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Students Verdict on as an Online Essay Writing Company

With the increasing amount of pressure on the academic field, it has become quite difficult for the students to handle all the challenges alone. The online academic helpers, however, have been able to save the students from a lot of time over the past decade, but they have their own set of pros and cons as well. While some academic helpers are genuinely good, there are some which are not that effective. It is true that with time, the number of online academic solution providers has increased significantly, but it has also made way for the frauds to con students and steal their money by making fake promises. So how does a student identify if an academic helper on the internet is legit or not? Well, we have just the answer for you.

Student reviews on Yes, pieces of personal experience of other students that will guide you when you are about to avail some academic help from a website. There are thousands of academic helpers to choose from, and whether have you heard about it or not, has been one of those websites that appear in your search results when you look for essay help or academic help on the internet. In fact, a lot of students have availed academic support from this website. The homepage of the site reads “The Best Essay Writing Service from Subject Matter Experts”. However, the reviews that Grademiners have received tell a different story.

Well, pros and cons are part and parcel of any service you take. All that matters is that the pros should overshadow the cons so that people can ignore the little disadvantages and enjoy the exciting benefits of that particular service. Well, does promise a lot of things, but before choosing it for your pending essay or assignment, you should learn what the other students have to say about this particular website. Let's start with the positive side.

  1. The outlook

By its appearance, Grademiners does look promising. The homepage looks well-designed, it has enough content convey the necessary information, and the buttons are placed properly at the right places. The homepage gives you a feeling that you have landed on some of the finest academic helpers on the internet. In fact, the homepage says that the site offers best kind of essay writing service from the subject matter experts. However, one should remember that “all that glitters is not gold”.

  1. The order placing system

The order placing the window at the homepage is conveniently placed which cannot be missed once you land on the page. This is a good move by the creators of the page. A lot of students come to such websites in a hurry and they often leave the page as they cannot find the order placing window in the brief period. The price calculator is also attached to the order-placing button that allows the students to know the price of the service that they are looking for. It is smooth and does not take much time to place an order.

  1. The message board

Grademiners have this feature called the message board that allows the students to connect with the writer who is appointed for the order placed by the students. Here, students can offer ideas, leave feedback and maintain a certain level of communication as long as the order is pending. In fact, the site allows you to connect with their experts and executives on Facebook. Their availability in that social media platform is less, but the feature is certainly user-friendly.

Well, these aforementioned features are really helpful for the students, and a lot of sites should introduce these features to make their sites more user-friendly. However, these were the only good things about the website.

Now it’s time for the negative aspects of the services provided by the website:

  1. Inadequacy in terms of performance

The website lacks in so many segments that it is hard to explain in a single paragraph. Firstly, the site only provides decent assistance on essay papers. If you order an assignment, dissertation or case study, they struggle to provide support on those matters. The quality of the papers is below average, and they often miss out on important things such as citations, referencing, etc. Essays are comparatively easier, and shorter. Maybe that’s why they highlight the essay writing services more effectively.

  1. Not meeting the deadline

As mentioned in the previous point, they aren't particularly good with other academic papers except for essays, but even when they are assigned with essay writing, they often fail to meet the deadline. It's absolutely unprofessional of them, and there are plenty of students who have made the same complaint against the website. A lot of reviews also suggest that they have clearly denied the students to pay their money back after such incompetency.

  1. Additional charges

A number of student reviews also suggest the fact that services have a lot of hidden charges which aren't mentioned on the website. In fact, a lot of students and mentioned in their review that the site has charged additional money for urgent tasks. The base price mentioned on the website may seem reasonable, but when you proceed to pay for a particular service, it may charge more than just the base price. Such difference in the displayed price and the actual price creates a major confusion among the students, and that has reflected in the student reviews.

  1. Incompetent customer support

It is true that one can connect with the experts and executives at on the social media platform, but you can’t expect any timely response from their side. In a few reviews it has been highlighted that the customer support line remains engaged most of the time, and even if some picks up the call, he/she puts it back on hold for the significant amount of time. Also, a few student reviews mentioned that the executives behaved rudely when the student asked him for a free revision of the essay that was ordered which indicates an absolute negligence on their part.

As the reviews go on and on, it can be inferred that only a few people have benefitted from the service, making an inefficient website. Though, it is suggested that one should do his/her own research before deciding anything about the services. The website does provide decent essay writing assistance, and one should stick to essays only while getting help from

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Looking for more reviews? Get started with and find tons of genuine reviews on various online essay services is the largest pool of student reviews where you can read and review about the various academic solution providers that are available the internet. You can expect thousands of genuine reviews about almost every website that is meant for student support. Since all the reviews on this website are written by the students, they all provide with some insight details that can help other students to decide whether a service is good or bad. If you have taken some assistance from any online academic service provider and want other students to know about your experience (positive or negative), you can use as a platform.

In this page, you will not only find reviews on the most popular academic helpers, but you also access reviews on the less popular ones, so that you can compare among as many sites as possible to select your favorite. This site focuses on providing the students with insightful reviews so that students can make better choices while picking their assignment helpers. As you might realize, assignments are crucial as they carry a significant amount of grades most of the time. So, always go through the genuine reviews before delegating your task to any of these online assignment providers. Your one wrong decision can cost you some valuable marks.

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