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A couple of days back, I purchased an assignment writing service from homework.cpm.org. My professor asked me to come up with a detailed paperwork including technical details and other major points of discussion. Till date I used to do my homework all alone, without seeking help from a third party. However, this time the situation did not permit me to do so. I had to manage this homework along with other project work belonging to various subject categories. So, I thought of seeking help from an academic writer and see if the person can get the task done for me. I always used to believe that an assignment help service provider will always provide structured and error-free materials. However, the firm and its service quality disturbed this thought process of mine to some extent. So, today I thought of coming up with homework.cpm.org reviews in order to help other potential students from being a victim of this scam.


Proficiency of Writers


The writers working for this firm belong to an amateur category with least technical knowledge and other insightful concepts regarding various subjects. I expected the associates to come up with something exclusive and well-drafted. However, they disappointed me in this matter. The academic writers associated with homework.cpm.org are not experienced. They only have a basic knowledge about the subjects assigned, with no analytical approach or a research-based writing style. When I went through the website, I found the sections pretty impressive and promising from various aspects. So, I chose to work with the firm, only to discover that they are inefficient to provide the clients with well-frame academic assignments and homework. The writers are hardly available online. The writers even failed to produce a referenced paper.



Quality of Solutions


I was expecting something useful and knowledgeable in its truest sense. But these writers only have to offer the very basic ideas and an overview of the topic with unnecessary contents, just for the sake of fluffing up the material. I specified them to write extensively on the given topic. In order to present a lengthy homework, the writers ended up fluffing up the content desperately. Honestly speaking, this was not the quality of solutions I was expecting. Apart from that, I was assured that the writers and other academic associates of the firm will be available 24x7. But, none of the associates was active when I needed them the most.



Response Time


I believe timely response is a myth if you are working with this fake homework.cpm.org firm. They don’t value the importance of a timely response. The associates are not sincere enough in the matter of reverting with a satisfactory response. The online resources available in this website are not enough for an individual to learn. You need other elements and knowledgeable inputs simultaneously. I did not expect to face such difficult situations while working with the firm. But every experience is a learning experience. Now that I know about the actual capability of this academic writing service and online tutorial provider, I would always avoid homework.cpm.org. This is not the type of firm one should rely on, especially when a student is in need for submitting the project by including insightful and technically accurate data.



Range of Services 


I can’t give a nice rating when it comes to the range of services offered by this firm. This site has limited editions of academic resources and tools that can help an individual score good marks. I was even told that the academic experts will remain online and active throughout the day. But no one was there to assist me via live chat and other modes of communication. Although I managed to get in touch with an executive once, I found the person totally unresponsive and reluctant. I wonder why they have to claim things that are impossible for them to follow. I won’t ever recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for sincere academic homework help and assistance for their homework projects, essays and dissertations.





While going through the website I found the services are available at a high price. However, the importance of getting a project done from professional experts convinced me to pay the amount despite high price. However, I never expected what was in store for me next. I paid an amount that exceeded my budget, but the service I received was horrendous. From reluctant customer care executives to unprofessional attitude of the writers, there are so many things that are wrong with this firm. It’s not an issue if the price is high as long as the client is receiving world class and flawless services. But things are totally different with this assignment help firm. Despite asking a high price, the quality of service failed to impress me. The so called “efficient writers” of the firm made things really difficult for me. Till date I used to think that spending a bit more money might fetch you a better service. But I guess this notion is completely wrong when it comes to dealing with such unprofessional essay help service providers.



Efficiency of Support Team


Although I managed to find the customer support team active at one pint of time, but the experience of conversing with the associates regarding academic details and other support-based topic was truly horrible. The associates in charge of handling clients online were neither decent nor professional. Half of the technical questions I have asked went unanswered and unattended. The website is meant for helping student across the globe. But I was pretty disappointed to discover the fact that the support team or for the matter of fact, the entire online academic tools offered here are not up to the mark. I mean they have the required resources, but not in enough quantity. The chapters I went through were not fully referenced. If I have to look for further details and other insightful materials beyond the resources provided by this firm, then what’s the point seeking their assignment help?  A support team or the other associates should be professional enough in the matter of providing potential students with enough academic materials and ideas.  This is the reason working with homework.cpm.org was somewhat disappointing. I did not receive what I was expecting. If a student is deprived of timely response and a prompt service, then that is really a problem.





From the perspective of a student, I would like to mention that homework.cpm.org is a below average academic assignment help firm that has limited resources to help students. The chapters although contain some relevant knowledge about the topics concerned, but those materials are not enough when it comes to a detailed study of facts and figures. It is highly unfortunate on my part that I have to write such homework.cpm.org reviews indicating its drawbacks. To be very honest I didn’t find anything good to write about the essay help site, apart from the fact that they have a structured website with easy to navigate features. But, that won’t really help an individual solve his/her purpose. So, according to me, if you are looking for a very basic and an overview of the subject, then visiting this site and seeking their help might be helpful. In case, you have a major project to submit that requires detailed insight and analysis, then this site is certainly not the one to work with. Whenever a student would look for online essay help, he/she should be careful enough in the matter of working with an experienced firm, in order to avoid the consequences faced by me.

Reviewer: Tonya Sandis

Writer id: #1101

Date: 18-AUG-2019

Place: Los Angeles.

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The homework should have been more accurate

Reviewed By LukePetre on 28 Jul, 2017

The reason behind working with a professional essay writing service firm is to find accurately drafted project work in your inbox. Sadly, I didn't find my homework accurate. The writers didn't prioritize accuracy; neither did they revise the content thoroughly. Such loopholes are not acceptable.

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