have to say.

3. Apologise for your mistake instead of making excuses

If you find out that the fault lies with your services, do not come up with excuses to gloss over the situation. It shows an extreme lack of professionalism. Remember, people want you to take responsibility for your actions. Everyone can see through poor excuses. Owning up to your mistake will leave a better impression on your customers.

4. Monitor all your social media accounts

When dealing with an angry customer on social media, you need to be extra vigilant over all your social media accounts. Sometimes, the customer might leave their complaints on every platform, and if you pay attention to only one, then the situation will escalate on the others. People will think you’re ignoring the concerns of the customer. Therefore, always give honest updates about the circumstances on every platform.

5. Offer a solution

Simply listening to your customer and apologising will not be enough. Unless you can satisfy your customer, you cannot ensure that they will return to use your service. Not only will you lose a customer, but negative customer reviews will prevent others from using your services as well. Therefore, you should always offer a solution to the problem. Guarantee them that the mistake will never happen and give them heavy discounts to increase the chances of the customers coming back to use your services.

As long as you keep these points in mind when dealing with an angry customer on social media, you minimise the chances of your customers losing their trust in your business. Trust and loyalty are vital to the growth and development of any business, and you should always do your best to maintain them.

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