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Essayshark.Com: Is This Site Worth Your Investment?, a place that claims to provide quality essays without any hidden costs and in absolutely cheaper rates to the students. Well, if you are aiming to pursue a degree from the leading universities of the States or is fortunate enough to break through the admission, you know how difficult it is to write an academic essay - be it the one that is required in the admission process or those that you have to do in the program. And with a website like, what can be more enticing than this? A place to resolve essay issues in just a tap.

But is it all good? Does the website function the way it promotes? No wonder that one will want to invest his/her money and time in right place. To find out if is to answer to all that you need, here’s a detailed analysis from accumulates the latest information about academic help sites and publishes those. We work with the objective to help students make complicated decisions quickly, by going through genuine Review, written by hundreds of students and users of the website in focus.

So to start with, let us tell you that hails from Cyprus but has never limited their services to only the native students. Pupils from across the globe can come and use their services. Universities in Cyprus follow the comprehensive routine adhered by the USA academic institutions. Hence SAT or ACT examinations are the point of attention among the students who want to get into the prestigious institutions in the USA.

Each year, thousands of students apply to get admitted to universities, and they are handed with admission essays. To write those essays perfectly is the key to pass the admission tests. Both SAT and ACT examinations tests are conducted in the United States to admit students in college from the USA and Canada. Introduced in 1926 and 1959 respectively, the objective remained quite the same, to test students' fundamental knowledge and critical thinking ability. Not to forget that writing has always occupied the primal place and admission essays have always been the most preferred by the university admission commission.  

The process is not easy especially when it comes to meeting the requirements, meeting the asked deadline and still adhering to the academic standards for the students. Over 1.71 million high school students in the class of 2017 appeared for SAT, and over 2.03 million high school graduates in the class of 2017 sat for ACT examinations. How much of these do you think have made it count?

While only around 20 percent of students were able to make their effort to write an admission essay count by the university admission commission, others struggled hard. And this is the time when websites like come into the picture.

Keeping the requirements of admission essays aside, students need to be well-versed with the types of essays they are allotted during the courses, which they are not. Narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive are to name the popular essay types, and one faces multiple bottlenecks to be acquainted with the fundamentals. This surely shows up in their grades. Resultantly, while the enrolment rates compared to previous sessions has seen an elevation up to 20% in the high school levels in the 2016-17 session, higher percentage of students in the SAT or ACT examinations are low. And all we can do is to blame the complicated topics and shoddy essays.

The same process continues with other types of academic essays as well. Essay assignments are essential for students because these are significant parts of the admission process. Students who have been acquiring lesser grades can overcome the issue with a robust and well-composed essay by seeking help from online and professional essay help services like The site promotes themselves as one of those places available online that can provide cheap essay writing services right from the professionals.

Well, being an online platform that caters to the problems that students face while writing an essay, allotted during the college courses or university programs, the authenticity should always be checked. One can be sure of authenticity and legitimacy of the site. But as we went through multiple students’ reviews posted in, we can’t say that qualified help is handy. When some users were seen okay with the quality of the admission essays and program essays they have been delivered, 4 out of 10 students complained about the quality they have received. While some mentioned formatting problems, others faced issues with bibliography and citation.

The problem here is one cannot take chances if it’s an admission essay. Everything should be perfect and up to mark in an admission essay. Excellence should never be at stake in essays allotted in during the academic years as well. On this note, an online website providing essay help to the students should know that requirements will change. But how can you justify changing requirements for shoddy essays, 

Well, I will not recommend this website to students out there who are ready to pay but only when they are delivered with quality assignments. has, till date, provided supreme quality assignments to less than 50% of their total clientele.

Elaborating more on this, promises to provide essay help at very low rates, keeping the students’ budget in mind. And yes, if you have been looking for a place that will not burn a hole in your pocket, there's limited option and is definitely one of those. The site gives an option to bid writers, through which the students can choose one writer suitable for their project. Take a look at how explains this impressive process: ‘Only writers who are interested in your topic will place a bid to help you. Therefore, you can choose one based on his/her previous experience, rating, feedback from other clients, and the most suitable price for you.’ so students are offered with choices. When most of the assignment writing companies these days negate from being transparent, this one feature from team is worthy of investing.

Looking on the brighter side of the service, students willing to take essay help from this site will always be able to check the writers’ ratings before hiring. I mean, that’s impressive, transparent and logical at the same time.

There are only a handful of complaints regarding pricing strategy are available, which stands for that can be trusted source if you have a tight budget. And there are reasons for this absolutely great response:

  • Lowest prices as said in the promotion
  • Money back guarantee has been experienced by maximum clients who didn’t like the assignments. While not all the processes are hassle-free, but altogether it can be called a fair-deal.
  • Part-by-part payments facility is available. Students say that approves payments for the completed parts only. So if you are not happy with the introduction, the conclusion or the referencing parts, pay only for the body paragraphs and ask for rework for the other sections. Your budget constraints can also be taken care of with this service from

This reminds me that don’t have an effective rework facility. My research through the leading websites including has failed to find out only handful of reviews that have considered as a right place to ask for rework help.

Now that there are several things that the writers of have to keep in mind while writing and the deadline is one of those. While in many places it was found that the writers are proficient enough to come up with a poignant essay, the final essay paper, as well as the missed deadline, failed to meet the standard students always look for.

Coming to the much-anticipated feature of, the ‘one-hour-essay help facility', it is a good approach to help students with urgent requirements, but unfortunately, the site does not boast such an excellent team of writers to support students on an immediate basis. Maybe its true that all are native writers, but how can you put the quality to write for the students at stake?

After considering the published reviews, the only service that is worthy to mention is the mobile version of the website. The mobile application is light, fast and easy to navigate. One can stay updated with the progress of the order using this app and how it works.

Thankfully all these come at a low price so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. But, being an expert in this industry, I will always recommend not going for essay help to this agency and find out some better options. After all, you are in no mood to spoil your essay paper, right?

Having a tough time looking for an authentic portal that will guide you to choose an essay help service accurately? is the one-stop destination is a trusted source to look out for if you are confused among the multiple essay help services available online. We have accumulated original reviews of original people and users with the objective to present impartial information to the students so that they can make informed choices. We publish reviews of assignment help services in all available categories.

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