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Generally, I don’t opt for essay writing services but I remember a situation in the fourth semester when I had no other option rather than taking professional assistance service. In our classes we have occasional debates in the presence of our professors where we need to provide our opinions on one contemporary issue. That day, our professor surprised us by saying that this time we need to provide our opinion in a form of an essay. The topic given to us was ‘Should animals be used in research?’ We needed to complete the essay and submit it within three hours!  This type of practical essay writing tasks encourages me and I love them but this time I was not ready for this task as the previous day I had missed my class where this topic was discussed vividly.


Obviously, it was an argumentative essay where we were required to provide strong opinion by stating facts and information. Personally, I had a very limited idea about the topic. Most of my friends who had attended the previous class were confident and started writing after the essay was given. I tried to look for information on the internet but I did not found any substantial data which I could use in my essay.


When the deadline is so sharp, every minute counts. This was the first time in my college life that I was nervous. Having no other way, I decided to take professional assistance. I hit the search engine with the phrase ‘one hour essay service’ and found the One Hour Essay Service of as the top result. I didn’t have the time to look for other websites as I was running short of time. I decided to take this service from without further research.


Though at that time I was not much concerned with the look but still I was impressed with the design of this website. Yes, it was professional and designed accurately. Being a first time user, I had no problems in finding relevant links and information. The order process was lengthy and it followed the general procedure which is pursued under normal services. They should make the process much shorter when they are providing this one-hour type essay services. It took much time to complete the order process which is really a long time considering the short deadline which I had. Two writers placed their bid for my essay. There was no significant difference between the ratings of the two writers so I chose the writer with the lower price. In order to confirm my order, I had to reserve the money at the I did that. The whole process took me more than 25 minutes to complete. It is really scary for a student who had just three hours in hand.


One thing I need to acknowledge it that, in this service you can contact with the writer and tell him your own requirements. I did that and he promised to abide by the guidelines. At the same time, they tell that the students can themselves monitor the progress of the work but that did not happen. Since the order was confirmed and the writer started working on it, I could not contact with the writer through the portal. I had to contact the customer care services every time to know about the progress of the work. That was really anxious moments for me. The customer care executive told that they were suffering from some technical glitches due to which I could not review the work process. But they also told me that the quality of work was not going to be affected because of the technical problem. Finally, I could contact the writer after one hour 15 minutes (yes the deadline had passed) and I had another 45 minutes left from the submission.


He told that he had almost completed the essay and he would deliver it within 15 minutes. Even then he could not deliver after 15 minutes and finally when I received my essay, I had just 10 minutes left and most of my friends had already started submitting their essays. The overall time that they took was around two hours well above the one hour deadline that they display in their homepage. When I received the essay, I found that the references of the paper were missing. But unfortunately I did not have any time left and had to submit without my references. Such an embarrassment! I had just 2-3 minutes time to proofread the content. I did not find it exceptional and it was an ordinary essay which had been completed in a hurry.


This one-hour essay service of is a good endeavor to start as the students can require immediate academic assistance at any point of time. But unfortunately, they are not competent to deliver the papers with such proficiency. After providing them a deadline of one hour and getting it well after two hours proves it. They lack resources and ability to deliver the work on time. The technical problems and glitches make the situation even worse. Also, the order process needs a total revamp. Anyone who is asking an essay within one hour cannot afford to spend 30 minutes completing the order process. I had already stated that with the essay I did not receive the references so I don’t know the sources consulted to prepare the essay. Interestingly, they also did not provide me the plagiarism report though they promised to write my argumentative essay from scratch. At that time, in the hurry I also forgot about asking the plagiarism report from them.  


Looking on the brighter side of the service, it is mobile-friendly. That was the only reason I could book my order sitting at my college without using the college laptop. Though only two writers bid for my project, still it gives the chance to choose your own writer. I had selected the writer who charged the lesser price. It also gives you the opportunity to pay in parts. I think it is a good step as it makes the writer accountable to the task. The customer service was also not very bad. They responded whenever I called them. Overall, I will not rate this service very high and award them only two and half stars out of five for their service.


The only consolation I had is that the performance of this essay in which I received ‘B’ grade is not going to be counted in the final results. Such a sigh of relief! And as for, their one-hour essay service needs drastic improvement with regard to quality and timely delivery. Only then I will consider taking this service again.

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No refund

Reviewed By Tim Vaughn on 29 Apr, 2019

The writer didn’t follow my instructions clearly, and when I checked the copy, the write-up came across completely irrelevant. So I asked them for rework, and this went for a few weeks, until I gave up and asked for my money back. So if you know your money’s worth, don’t go for their services.

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Worst Refund Policy!

Reviewed By Nicole Wong on 01 Apr, 2019 has made a money back policy only to fool people. After reading some good review on their page, I chose their service to take help for an important research paper. I loaded some money in my account on their site for this order. After seeing a small preview which was just a few lines, they asked me to release some money which I did. After the whole order was completed, I got to see only a small portion of it, even when they promised to show the whole paper before I released the payment. The quality of that portion was good, so I made the full payment. But, after receiving the full copy, I saw the rest of the paper was very poorly written. When I asked for a refund, they simply told me that it is not possible as the order is already completed. I was very disappointed by this.

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Reliable service

Reviewed By James Wilson on 08 Jan, 2019

User-friendly website, fast, and professional. I used to get help with my dissertation. It was a pleasure to work with the writer. By the way, they have awesome essay samples on their blog. Totally recommend!

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absolute worst company I have ever dealt with

Reviewed By Raihana Mohammad on 06 Jan, 2018

I have lost my faith in these essay writing services. I had a harrowing experience with this website when I chose to order essays from them. The writers have no idea about the formatting styles and how to integrate them in the paper. They failed miserably when it came living up to my expectations. They are the possibly the worst academic service providers that I have come across.”

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you are joke

Reviewed By Amy lee on 16 Nov, 2017

I could write a better essay by myself..

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I didn’t find the customer support efficient

Reviewed By KatieGriver on 28 Jul, 2017

Although I won't complain anything regarding the quality of essay content received, the customer support team was not effective enough. Half of the time I would find the number unreachable. This gave some serious trouble when I was actually in need for a quick assist.

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Terrible service

Reviewed By John.ring on 26 Jul, 2017

Their customer care representative is so rude. She never answers any query and just hangs up on your face. The assignment is as bad as the representative's attitude. Pathetic to the core.

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Mixed reactions

Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

One the one hand I have to say that I'm very impressed by their prices and their delivery timing. But on the other hand, I just don't know what to feel about my essay. I just got a C on it  Not happy.

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Not Satisfied- Poorly Written

Reviewed By Siena Williams on 21 Jan, 2017

The paper wasn't plagiarized at all. But the matter was presented so poorly, like it was all just randomly placed on a blank piece of paper. Not satisfied.

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